1. MAXIMUM TOM: What if Tom McCall won the 1976 presidential election?

    I wanted to explore this post from 2018 more deeply, as I found it fascinating. The last comment describes a scenario where Tom McCall, a popular Oregon governor, wins the presidential election in 1976 as an independent. I will quote some of the info from the OP and the last comment on the post...
  2. Vidal

    TLIAW: Against the Grain

    Against the Grain An Improvisational TLIAW by @Enigma-Conundrum @Oppo @Vidal @Wolfram From Wolfram: Henry Agard Wallace gets a bad rap in alternate history, and it's only mostly his fault. Son of a successful farm journalist and Secretary of Agriculture, Wallace brought modern biology to bear...
  3. Vidal

    WI: Johnson vs. Reagan in 1968

    What if Johnson had been able to survive the 1968 primaries and faced Ronald Reagan in the general election? Let's say the War is happening but is not as catastrophic so McCarthy has less fuel and RFK stays out of the race. Then, heading into the '68 Convention, Sirhan Sirhan goes after Nixon...
  4. Nightingale

    Question on Southern Strategy's Effect on Evangelicals and Solid South

    This is nth question I have about Nixon's Southern Strategy, and I thank everyone knows what he did. But did it necessarily mean that the South and Evangelicals would turn Republican (in the aftermath of Roe vs. Wade)? Let's say Iran's monarchy reforms and there's no late 1970's turmoil. If a...
  5. The man from Alabama-A revamped President Wallace TL

    What is this? A President Wallace TL Didn't you already make one? Didn't like it, so I thought I could revamp it Huh, Cool Thanks
  6. AHC: Make the Progressive and Dixiecrat parties of 1948 permanent

    Like the title says. Make Wallace's Progressives and Thurmond's Dixiecrats a permanent party existing today.
  7. WI George Wallace Independent 1972 Run

    FWIR, when Nixon sought re-election, he wanted Wallace to run in the democratic primaries, which happened otl; suppose it didn't? How would the 1972 election (both Dem primaries and General) be altered if Wallace again ran as a third party candidate, and wasn't injured in an assassination...