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  1. TripleToad333

    WI: Sony teamed up with Microsoft

    I’ve seen plenty of Nintendo-Sony team-up TLs, some Sega-Microsoft TLs and a couple of Nintendo-Microsoft TLs, but not a single Sony-Microsoft TL. It’s known that before the public announcement of the PlayStation 2, Microsoft CEO Bill Gates approached Sony CEO Nobuyuki Idei about wanting Sony...
  2. TripleToad333

    DBWI: Sega-Philips partnership in the early 90s

    I’ve heard that Philips, after getting rebuffed by Nintendo, entered talks with Sega in 1992 about producing a CD-ROM add-on for their Mega Drive, but ultimately decided to go solo with the CD-i, which became a failure, which leaves me wondering. What if Sega teamed up with Philips in the early...
  3. TripleToad333

    WI: Nintendo competes more directly with the Sega Saturn and the PS1

    What if instead of releasing the Nintendo 64, Nintendo released a next-gen successor to the SNES at the same time the Sega Saturn and the PS1 came out, and this ATL SNES successor would be CD-based and have equal power to the Sega Saturn and the PS1? How would this happen? How would this affect...
  4. TripleToad333

    AHC: Have Nintendo win the console wars

    So, your challenge here is to have Nintendo be the winner of the console wars.
  5. TripleToad333

    WI: Nintendo-Sega partnership in the early 90s

    This might sound ASB-ish, but what if Nintendo and Sega stopped being rivals in the early 90s and joined forces to develop a new console? (the Neptune?) How would this happen? How would it affect Sony and Microsoft? How would it affect Silicon Graphics and Hitachi? What would happen to the 32X...
  6. TheAltHistoryGuy

    Photos of Games That Should Have Been
    Threadmarks: Intro & Peacetank

    As you know, games are considered a work of art and a new way of life, as it allows gamers and developers to experience our world like never before. I was inspired by the Photos from Alternate Worlds II to post games that should have been, no matter if they are made on the web or on consoles. I...
  7. A True Game-Changer

    "You can't just butcher a deal like this; you're looking at the next big thing!" - Bill Enders Ralph Baer had spent at least a year at Sanders Associates bringing his idea of a home arcade cabinet to life, and had been spending even longer to bring it to the market. First, he and the team...
  8. Images from the Player Two Start Saga

    So inspired by the Footprint of Mussolini, Kaiserreich, Featherston's Confederacy, and TNO images thread, here is a thread to post images tied to both official canon and your own personal headcanon in RySenkari and Nivek's Player Two Start trilogy.
  9. WI: Atari's (semi)glorious return in the 90's

    The POD is simple, when Atari was trying to ressurect the brand as renown hardware maker, they actually have some idea how to support Atari Jaguar, system have much less problems with hardware bugs, and Atari actually have some help for potential third parties ready to make games. Is less...
  10. TripleToad333

    AHC: Have Nintendo and Sega Swap Successes

    So, your challenge here is to have Nintendo and Sega swap successes. Ideally, Nintendo would leave the console market in the sixth generation and become a third-party developer, with the Mario franchise going downhill, leading to game journalists like IGN viewing Mario in a overly negative light...
  11. TripleToad333

    AHC: Screw over both Nintendo and Sega

    With a POD no earlier than 1988, your challenge here is to screw over both Nintendo and Sega, to the point where they leave the console market in the sixth generation of game consoles and become third-party developers.
  12. TripleToad333

    WI: Sega 64?

    I’m sure we all know and love the Nintendo 64, right? Well, there was a time where the Nintendo 64 was almost Sega’s. You see, Tom Kalinske was never impressed by the plans for the Saturn hardware, which led to him to propose a deal with Silicon Graphics to use a alternative graphics chip for...
  13. TripleToad333

    WI: The Sega Jupiter Was Released

    The Sega Jupiter was a unreleased console by Sega that was going to be a cartridge-based 32-bit system with similar specs to the Sega Saturn. It was also said to retail for ¥30,000 (with the Saturn’s price at the time being set at ¥50,000) and could have been converted into a Saturn by...
  14. TripleToad333

    WI/AHC - Ultra Competitive Videogame Console Wars (REDUX)

    Original thread: While the subject of video game consoles has come up a number of times, what if the video game console wars became even more ultra competitive and over-saturated compared to...
  15. TripleToad333

    WI: No Sega Mega-CD

    So, what if Sega never released the Mega-CD? How would that happen without ASBs? What would happen to Sonic CD, one of the Mega-CD’s famed games? How would that affect the future of Sega? Would Sega still release a 32X-like add-on? What would happen to the Mega-CD’s FMV games? Would Sega still...
  16. TripleToad333

    WI: Sega-CD was successful (REDUX)

    Original version: What if the Sega CD was a success? How would this happen? And how would this change Sega? (Would they still make consoles?)
  17. TripleToad333

    AHC: Have Microsoft Enter the Console Market Earlier

    So, your challenge here is to have Microsoft enter the console market at a plausible date earlier than 2001.
  18. TripleToad333

    WI: Nintendo-Sony-Philips partnership

    In 1988, Nintendo signed a contract with Sony to develop a CD-ROM add-on for the SNES. However, in 1991, Nintendo decided to partner up with Philips instead to develop the SNES-CD. Nintendo and Sony then attempted to sort out their differences, however, the rift between the two companies was...
  19. TripleToad333

    AHC: Alternate console wars

    So, your challenge here is to have a different console war. Instead of Nintendo vs. Sony vs. Microsoft, it could be any other war like Nintendo vs. Sega vs. NEC or Nintendo-Sony vs. Sega vs. 3DO or whatever.
  20. TripleToad333

    AHC: Keep Sega in the console market

    So, your challenge here is to have Sega stay in the console market to this day without ASBs.