victorian era

  1. WI: Penal Laws not repealed?

    Just like the title. What if the UK didn't abolish the Penal Laws that discriminated Catholics? What would it look like as it goes I to the Victorian era?
  2. सार्थक (Sārthākā)

    Providence and the United Kingdom: A British TL
    Threadmarks: OP

    What is this? Oh you know.......another Timeline? Don't you have like 2 ongoing timelines and multiple others? ......yes? *Sigh* what is it about? Basically a different history of Britain after the Crimean War to make a 'better' Britain. Better does not mean bigger though. The only land Britain...
  3. AH Challenge: A Third Rome in 1830?

    Let's say some mastermind Tallyrand-esque figure schemes together a plan to unify the three main claimants of the Roman empire and unite the Habsburg, Russian and Ottoman lands under a single personal union. How would he go about doing this? Your PoD(s) can be as ASB as need be (granted that...
  4. AltoRegnant

    WI: Queen Victoria Was Male/King Victor?

    Queen Victoria was one of the most influential monarchs of European History; grandmother to the 3 main kings/emperors of ww1 bar Franz Joseph, living a bit more than a century, and oversaw the transition to modern Britain's democracy. So, messing with her is a big deal. That begs the question of...
  5. Basileus_Komnenos

    AHC: Prevent the British Monarchy from Losing its Power and Authority During the Victorian Era.

    It's often said that the Victorian Era was the period in which the Modern British Monarchy's Constitutional conventions took hold where the Monarch became more of an apolitical figurehead as power and authority shifted more towards Parliament and the Office of Prime Minister. I've heard that...
  6. GrandMaster

    WI: A Longer-Lived Prince Consort Albert

    As you may or may not know, the husband of Queen Victoria, Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, died in late 1861 at the relatively-young age of 42. So, the question I have, is this? What if Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha lived longer (say, if he died in 1890 at the age of 71)? What...
  7. Victoria died before becoming queen?

    According to Wikipedia: What if that fever grew into something worse and she died because of it? Who would become king of Great Britain and Ireland after the death of William IV? Ernest Augustus?
  8. Abd ar-Rahman II

    AHC: French Belgium after 1829 before 1892

    A French Belgium would be pretty hard to get in the period with literally all France neighbor being against it what the best way to get France possessing all of Belgium in 1892 ?
  9. The_Persian_Cat

    Alternate buyers of Alaska?

    Hey, all. So as we all know, Alaska was sold to the US by the Russian Empire. It was not viewed as an especially valuable territory, but it was of some strategic importance, and so the Tsar Alexander II sold it to the US in order to make some money after the Crimean War while also denying its...
  10. WI: Prince Albert lived as long as Queen Victoria

    What would be the effects in British history and culture if the Prince Consort had lived around the same age as Queen Victoria (just as both were born in 1819 within a month of each other, both die in 1901 within a month of each other)
  11. सार्थक (Sārthākā)

    In The Lap of the Himalayas Version 2
    Threadmarks: Prologue: Bhimsen is Nepal, and Nepal is Bhimsen

    Prologue: Nepal is Bhimsen, and Bhimsen is Nepal *** One is born in this world in order to undergo the fruits of actions performed in past life. After the fruits of such actions are undergone, the soul is separated from the body. It then departs to another world to undergo the fruits of...
  12. Mr_Fanboy

    AHC/WI: Victorian Era coincides with the Golden Age of Hollywood

    There are two parts to my question: 1) With no point of divergence before 1800, how far could the technology necessary to jumpstart a functional film industry have advanced without meaningfully speeding up technological advancement outside of anything directly pertaining to this topic? I assume...
  13. Mattyappo

    WI: Napoleon III is assassinated in 1858

    Felice Orsini succeeds in assassinating Napoleon III on January 14th 1858. How does this impact the remainder of the 19th century?
  14. PC: United Kingdom supporting anti-Qing rebellion

    Let's say that sometime after the First Opium War*, a rebellion against the Qing dynasty that's less... insane than the Taiping Rebellion erupts in China. How likely would the British be to support the rebels? *Using the OTL name, but an event like this might butterfly the Second Opium War, so...
  15. DBWI: Franklin's last expedition is lost

    I'm sure John Franklin's final and greatest expedition needs no introduction. His last voyage before his retirement, Franklin's last expedition - as it came to be called - finally discovered what had eluded explorers for centuries: the Northwest Passage. With this, he cemented his place in...
  16. AHC: Have Imperialism and Racism be on the decline in the 1800s

    Okay, so basically, the 1800s OTL saw a huge rise in racism and imperialism. In fact, it was the golden age of both racism and imperialism in Europe. How can we switch that around and make it so, as science progresses, imperialism proves, while at first easy, eventually something rather...
  17. QueenMaud

    Richer consorts possible for Queen Victoria Childrens

    Most of Queen Victoria's children married relatively poor princes / princesses - excluding Affie.What were the richest princes / princesses possible for the childrens of Queen Victoria?
  18. Alix of Hesse dies of Diphtheria

    In 1878, Diptheria swept over the Hessian court at Darmstadt, ultimately killing Grand Duchess Alice and her youngest child Princess Marie. IOTL these deaths permanently affected the second youngest Hessian princess, Alix, whose morose personality would become infamous during the twilight of...
  19. GauchoBadger

    AHC/WI: A surviving Wassoulou Empire?

    Is there any good PoD, or set of PoD's, to prevent the sudden fall of Samori Ture's militarily competent (and also pretty interesting) West African state, the Wassoulou Empire, in the 1890's, to French colonial forces? If the Wassoulou Empire does manage to survive in the long term, how will it...
  20. British Politics w/o Waterloo Wellington

    We've talked before about how Europe would be different without Napoleon's Hundred Days Campaign in 1815, but one aspect of this that hasn't gotten much attention is how it significantly added to the legend of the victorious commander, Arthur Wellesley, who went on to have a very significant...