1. SunZi

    Idea for a French "War of the Roses"

    By dint of reading about the Wars of the Roses, I wondered whether such a conflict could appear in France? And I think I can answer yes. Of course, it would not be a tracing but a real civil conflict around a dynastic crisis with an incapable king and ambitious nobles who kill each other...
  2. SunZi

    Beyond the King's river — A timeline of Joan of Arc's death
    Threadmarks: I.A maid dies and the Dauphin falls

    France is, in the first quarter of the 15th century, in a serious situation where its fate seems to be at stake; after the victory of Agincourt and the formation of the Anglo-Burgundian alliance, King Henry V of England succeeds to impose a treaty in Troyes on the mad French monarch Charles VI...
  3. kasumigenx

    WI: Elizabeth Woodville is Charles the Bold's niece and Mary of Burgundy's cousin

    What if Agnes of Burgundy survives and marries John of Lancaster then into the Woodvilles, this could cause interesting things to happen in the Hundred Years War and Elizabeth Woodville still marries to Edward IV.