1. WI: The Spanish-speaking immigration to the US was actually from Spain?

    What if the major influx of Hispanics into the US in recent decades wasn't from Latin America, but instead from Spain itself? Ignoring the logistics of what may cause millions of Spaniards to leave (perhaps a messier breakup of a messier fascist regime, who knows), how would American attitudes...
  2. WHAT IF : US-USSR Joint Invasion of the Empire of Japan Between 1941-1944 ? (Maybe with the help of KMT in China?)

    What if the United States and the Soviet Union agreed and managed to invade Japan between 1941-1944 ?
  3. Would the US recognise the South even if they won?

    In discussions about a Confederate victory in the Civil War the question of recognition is dominated by whether or not the UK and/or France would recognise Southern independence, given how crucial that would be for the war. But I think there's an equally important question that is being left...
  4. What if Sad Puppies Succeeded 2015 instead failed?

    This OTL Sad Puppies failed and unsucceeded voting to hugo awards and nominated. TTL Sad Puppies succeeded voting Hugo Awards 2015 and winners Hugo Awards. Would About effect Culture War Right Wing vs Left wing, Post-Gamergate and #ownvoices?
  5. pretentious_loser69

    America: alternate geography and state borders

    < Alternate California fault < New Jersey, Delaware and Rhode Island archipelago < Original Washington territory < Greater Great Lakes (asteroid impact) < unified Carolina, Virginia and Dakota < 1732 gun shaped Georgia < Oklahoma pan handle: No Man’s Land < 39 states (including Alaska and Hawaii)
  6. Višeslav

    HW Bush second term foreign policy?

    So, let's say George HW Bush gets a second term in 1992. A lot of interesting foreign policy decisions had to be made by the US in Clinton's first term, how might Bush Sr. a much more experienced foreign policy leader handle them? How would this effect the world? The big issues...
  7. AHC: Have the USA go to war with the most countries possible throughout its existence

    As the title states, your challenge is to have the US of A go to war with as many countries throughout its history as possible (win or lose doesn't matter so long as it is at least somewhat realistic) Here is my go at at it; (Any countries that would have been at war multiple times will only be...
  8. GameBawesome

    Peaceful Reunification of CSA and USA?

    We're all familiar with CSA victories scenarios. One key detail I've seen in some of these stories or even in discussions about the idea is that the CSA gets reconquered by the USA eventually, or the CSA collapses in on itself. One of the most famous stories to do the latter idea is Harry...
  9. Economic consequences of a truck bomb attack against Wall Street and the London Stock Exchange

    As a result of the July 7, 2005 suicide bombings on the London Underground and an intercity bus, in addition to dozens killed and hundreds injured, the value of the British pound fell to a 19-month low against the US dollar and the FTSE 100 fell 200 points for the two hours after the first...
  10. How bad can the ACW get?

    as far as I know, there was a chance for California to secede during the war and Oregon apparently had an independence movement too- how much can the US unravel during the ACW?
  11. Kraken_

    King Americana: If the USA Had a King
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    Hey all. I've been a lurker for a good while, and only recently joined this forum. So, I want to give this whole AH thing a shot. If you have any comments or concerns, feel free to share, as I've never done something like this before. Now, on to the show. King Americana: If the USA Had a King...
  12. GameBawesome

    WI: America purchases Mexican lands in 1845 = No Mexican - American War

    Before the outbreak of hostilities, America under President James K. Polk offer Mexico a deal. Sending John Slidell (Funnily a future Confederate) as an envoy to Mexico, he had instructions to offer Mexico around $5 Million for the territory of Nuevo Mexico and around $25 million dollars for...
  13. Forth Eorlingas

    AHC: USA loses war to Germany (1919 start point)

    Challenge: with a POD of 1919, the Treaty of Versailles, Germany and the USA fight a major war where Germany wins a clear cut victory and America acknowledges defeat. 3 conditions: - The war starts during or before 1941. - If Germany wins with allies, Germany must contribute half or more of the...
  14. Forth Eorlingas

    AHC: USA loses war to Japan (1868 start point)

    Challenge: with a POD of 1868, the Meiji Restoration, Japan and the USA fight a war where Japan wins a clear-cut victory and America acknowledges defeat. 3 conditions: - The war starts during or before 1941. - If Japan wins with allies, Japan must contribute half or more of the war effort. - no...
  15. Forth Eorlingas

    AHC: USA loses to Italy in a war (1861 start point)

    Challenge: with a POD of 1861, the Italian Unification, Italy and the USA fight a war where Italy wins and America acknowledges defeat. 3 conditions: - The war starts during or before 1941. - If Italy wins with allies, Italy must contribute half or more of the war effort. - no direct changes to...
  16. Palmetto

    Alternate US States

    I am currently (trying to) make an AH, and I created this map for US states. (no lore yet) Any feedback? Map (because the file is too large)
  17. Brainstorming Ideas for US military junta timeline

    Hi everyone, I'm home for month for winter break, so I thought I'd occupy myself by doing some writing. Concept of military juntas running otherwise democratic countires always seemed interesting to me. So I'm interested if you all have any thoughts as to: -What era would be best for it? -What...
  18. What would a timeline for a Democratic sweep look like?

    I made the assumption (same as reality until 1952): 1953-1961: Adlai Stevenson II 1961-1963: John F. Kennedy 1963-1969: Lyndon B. Johnson 1969-1977: Hubert Humphrey 1977-1985: George McGovern 1985-1993: Walter Mondale 1993-2001: Tom Harkin 2001-2009: Bill Bradley 2009-2017: Barack Obama...
  19. What if the US is inspired even more by Rome?
    Threadmarks: Beginning of The Experiment

    This scenario is hypothetical: What if the United States system was based on the Roman Republican? Let's say the American founders are enamored by every part of Roman culture and construct a nation based on Rome. First to make it easier for this new America let's assume they never wrote any...
  20. The_Russian

    Development of the US with more colonies joining the revolution

    I've been learning more about the American revolution and the reasons why 13 colonies chose to form the United States, and why some other colonies chose not to join this new union. This made me ponder who the United States would develop if other colonies such as Nova Scotia or the Floridas...