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  1. Amadeus

    Would You Impeach Reagan Over Iran-Contra?

    Edit: Having been made aware that this thread could be locked as the original version didn't include a POD, I've decided to turn this into an alternate history scenario reflect the standards of the site. During President Reagan's second term, it was revealed that his administration was...
  2. Ted Kennedy 1980 Running Mate.

    If Senator Edward Kennedy beat President Carter in the 1980 Democratic Primary, who does he pick as his running mate and who would help him win in the November election against Ronald Reagan?
  3. Amadeus

    If the Democrats win in 1968 and '72, who wins in '76?

    Despite the unpopularity of President Johnson, the 1968 election was extremely close and could easily have gone the other way given a 3% shift to the Democrats in a few swing states. If the Democrats win in '68 (whether their candidate is Humphrey or RFK, the only two with a real chance,) they...
  4. Gokbay

    What if the US vice-president stayed the runner up.

    Up until the Jefferson administration the US vice-president was not the president's running mate. He was the runner up. After John Adams was elected his vice-president was Jefferson since he was the runner up. Same can be seen in the election of 1800 too as Aaron Burr became Jefferson's...