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  1. Electoral College Runoff Election

    The US famously really only has two parties that matter the most in politics, and that’s the Democrats and Republicans. But in the last 4 years or so, we’ve really seen diverging ideas within those political parties. Many of these ideologies would have their own parties if they weren’t part in...
  2. DBWI: Screw American-Vietnamese relations

    Since the start of the Cold War, Vietnam has been one of the United States' closest allies in Southeast Asia. This is remarkable in that it was probably the only communist nation friendly to the West, including France its former colonizer. How could we make Vietnam another communist nation...
  3. Population Estimates - World of Empires

    Hi All, New here...I've had a bit of a search and can't find something similar so I'm asking for a bit of an estimation help for a short story scenario I'm coming up... - Napolean concurs most of continenal Europe before 1820, then North Africa to the Egyptian border. In 1850s he captures the...
  4. Japan becomes a European/western colony

    Any POD is fine. Is there any way for Japan to become a colony of a European power (or the US if that isn't ASB)?
  5. AH Challenge: Roman Empire, British Empire, and the USA exist at the same time

    Give me scenarios in which the Roman Empire survives and lives up til present day (or if you think it wouldn’t survive until that point, the 20th century) Rome is without Britain and things go differently, obviously; but still things end up the same as it did in OTL. Events I would like to see...
  6. Veneco

    The Smoking Fish: A Wikibox TL
    Threadmarks: The Smoking Fish - Cover and Prologue

    The Smoking Fish: A Wikibox TL An alternate history of Venezuela, the United States and the world in the 21st century Prologue "When an English voter wants a change in the politics of the conservative government in office, all they have to do is vote for the Labor candidate. The differences...
  7. Etruscan-enthusiast35

    DBWI: Pig War never happened

    As we all know, the Cascade war, known colloquially as the Pig War, would see the Unite Kingdom lose the Oregon Country in its entirety. Along with that it also had the side effect of temporarily making people overlook the slavery debate due to the view of war with their former colonizers was...
  8. The Gamer Sunflower

    Is it possible to get a American Tojo Hideki?

    well, I almost made an American Fidel Castro thread but then I realized it's already taken by someone else. so Is it possible for Tojo Hideki from Japan to be an American?

    Legacy of the Bull Moose; A Wikibox Timeline
    Threadmarks: Introduction to Legacy of the Bull Moose

    Welcome to 'Legacy of the Bull Moose' a timeline I hate rebooting but feel myself constantly going back to. Legacy of the Bull Moose is a timeline in which Theodore Roosevelt is elected in 1912 under the Progressive ticket. While rather improbable and I would say generally unlikely I chose a PoD...
  10. Ghastly Victories: The United States in the World Wars
    Threadmarks: Part 1-1

    Ghastly Victories: The United States in the World Wars A TL by RamscoopRaider Part I: The Great War …Muhamed Mehmedbašić, perhaps the most infamous name in modern history. The one man who more than anything ended the golden age of the Long Nineteenth Century and brought on the horrors of...
  11. Mechadogzilla

    At what point could Britain no longer win a war against the United States?

    As it says on the tin. Had the British not been fighting with two hands behind their back in the War of 1812 thanks to Napoleon, they would have won handily. And this power disparity more or less rang true until the end of the American Civil War. But post Civil War the United States' power grew...
  12. Basileus_Komnenos

    Socioeconomic and Geopolical Implications of a Monarchical United States

    Supposing that the US chose to go down the path of monarchism instead of the new and unfamiliar road of Republicanism, how would this alternate United States develop. There were monarchist supporters in the Continental Congress after all. A prominent Founding Father like Alexander Hamilton...
  13. Canadian Military Pattern DUKW

    This idea was inspired by David Fletcher's book British Military Transport, 1829-1956, and an interesting point he made regarding the British Army and the DUKW. According to Fletcher, in December 1942 the British Truck Mission in Washington DC gave the Ministry of Supply's requirement for...
  14. DBWI: What if the US had gotten Oregon

    In the early 19th century what is now Columbia was disputed between the British Empire and the United States of America, with both claiming the stretch of land between the 54' and 44' parallels north and delimitated to the east by the Great Continental Divide only for the empire finally assert...
  15. Jefferson's Anti-Slavery Crisis Vignettes

    Jefferson’s Anti-Slavery Crisis Vignettes I was originally thinking of history as a wave, with the people being carried along it. However, that merits further investigation, as individuals often have large amounts of agency in history. Often times, historical movements are the results of a...
  16. Alex Timber

    What if Estes Kefauver won in 1952?

    Let's say that Kefauver was able to win the nomination and Eisenhower, which I recall didn't want to be president, chose not to run for president. How would a Kefauver presidency affect the United States, and more importantly, the World?
  17. SilverCobra123

    A More Progressive America; a Wallace President ATL

    Hello Y'all, I am creating an alternate history thread on if Henry A. Wallace became Vice President instead of Harry S. Truman. This will explore the political, economical, and social changes that would happen if he became Vice President and succeeded FDR instead of Truman. This timeline will...
  18. Russian Empire vs United States (1914)

    I had this a bit of an interesting scenario, what if a conflict broke out between the world's greatest rivals before they were rivals? Let's say instead of WWI breaking out in 1914, you have a conflict somehow breaking out between the Russian Empire and United States for whatever reason. In...
  19. TripleCitizen

    WI/AHC: President John Foster Dulles

    With a POD of 1930, how may you get John Foster Dulles as POTUS? How may you achieve this? What would his administration’s policies look like?
  20. PyroTheFox

    Crimson Banners Fly: The Rise of the American Left
    Threadmarks: Title

    Author's Notes: "Crimson Banners Fly" is an alternate history timeline set at the turn of the century, at the precipice of momentous change for the United States. This will be a re-imagining of an older timeline of mine from around 2015/6 called "Paint it Red" (posted only on the Atlas Forum)...