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  1. Aloha

    AHC: WW2 ends in a stalemate

    Your goal is to find a way for the Second World War to end with the Axis and the Allied Powers stalemated. Italy and/or Japan may or may not survive, but Nazi Germany needs to exit the war as a great power, alongside the United States, the British Empire, and the USSR/Soviet Union. Which would...
  2. WI: President McMullin

    Two years ago, FiveThirtyEight released an article[1] about how Evan McMullin would theoretically become president in a very unlikely scenario. Basically, McMullin first had to win Utah and cause a deadlock in the electoral college, then be picked by the house. In order to get this to happen...
  3. AHC: Create a buffer state(s) between the United States and Mexico

    Just what the header says. The most obvious point of divergence is during or after the Mexican American War but I feel there are other opportunities too. Bonus points if you can get one of these states to be a refuge for Native Americans or African American. Another bonus if you can somehow...
  4. AHC: Get the US into WWI from the beginning

    Posting in pre-1900 cause it probably needs a 19th c. POD What's the best way to include the US in the 1871-1914 European political rivalries and alliance systems early on, so that when (a version of) World War I breaks out, US participation is full and immediate? Feel free to tweak our...
  5. The True Divided Nation - An Alternate North America
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    THE TRUE DIVIDED NATION Map of United States and the Confederate States, circa 2018 I just decided to create the thread dedicating two countries remained divided so I want to make a successful worldbuilding project but some states rearranged on borders proposal. There are successful...
  6. With a POD after WW2 is it possible to keep the US military budget under 100 billion dollars?

    And if not, what is the lowest it could realistically be?
  7. DBWI: President Jefferson

    Thomas Jefferson was an important figure in American politics, who came close to the presidency two times, in 1800 and 1804. In 1800 Jefferson tied in electoral votes with his supposed vice-presidential candidate Aaron Burr, opening up a loophole that allowed Aaron Burr to become president after...
  8. ChaoticBrilliance

    A Cont'd Cold War in the 2000's

    How does a continued Cold War in the 2000's, with a POD of an alternate succession in the Eighties affect the major events of the early 2000's, including but not limited to: Bush v. Gore, proxy wars around the globe, the rise of Putin, domestic policies of either nation, to name a few.