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  1. WI: Both Eisenhower and Stevenson didn't run in 1956?

    What would the election of 1956 be like if Eisenhower and Stevenson didn't run?
  2. What if Lovell Rousseau was chosen as Lincoln's running mate, then he became president after Lincoln's death?

    Lovell Rousseau was a Union General from Kentucky who apparently was one of the potential running mates of Abraham Lincoln. What if he was chosen and became President after the assassination of Lincoln? Would he be better than Andrew Johnson? How different would the United States be?
  3. shearsforest

    Alternate U.S. state names

    For my scenario The True North and the Home of the Brave, I've taken the challenge to try and develop an alternate history of the United States. As of now, I'm at 1650, and there's a few names that haven't been fully codified: future Delaware future New Jersey New Sweden (OTL southeast...
  4. WI: George H. W. Bush never promised no taxes?

    Would he still win? If so, would he win reelection in 1992? What would the election of 1992 be like?
  5. PC:Axis Victory-Nazi economic miracle

    If Axis win WW2 Nazis conquer or puppetize Mainland Europe, Middle east, Central Asia, Africa and IJA puppetize China, Mongolia, Russian Far east due to US absolute neutrality i.e., no lend lease, no embargo. Could Nazis pull a miracle on the rhine along with reviving soviet economy?
  6. Marshall plan as Wall Street Loans

    What if Marshall plan instead of foreign aid was wallstreet loans like the dawes plan was? How much influence will US get on Economies of western Europe ?
  7. Nuclear German Empire conquers the world

    WW1 is avoided until Germamy develops nukes. Due lack of nazism experts don't leave Germany resulting in Germans being decades aheads of rest of the world in missile and nuclear tech. Germany surprise nuke major cities in UK,France,Russia with V2s forcing them to surrender unconditionally and...
  8. What if US won a war to take the whole Oregon?

    This is the history of my book, The Fifth War, which is set in an alternate 2025 with a PoD in the 1840s...
  9. Exocet - A Wikibox Timeline
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    Hi. Hey. So, I'm doing a TL starting from a successful Exocet missile strike during the Falklands conflict and the changes caused therein. And you're doing this introduction as a back-and-forth monologue, instead of, I don't know, writing a well-worded paragraph? Hey, I’m just following the...
  10. WI: Grover Cleveland didn't run for a second non-consecutive term in 1892?

    Who would the Democratic nominee be in 1892 if Cleveland didn't run again and would he win against Harrison?
  11. WI: William Jennings Bryan wins the presidency in 1896..... and is assassinated during his inauguration, making way for president Arthur Sewall

    William Jennings Bryan somehow gets assassinated during his inauguration, and makes way for inexperienced vice president Arthur Sewall. What would Sewall's presidency be like?
  12. World Mapping

    TL-191 WI: Could the Entente feasibly have won GW1?

    There have been several TL-191 fanfictions made in regards to an Entente victory in GW1, though, realistically, could the Entente have feasibly won GW1?
  13. WI Tito does not acquiesce to US demands in 1946?

    I was wondering, would be war be possible ? (ASSUMING THE USSR DOESN'T SIDE WITH TITO) https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/17985185 If war does indeed happen, what would be the consequences afterwards? I know there were still tensions between the remnants of the almost headless...
  14. US economic development without WW1?

    Contrary to popular assumption, the United States was, even before the World Wars, something of an economic superpower. It boasted a larger economy, higher GDP per capita, and greater industrial capacity than any other nation on Earth. The devastation of Europe in the aftermath of WW1 left the...
  15. Cheer

    The House of Washington: A History of the American Warring States
    Threadmarks: Introduction and Chapter I: Pitchforks and Bloody Murder

    Introduction What if the Constitutional Convention— and the United States— fell apart? I know it's a question that's been covered to death, but that's only because it's so fascinating. So what if the nation descended into a violent sort of chaos? What if, in the frenzy, the more traditionalist...
  16. U.S adopts the Roman Consular system

    Hello! This is my first post here ! I am German, english wasn't my native language , so please forgive me if I make any mistakes! The U.S was founded on HEAVY Roman and Greek influence. During its foundation, the age and power of monarchy was still strong if not universal. Conditions were...
  17. Was there any chance of the 1911 free trade agreement actually leading to the annexation of Canada by the US down the line?

    Recently I've learned of the existence of a free trade agreement discussed between the United States and Canada in 1911 that would result in the free exchange of natural resources between the two countries. However, the agreement never went through due to opposition from those in the Canadian...
  18. AHC: Create an alternate President for the USA

    The United States of America has existed for over 200 years, and due to it being a Democracy, has had many possible candidates for its presidency. Your challenge is to make the most original idea for a president of the USA possible, I'll start with my own idea: Elbridge Gerry would become close...
  19. Plumber

    Impossible Dreams Can Come True: US President Tom Bradley

    IT'S BRADLEY Governor's Victory Makes History The Los Angeles Times, November 8, 1988 Thomas Bradley, the grandson of enslaved people, was elected the nation's 41st president Tuesday, breaking the ultimate racial barrier to become the first African American to claim the country's highest...
  20. jacobthebruh

    The Northern Tier: American division of Canadian lands?

    Let’s say that by some crazy means, the United States gains all of British Canada in the Treaty of Ghent. This means that by 1815, they have Upper Canada, Lower Canada, the Hudson Bay, all of it. How they get the land isn’t important. What I’m curious about is what do they do with it? Would the...