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  1. Friedrich der Große

    Wij Willen Willem: A United Netherlands Timeline
    Threadmarks: Chapter I: TL until 1867

    Okay so we had some discussions on this forum about a surviving United Kingdom of the Netherlands, now I want to post the first part of the TL. This goes to 1867. Later I will post some maps and then continue the TL. 1815 -The Congress of Vienna redraws the borders in Europe, with his defeat at...
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    Position of the Northern Netherlands in a United Kingdom

    So let’s assume the United Kingdom of the Netherlands stays alive after 1830 because riots are ended quick in august/september 1830 so a wider revolution doesn’t occure. I think it is inevitable that the balance of power will shift to the Southern Netherlands. but then my question is: what will...
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    Rule Neerlandia! Another Dutch TL
    Threadmarks: Chapter I: The Kandy War

    Gustaaf Willem baron van Imhoff (1705-1756), governor of Ceylon from 1736 to 1741. Chapter I: The Kandy War Since the Dutch Golden Age, the Dutch East India Company or Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie (VOC) had territories in Ceylon. It was an important colony for the Dutch trading empire...
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    Alternate casus belli WW1

    So if we assume The Netherlands kept Belgium in 1830, will this butterfly the murder of Frans Ferdinand away? If the answer is yes, what are other causes of ITTL WW1 (which will off course be very different)?
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    Succesfull Ten Days Campaign in Belgium

    What if the Netherlands got foreign support from Prussia, Austria and Russia in 1831 and they crushed the Belgian Revolution, what would have happened? (The POD will be in 1831). Would there be a second revolution in 1848 and how would it effect things like German Unification, Franco-German War...
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    Will a Belgian Partition in 1830 butterfly 1848 and German Unification

    If the Dutch Ten Days Campaign in 1830 was more succesfull and Belgium would be partitioned between The Netherlands, France and Prussia, what would be the effects on especially the Revolutions of 1848 and the German Unification. So let us say that Belgium is partitioned in the following form...
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    Oranje Boven: A Dutch timeline
    Threadmarks: Title and introduction

    Oranje Boven A Dutch timeline I have been interested in Dutch history for a long time, and how it could have turned out differently. After wandering around this forum for a while and considering different POD possibilities, I...
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    Could the Netherlands get German territories in 1815?

    Was it possible for the Netherlands to get German territories in 1815 during the Congress of Vienna? Originally, the Dutch king William I called for the addition of the Rhineland to his kingdom too, but I also remember a version in which the Netherlands gets East Frisia and Cleves and has to...
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    If the Belgian Revolution never happened, would WW1 still happen?

    So basically this: If the Belgian Revolution never happened and the United Kingdom of the Netherlands stays alive, would WW1 still happen, or wouldn’t it because of the butterflies?
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    The Boer Wars, an alternate history

    I’m thinking about a scenario in which the Belgian Revolution never happened. But I was thinking: what will happen to the Boers, the Great Trek and the Boer Wars if this occured. With a Belgian Revolution which never happens, the United Kingdom of the Netherlands stays alive and become a...
  11. Friedrich der Große

    A Dutch timeline

    I’m searching for a POD in which The Netherlands keep the Cape Colony, but also in which the United Kingdom of the Netherlands stays alive. Do you have some ideas? Or could I simply say that with the Dutch keeping the Cape Colony in say 1814, the Belgian Revolution would never occure because of...
  12. Friedrich der Große

    Alternate Dutch colonies

    So, if The Netherlands manage to keep Belgium in 1830, is it plausible that they will set up new colonies, especially in Africa or Asia? The Dutch king William I wanted to make The Netherlands a great power again, and he knew that he needed (more) colonies for that. For example: is it maybe...
  13. Friedrich der Große

    Luxembourg Alternate History

    What if the United Kingdom of the Netherlands stays united in 1830. As a result, Luxembourg isn’t split and stays united too, under the Dutch king who is Grand Duke of Luxembourg. What would have been the future of Luxembourg? How would the integration of it into The Netherlands go, or would...
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    Alternate Belgium

    IOTL, in 1830, the Belgian Revolution was beginning. Eventually Belgium broke free, supported by France. But after the (failed) Dutch Ten Days Campaign, the Dutch army kept the 3 cities of Antwerp, Maastricht and Luxembourg. IOTL, after the Siege of Antwerp between the French army and the...
  15. Friedrich der Große

    A Better Netherlands

    What if the United Kingdom of the Netherlands stays alive in 1830 because there is no revolution. How would the development of the UKN have gone? How would the French minority in the country have been integrated into the kingdom, would the Constitution of Thorbecke still be there?. Would the...
  16. Friedrich der Große

    WW1, but No Belgium

    What if in an alternate timeline, The Netherlands kept Belgium because there is no Belgian Revolution in 1830. I think that in this case, it is reasonable to assume that World War One would still happen: Franz Ferdinand is still killed in 1914 and the Great Powers like Germany, France and Russia...
  17. Friedrich der Große

    A Dutch Germany

    What if in an alternate timeline, the Netherlands got not only Belgium and Luxembourg in 1815 during the Congress of Vienna, but the Rhineland too. ATTENTION: I am not asking for a discussion about ‘they would never get the Rhineland’ or something like that. I am only asking for: WHAT IF the...
  18. Friedrich der Große

    Dutch Cape Colony, 13th Province

    Good evening, I am searching for a POD, as part of my alternate history of the Netherlands scenario which I want to make. What I want is a POD in which the Netherlands keeps the Cape Colony after the Napoleonic Wars. And a Netherlands which is still a United Kingdom, so with Belgium and...
  19. Friedrich der Große

    The Netherlands gets the Rhineland

    What if the Netherlands got the Rhineland during the Congress of Vienna, which king William I wanted? What would the effects of this be on things like the Belgian Revolution, German Confederation and Unification, Dutch colonial empire, and more and more.
  20. Friedrich der Große

    What if the Dutch got back all there pre-1795 colony’s after the Napoleonic Wars

    What if the Dutch got back all there pre-1795 colony’s after the Napoleonic Wars? In OTL, the Dutch lost the Cape Colony, Ceylon, some cities in India and some land around Suriname (Guyana). But what if in an alternate timeline, they got back all these colony’s. What are the effects from this...