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  1. What if Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Singapore and Malta became a one federation(Commonwealth)?

    *Personally, I want to upload an image that I made myself, but when I uploaded it, it only popped up that I couldn't because of the capacity, so I can't upload anything i have about it. Hello, I am a user who is interested in alternative history that I just joined recently. Some times ago, I...
  2. US UK liberate Eastern Europe before soviets without lend lease

    can US and UK prevent Soviets from taking Eastern Europe before soviets by decreasing lend lease and liberate Eastern Europe ?
  3. Drex

    Ventis Ferrum: Dupleix's Success and Beyond
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Of Frenchmen and Indians

    - Author's Note - This Timeline is a rework of my previous Timeline, written almost a year ago. As you can see by the title, it even takes some elements from it. Being a rework of the Timeline, you will see changes, for starts, this version has a clearly defined PoD and does not mess heavily...
  4. WI: No War of 1812

    I've seen plenty of threads discussing a different outcome for the War of 1812, but I have yet to see one where it doesn't happen at all. So what would be the immediate and long-term consequences of having no Anglo-American war in 1812? Would there be one anyway in the future? What does the...
  5. सार्थक (Sārthākā)

    The Bear and the Eagle: a Cold War Wikibox + Graphics TL
    Threadmarks: OP + Political Map

    Map of the World 2021 The basic premise of the timeline is the survival of the USSR into the modern era and the repercussions of it. The basic PoD is the bomber that nearly killed Stalin in OTL in 1942 does kill him ittl, which sees a vastly different Soviet War Effort in WW2 here, which leads...
  6. Odinson

    Effects of no Arthur Wellesley

    The Duke of Wellington, or the Iron Duke, is one of Great Britain's most famous military figures and possibly the second most famous military leader to come out of the Napoleonic Wars after Napoleon himself. But what if he never made his mark on history? For the purposes of this argument, lets...
  7. Lab-Lib pact plausibility check

    So I've been playing around with Prime Minister Infinity and had a pretty solid run as the Liberals in 1950 and enjoyed myself so much I'm thinking of both making a continuation scenario and maybe a short timeline based on how a hypothetical Labour minority government with Liberal support would...
  8. Vylon Disigma

    Discussion: on an Anglo-American cold-war

    in the Man in the High Castle (axis victory) universe there is a novel called the grasshopper lies heavy in which the fictional auther speculates on a allied victory over the axis forces and a cold war between the primary victors of the war, the United States and the United Kingdom. There has...
  9. The effects of no Iraq War on the UK?

    What would the effects of no Iraq War have been on the UK. With a POD of Al Gore wining in 2000 but 9/11 still occurs resulting in the war in Afghanistan still happening but America deciding not to invade Iraq. How does the rest of Blairs term unfold? I expect him to beat whoever the Tory...
  10. [DBWI] What if Hong Kong was given back to China.

    In 1997, Hong Kong was supposed to be given back to China from the UK. However, as we all know, that didn't happen. The Prime Minister said that it was something about the China they made the agreement with no longer existing when the transition was meant to happen. They made the agreement with...
  11. WI Franco allowed Nazi troops to march to Gibraltar

    Suppose Operation Felix happened, either because Franco was more willing to join the war or because Canaris wasn't working against the Nazis. Could this have led to the Axis taking Gibraltar? If they did, how would that have hurt the British and Allied war effort?
  12. The Militant Doberman

    WI: USA performs a banana-republic regime-change... in Iceland?

    Reading the Wikipedia page on the UK-Iceland Cod Wars (a.k.a.: the war of words over territorial waters and fishing rights) it mentioned that at one point Iceland threatened to leave N.A.T.O. unless the U.K. concedes to Iceland’s demands. Since Iceland’s territory was vital to monitoring Soviet...
  13. WW1: Would Britain fight on alone?

    The year in 1919. After a failed offensive to retake Paris the French have surrendered to the Central Powers. The Italians followed suit soon after leaving the Central Powers as masters of Europe. Britain faces the prospect of fighting on alone*. The Russia Civil War is ongoing. In the Middle...
  14. Sam Biswas

    What if the meteor that hit Tunguska hit London instead?

    What if the meteor that hit Tunguska in Russia had landed a few hours later and hit London instead? What would have been the effect on the British Empire if it's capital had been vaporized? The effects on Europe and the world in general?
  15. Sam Biswas

    What if Winston Churchill died early and Halifax became Prime Minister?

    https://www.alternatehistory.com/forum/threads/a-world-without-winston-churchill.164360/ Without Churchill, it would highly likely that Britain would made a peace deal with Nazi Germany. Neville Chamberlain, a predecessor of Churchill, due to his illness, he would still resign as prime...
  16. British Empire becomes incorporated?

    With a POD in 1900 which parts of the Empire could be incorporated into the United kingdom and why weren't they. I'm not talking abut an imperial federation where Australia and Canada etc get representaion in Westminster but rather something like Frances overseas departments where smaller...
  17. Historyman 14

    British WI: King George III killed in 1786.

    In 1786, an Englishwoman named Margaret Nicholson attempted to stab King George at St James's Palace, believing herself to be the 'rightful Queen' and all that. But what if the knife was more sharp, and her stabs was fatal? What will happen now?
  18. Vol de la Vendée - A Canadian/ French Revolutionary TL
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    Hello people! So its been a while since I've actually written a TL rather than just commented on others, so here I go. Honestly this is a bit of an homage to the TL that actually started my interest in Alternate History all the way back in 2011, so here goes. Taken from The Canada Cycle: New...
  19. Vylon Disigma

    ACH: keep britain the second world power (instead of the SU)

    As in the title, how can the United Kingdom, with or without the empire, maintain a position of as the primary or secondary world power beyond, the second world war (or equivalent). You must work with a POD of no earlier than 1935, and may not avoid a war with germany. What are britain options...
  20. Gwachiko

    WI: US supports UK, France and Israel during Suez Crisis

    What would have happened had United states not opposed, but instead supported aformentioned powers during the Suez Crisis? I don't know how plausible this is, I am just interested what would have happened if the Soviet Union had been the only great power supporting Abdel Nasser's regime.