1. Plausibility check - distinct Galician culture (East Slavic)

    I have been trawling through the forum to see if this has come up before, but I can't seem to find anything. Basically, I am wondering how easy it would be for a distinctive Galician (the East Slavic variety) language and culture to develop, separate from Ukrainian. Basically, it needs to be...
  2. World Mapping

    WI: China invades Taiwan on 2022/02/24?

    Idk if this qualifies as alternate history, but here we go. Asking out of curiosity, what would have happened had China invaded Taiwan on the 24th of February 2022, the same day Russia invaded Ukraine?
  3. Consequences of a 1994 Crimean independance on Ukraine and her nukes.

    DISCLAIMER: Please, remember the ''No current politics'' rule and don't discuss the ongoing armed conflict. I am talking about a scenario where the Supreme Soviet manages to oust Yeltsin during the 1993 constitutional crisis
  4. WI : The City of Odessa (Ukraine) Became Part of The Kingdom Of Romania AFTER the Great War ?

    I am speaking of course of a scenario where both the UPR and the Soviets do worse in the interwar period.
  5. kasumigenx

    Ruthenian revival
    Threadmarks: A Royal marriage

    On 1295, a betrothal between the children of Yuri of Galicia and Wenceslaus of Bohemia, basically between Elizabeth of Bohemia[1] and Andrew of Galicia would happen, which would affect the future succession of the Kingdom of Bohemia, the marriage would cause a stir in the succession issues of...
  6. PakistaniGuyUK

    Thought Experiment: How far East can you go before a "White Christian" nation would no longer be deemed a suitable candidate for EU expansion?

    So I’ve created this alternate map of West Asia for this purpose. In this alternative world, by 1992 and up to the present day, we are left with a ‘Christian arc' of independent states stretching from Ukraine to Goa. The rest of the world is exactly the same, albeit with a few countries losing a...
  7. kasumigenx

    Galician revival – A Ruthenian timeline
    Threadmarks: Galician revival

    On 1323, Andrii Yuriievych would survive in battle against the Lithuanians and would inherit Halych completely from his brother Lev and secure his daughter and her husband, Liubartas’ succession in the principality of Halych and Volyn. Andrii’s daughter, Euphemia would welcome the birth of a...
  8. Gigachad3k

    What's the maximum population Belarus could support?

    What's the maximum population that the territory of OTL Belarus could support?
  9. GameBawesome

    WI/Challenge: Reverse Ukraine and Belarus

    (Disclaimer: I do not support any of this. Yes, the Holodomor was one of the biggest tragedies in the 20th Century. This is merely a hypothetical, so please to take this seriously, and I hope I don't break any rules or offend anyone? So I hope this isn't controversial when saying this... After...
  10. WI: 2014 Annexation of Crimea never happened, but Ukraine was unable to join EU

    As the title above, what if the 2014 Annexation of Crimea never happened, but Ukraine was unable to join the EU. Let's say, Putin never chose to support Little Green Man and Donbass militias due to various factors. Perhaps the risk of American and EU sanctions was too much, or Putin trusted that...
  11. British Biscuit

    DBWI: No Zaporozhian Cossacks in the American Revolutionary War?

    O.O.C.: Inspired by this post. I.C.: What if Catherine the Great rebuffed King George's request for Russian troops to ait the British in the American Revolutionary War? What if the Zaporozhian Cossacks never arrived in Boston in the 1775-76 period? How would the War go? What might be the...
  12. kasumigenx

    Halych is not lost - a ukrainian timeline
    Threadmarks: Halych not lost

    On 1323, Dmitro Dedko would deny Boleslaw Yuri his own claims to the lands of Galicia Volhynia after the deaths of his own half-brothers, which would mean that the land of Galicia Volhynia or Halych-Volyn would remain independent against the Poles despite its weakened disposition it would...
  13. thezerech

    July 1917 Kadet Coup against Kerenksy?

    More or less what it says on the tin, I'm curious about the plausibility of, in the aftermath of the Kerensky offensive and the July Days, a Kadet-backed coup (a la Kornilov affair, perhaps with Kornilov) during the tail end of July 1917. At the time of the July Days another revolt was happening...
  14. Is it possible to avoid the catastrophic economic and demographic fallout from the USSR collapse

    The 1990s in Russia were a very tough time after the Soviet Union collapsed, same in Ukraine/Belarus and other places as well. Alot of these countries have never recovered demographically (in terms of birth rates atleast) and are currently rapidly declining in population (didn't seem to effect...
  15. thezerech

    Polubotkivtsi / Ukrainian Independist coup during Kerensky offensive

    (Polubotkivtsi during the coup attempt according to Wikipedia) What I am trying to do is to find PODs which make Ukraine's independence during the inter-war more plausible. I was originally thinking of writing some writers' forum stuff taking place in a TL duirng its 30s with that as the...
  16. Tresckow

    WI: Chernobyl Thermal Explosion?

    I've been rewatching HBO's fantastic Chernobyl series and I just came to the part where they send the divers to open the valves beneath the reactor to release the water below to prevent a thermal explosion that would open the remaining reactors and send radioactive material in all directions, as...
  17. Napoleonic Breakway States in Russia

    What if Napoleon had popularity of the minorities in russia,like Whilhem II and Hitler had in both world wars(well,unitl hitler do what he did),and after begining saved by example,a estonian girl, at a battle against russian forces, did take advantage of his popularity to create allied/satellite...
  18. Ukraine Stays Independent After The Russian Civil War?
    Threadmarks: Ukraine

    What if Ukraine managed to maintain its freedom after the Russian Civil, either remaining the Ukrainian People's Republic or keeping Skoropadsky in power? How would the Interwar period go for Europe and the rest of the world? Would Crimea be Soviet, Ukrainian, or be an independent Crimean Tatar...
  19. Mooze17

    AHC: How could the Ukranian Free State have survived?

    So I've been looking into the Russian civil war a lot recently, and one thing that I have found extremely interesting is the Anarchist Black Army in Ukraine, and the "free territory" they established. I actually plan to write a timeline about them surviving, and have been doing research on the...
  20. AHC: Ukraine Joins NATO before 2014 (POD of 1991)

    AHC: Ukraine Joins NATO before 2014 (POD of 1991) In this Alternate History Challenge you have to get Ukraine into NATO before the Russians can Intervene in Ukraine and take Crimea in 2014. Is this possible with a Pod of 1991 or is it ASB? How will you get Ukraine into NATO? How will Ukraine...