ukraine crisis

  1. World Mapping

    WI: China invades Taiwan on 2022/02/24?

    Idk if this qualifies as alternate history, but here we go. Asking out of curiosity, what would have happened had China invaded Taiwan on the 24th of February 2022, the same day Russia invaded Ukraine?
  2. WI: Accidental Nuclear War in 2014

    One of my favorite works here is 1983: Doomsday and that hinges on a Soviet false alarm being acted on by someone who isn't Petrov. Something that it's made me think of is something like this happening more recently, and thought about Russia getting a false alarm a couple weeks after MH 17 was...
  3. WI: Russia vs. Ukraine at the 2014 World Cup

    The premise: Ukraine beats France in the last round of UEFA qualifying in 2013, making it to the World Cup. Then (being the team moved from Pot 4 to pot 2), it's drawn into the same group as Russia. Let's say it's group F, as well containing Argentina and Iran, and Russia and Ukraine face off...