1. Henry Tudor's Breton wife

    There were rumours, that knight Roland de Velville was Henry's illegitimate son, whom he had with some 'Breton lady'. That claim is baseless, although I've seen threads inspired by that story and going even further-Henry marries that Breton woman and has legitimate son with her. That would...
  2. A Second York Queen: Margaret Plantagenet marries Henry VII
    Threadmarks: Westminster, London, Autumn 1489

    Westminster, London, Autumn of 1489 "Henry. Queen Elizabeth of York is dead." told Lady Margaret Beaufort to her son, King Henry Tudor of England. "She died giving birth to a girl, a healthy, beautiful baby girl." she smiled weekly. Margaret had grown a certain fondness for her Yorkist...
  3. Different Tudor heirs

    What would happen if the deaths and lives of the children of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York were switched? How different would be the situation with only Elizabeth, Edmund and Katherine living?
  4. RedKing

    WI: Arthur Tudor, Philip of Burgundy, and John of Asturias switch death dates?

    Just as the title says, these three Princes all swap death dates. Instead of dying in 1502, Arthur dies in 1497, while John dies in 1506 instead of 1497, and Philip of Burgundy dies in 1502. What would the effects of this be? Obviously, John dying in 1506 means that he'll likely have three or...
  5. WI: All of Henry VIII's children predecease him

    What if all of H8's children predeceased him? Assume Mary and Elizabeth die first and that there is not enough time between Edward and Henry's deaths for him to do anything about the succession.
  6. An Emperor's True Love: Katherine Tudor marries Charles V
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    An Emperor's True Love Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor PROLOGUE "11th of June, 1522. Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, the first King of a unified Spain and ruler of many other large patches of land all over Europe (and the world) married the English Princess, Katherine Tudor. Katherine was the...
  7. RedKing

    A True King Arthur (Redux)
    Threadmarks: Part I - 1502

    “1502 was an action-packed year for the Tudor dynasty. It almost ended in tragedy in Spring when the newly wed Prince and Princess of Wales, Arthur Tudor, and Katherine of Aragon, fell ill with the lethal sweating sickness. Many prayed for the young couple and Henry VII sent the finest...
  8. RedKing

    The Mother of Heretics: Henry VIII marries Marguerite of Angouleme
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1 - The Survival

    “In Spring of 1502, the rulers of England and Spain, held their breaths, as their children, the English Prince Arthur and Spanish Princess Catherine had fallen ill with the lethal sweating sickness. The two had only married a few months prior, so that their Parents, may form an alliance between...
  9. RedKing

    Which timeline should I do?

    Aight, so I know these types of threads are flooding this forum but I need help with this one. I put my current timeline on hiatus, and want to start another one, but am stuck on which idea to use, so here are 3 timelines with short plot descriptions. DISCLAIMER: It may also come down to my...
  10. RedKing

    What if Elizabeth Tudor married Emmanuel Philibert?

    As the title says, sometime during Queen Mary I’s reign, she marries Elizabeth to Emmanuel Philibert, Duke of Savoy, as was floated around in OTL. What now? Would Elizabeth still become Queen if she’s married to a foreigner? Obviously she’d have Philip’s backing but might some nobles resist?
  11. RedKing

    AHC: Tudor Wales, Plantagenet England

    So as the title says. With a POD no earlier than 1400, make there be a Tudor Wales, and a Plantagenet England. Bonus points if you can figure out how to make it happen during the Wars of the Roses.
  12. RedKing

    What if Jasper Tudor had married earlier?

    As we all know, Jasper Tudor, Earl of Pembroke went unmarried for many years of his (relatively) long life, only marrying after his nephew Henry VII took the throne. However, he would go on to die with our issue, bar his two illegitimate daughters. So what if Jasper had married earlier, perhaps...
  13. RedKing

    AHC: 8 Wives for Henry VIII of England

    With a POD in 1536, give Henry VIII 8 wives! Henry VIII will die in 1547, as per OTL. Bonus points if you can include some of his prospective wives from OTL and get Henry VIII to have more children than IOTL!
  14. RedKing

    What if Edward IV lived to the end of 1483?

    So in 1483, Edward IV of England and Margaret Beaufort had just completed talks on allowing Henry Tudor (later King Henry VII) to return to England, with him being restored to his Earldom, being made the heir to his Mother's estates and even potentially being married to a daughter of Edward IV...
  15. RedKing

    What if Henry VIII had been better prepared to be King?

    In our timeline, the Tudors experienced a slight crisis when Arthur Tudor died unexpectedly in 1502 and the unprepared Prince Henry, Duke of York became heir. Henry is believed to have been prepared for a church career. But what if Henry VII had better prepared Henry VIII to be King. Let's say...
  16. A destiny fulfilled - An Eleanor of Austria TL
    Threadmarks: 1512 - Eleanor of Burgundy

    Archduchess Eleanor of Austria-Burgundy was the eldest daughter and first child of Philip the Fair of Burgundy and Joanna I of Castile, and without any doubt the greatest match in circulation, but that was not enough for save her from heartbreaks, starting with the total absence of any...
  17. RedKing

    What if Henry VII and others died Richmond Palace fire of 1497?

    So for those who do not know, Richmond Palace got fire in 1497, when nearly all of the Tudor family was there, (Only Arthur wasn't present). Thankfully the family escaped. But what if the fire had been worse or the Tudors present hadn't been as lucky? Let's say Henry VII, Elizabeth of York...
  18. RedKing

    What if Catherine of Aragon died on her way to England in 1501?

    During Catherine of Aragon's journey to England in 1501, it was quite stormy and if I remember correctly she had to return back to Spain. So what if Catherine had been less lucky and during her journey to England she was shipwrecked and drowned? Who does Arthur marry now? How does Isabella of...
  19. RedKing

    What if Queen Elizabeth of York lived?

    For those who don't know Queen Elizabeth of York, eldest child of King Edward IV, wife of King Henry VII and Mother to King Henry VIII. She and Henry VII were in a loving marriage and were quite close. They had 4 children who survived infancy (though the eldest Arthur, tragically died at 15)...
  20. RedKing

    What if Margaret Douglas succeeded Mary I?

    Margaret Douglas, was the daughter of Princess Margaret Tudor and John Douglas, she is perhaps best remembered for being the Mother of Henry Darnley and Grandmother of King James VI and I, however, she was one of Queen Mary's favourites. Mary allegedly referred Douglas as the best person to...