tsardom of russia

  1. WI: Anastasia Romanovna not poisoned

    I think it goes without saying that Ivan the Terrible was a complicated man. On the one hand, he was intelligent, devout and strong-willed. On the other, he was prone to paranoia, rages, and bouts of mental instability. While he certainly accomplished a lot, his achievements are overshadowed in...
  2. How Different Were The Stalin's Soviets From Tsardom?

    For the sake of simplicity let's reference the Tsar in the 1900s and the Soviets in the 1930s, how similar were they institutionally and ideologically? I admit that I'm just getting into Russian history but there seems to be so many similarities between the two. Sure the Tsar claimed divine...
  3. GauchoBadger

    WI: More successful Stenka Razin?

    What if the Cossack revolt led by Stenka Razin in early 1670's Russia had been much more successful in its scope? I don't think Razin could have succeeded in utterly destroying the tsarist government -- the boyars, the tsar and the patriarchate were against him for the entirety of the rebellion...
  4. EdMarCarSe

    ¿What would have happened if the Russian Tsardom won the Livonian War?

    (Sorry but the english is not my mother lenguage) *Parts of the Pod (like rules or something, or possibilities for the PoD what I propose) -Russia wins over Sweden and Poland-Lithuania, and maintaining its conquest (at least a few years) - Talk about the effects in Russia (in short, medium and...
  5. Tom Colton

    The Ultimate "Continuations of the Roman Empire" Poll

    This is the poll to end all polls concerning this subject, and to consolidate all opinions on these various polities. Vote for as many options as you think are appropriate.