1. WI: Trump's presidency 4 years earlier

    What if, let's say Donald Trump ran as a Republican in 2012 and somehow managed to beat Obama. It may be difficult but let's say he does make it through and becomes the 45th 4 years earlier. What would happen? A lot of important events happened from 2013 to 2017. Would Snowden incident occur...
  2. kasumigenx

    WI: Ivanka Trump marries Prince Harry

    Please move it to Chat if it is not relevant to this forums. There were rumors of this possibility, what if Prince Harry dates and marries Ivanka Trump, how would this effect the Trump campaign or would trump still decide to run in this scenario?
  3. Trump's Realignment 2.0 (a TL)

    Hello, everyone! Last year I began posting a story based on a PoD where, instead of starting a doomed casino project, property tycoon Donald Trump sets his eyes on the 1988 presidential race. I've developed a timeline, hoping to update on a regular basis. So, newly inspired with big plans for...
  4. Calcaterra

    USFL Successful With Trump As An Owner

    Could it happen? Many people say he was the league's downfall, so could he still be a factor without the league failing? How would it play out?
  5. WI: Trump runs in 2012 as an Independent

    I heard that Trump considered running in 2012 as an Independent, but as we all know it never happened. But what if he kept his words and actually did join the race? What would've actually happened? Could he have pulled it off in the race? Would he had at least won any state?
  6. The_Russian

    DBWI: Trump not elected in 2000?

    What if Donald Trump didn’t win the 2000 election? It was a major victory for the reform party, and certainly affected politics afterwards. The reform party won many senate and house seats soon after, but there was still no-partisanship. What if Gore or Bush won instead? How might the US be...
  7. emk163

    What if Don Shula left the Dolphins to coach for the NJ Generals?

    In 1984 New Jersey Generals owner Donald Trump tried to lure Don Shula into coaching for his football team. However Shula wanted a condominium inside Trump Tower however Trump balked at that request. And alas he wasn't hired. However what if Trump granted Shula's request and coached for the New...
  8. What if Trump was President during World War One?

    What if Trump was President during World War One? Would he keep America out the war? At what time would he enter and would that affect the war, there is a theory that the timing of America in war was useful and a early timing might not be good, is that right? If America did join and they won how...
  9. WI: Trump runs for NY governor in 2014?

    As seen in this news article, a few Republicans in 2014 were trying to get Donald Trump to run for the governor's office of New York. What if he takes them up on their offer? Would he win or lose? How would this affect his decision to run for President in 2016? Sorry if this is supposed to be...
  10. SanMan64

    WI: Trump 2000 (As a Republican OR Democrat)

    I know Trump ran as a Reform Party candidate in 2000, but what if Trump ran in 2000 as either a Republican OR a Democrat that year. Back then, Trump had more liberal views (he was pro-choice and supported universal health care in 2000 iirc, and had feuds with Pat Buchanan to boot :P) so would...
  11. The America We Deserve

    The America We Deserve: TRUMP 2000
  12. President Trump - 2001

    What if Donald Trump in 1999 decided to run for the Republican nomination instead of the Reform Party? And of course secured the nomination and won the election because, you know, well, he is Trump. What's next?
  13. Hope changed: a timeline of U.S. politics, American football and more.

    At long last, my inner political junky and my inner alternate historian have agreed to do something dangerous: ... ... ... A timeline dealing with recent politics. A few ground rules: -While a certain amount of modern political commentary is inevitable, please refrain from breaking Godwin's...
  14. Zachariah

    WI Michael Sandford succeeded?

    First up, I'm kind of new here, so if this is 'too soon' or too political, then I apologize profusely- I don't mean to cause any offence. But I just wanted to ask this question, since it was a distinct possibility- what if Michael Sandford had somehow managed to succeed in his attempt to, in his...
  15. If Trump Ran In 2012

    Suppose that Trump made good on his idea to run in 2012, would he have done as well as he did in 2016? And if so, how would he fare in the general?