1. Keeping the Trebizond: Commerce and Conflict in the Age of the Merchant Princes
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    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11 August 1472 A soft rain falls. The sky is gray, the dark of the sea rising up to...
  2. TheWitheredStriker

    WI: Trebizond recaptures Constantinople from the Latin Empire instead of Nicaea

    The first thread I made on this forum, hoping all goes well with it. If something's off, please let me know. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Would it have been possible, following the...
  3. Eparkhos

    The Undying Empire: A Trebizond Timeline
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    T H E U N D Y I N G E M P I R E a timeline by Eparkhos In the void left by the collapse of the Byzantine Empire in 1204, the exiled scions of the Komnenos Dynasty were able to stage a victorious return to their homeland, establishing the...
  4. What if the Byzantine Komnenoi were never overthrown by the Angeloi?

    Introduction: The Komnenos dynasty presided over an era of prosperity for the Byzantine Empire known as the Komnenian Restoration. Their overthrow led to the rise of the incompetent house of Angelos, which failed to stop the Turks, Bulgarians, and Crusaders, and Isaac II Angelos' Latin-backed...
  5. Basileus_Komnenos

    The House of Komnenos, Like a Phoenix From the Ashes: An Eastern Roman Timeline
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    Hi everyone, this is my first attempt at a historical timeline. I've always been a history buff with a passion for Classical Roman and later Eastern Roman history. I've always wanted to explore the possibilities of a more successful restoration of the Byzantine Empire after 1204 under the House...
  6. Eparkhos

    The Ruins of Rome: A Byzantine Collpase Timeline

    Before the Fall: The Venetian Expedition of 1280 (Kriti) The First Genoese-Mangyup War (1280) (Gothia) The Rhomano-Angevin War: The Fall...
  7. Linbot

    The Lost Rome Rises

    Successors to the Byzantine Empire, 1211 The Seljuk army had besieged Antioch-on-the-Maeander, in southwestern Anatolia. Their commander, Sultan Kaykhusraw, was confident of victory. At his side stood the deposed Roman Emperor Alexios III, who some seven years before had fled from the sack of...