1. Waltzing Brunhilda

    The Red Order: First Days of Eurasia- A New Order Spinoff

    The Red Order First Days of Eurasia is an upcoming Hearts of Iron 4 mod. Based off the popular, The New Order: Last Days of Europe we explore a world where the Allies won the Second World War from the view of the world of TNO. The world stands divided into a Cold War between the Union of Soviet...
  2. Marklin

    What would a TL 191 version of The New Order: The Last Days of Europe look like?

    Exactly what it says on the tin.
  3. Kol

    Challenge : Combine Man in the High Castle and TNO

    For example the Central Asian Neutral zone Is basically The Russian Anarchy
  4. Pop-Culture in TNO

    Note: If you have objections against this mod, please do not comment Inspired by the various pop-cultures of <universe X> threads, how do you think fiction and pop-culture will develop in TNO? For one I see that if Japan loses the GAW and a far-right government falls because of that, anime...
  5. Your Personal TNO Headcanon?

    Note:If you have gripes with this setting for being too dark or too whitewashy or whatever obscenity, don't comment What's your personal TNO headcanon based on the best campaign you've done(or the most memorable/worthwhile), along with your speculation on how things will go in the next 10 years...
  6. TNO DBWI: The German slave revolt of 1971 becomes violent?

    in early 1971 nearly all of the German Reich's eastern holdings would be overrun by the Army Association "Free Europe" lead by Willy Brandt and russland [formerly RK moskwien before speer took power] would be couped by Schorner who would attempt to put down the revolt by force in the aftermath...
  7. RedHistorian1917

    Kalterkrieg: The Jackboot and the Rising Sun
    Threadmarks: Foreword

    Foreword: This timeline and scenario will be based on both the Amazon TV Show and other elements from Fatherland, The New Order and other alternate histories. However, there will be no science fiction type material such as dimension flipping and alternate universes. This is just a unique crafted...
  8. Photos of the New Order

    So this thread is inspired by the Photos of the Kaiserreich thread and the TL-191 photos thread. Only this time it's about the dystopian hellscape that is setting of the upcoming HOI4 mod The New Order: Last Days of Europe I know that the mod isn't even out yet, but I think we know enough...