time travel

  1. Mr_ Bondoc


    Here is the latest for a time travel film coming soon in 2020 called Antebellum: The scary premise is that something is sending women back in time to the antebellum South. The scares come when the victims are African-American women. The problem being that no matter what they say or do, they...
  2. Gillan1220

    The Man in the High Castle: Himmler's Inter-dimensional Army acidentally time travels to 9/11

    This scenario was originally posted on Alternate History Online group on Facebook by me. Man in the High Castle Season 3 x War on Terror: Himmler in the ATL 1963 orders the inter-dimensional Wermatch to enter the portal but they end up on the morning of September 11, 2001 of OTL in the Poconos...
  3. Twice Upon A Time

    Some years ago I read a novel entitled Twice Upon a Time. The book was published in the late 80's so I'm unsure how many copies may still be out there. In any case the chief protagonist of the novel is married and has two children; a teenage daughter and a 12 year old boy. The story starts...
  4. Time travel/AH books that are not romance ?

    Looking for time travel related books in the style of Lest Darkness Fall, but the only suggestions that pop up by the dozens are trash romance novels. So, does anybody have suggestion for books published within the last 20 years or so ?