1. Sevarics

    WI: Theodore Komnenos Doukas, Emperor of Thessalonica, captures Constantinople in 1230

    As the tin says, what if Theodore Komnenos Doukas, Emperor of Thessalonica, avoided being defeated by the Bulgarians and successfully captured Constantinople in 1230? Up until his defeat and capture by the Bulgarians, Theodore and the Empire of Thessalonica had been expanding rapidly in the...
  2. Carp

    King Theodore's Corsica
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    King Theodore's Corsica From March to November of 1736, Theodore von Neuhoff, a Westphalian baron, ruled Corsica as its king. Theodore's kingdom is obscure today—and perhaps understandably so, as it existed so briefly. Later writers often dismiss the "Kingdom of Corsica" as farcical and...
  3. Gukpard

    Could Roosevelt have won in 1912? And what would be the effects?

    In 1912 Ted Roosevelt run for the progressive party for the presidency, but he lost since this splitted the republican vote my two questions are: 1- Can Ted Roosevelt win in 1912 for the progressive party? 2- If he did win, could the progressive party replace the republican party? 3- How...