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  1. Wi: the Walramian branch of the house of Nassau died out before 1866

    OTL the Ottonian branch of the house of Nassau was the first to go extinct in the male line in 1890, ending the personal union between the Netherlands an Luxembourg, But what if instead the Walramian branch died out first especially before the annexation of the duchy of Nassau in 1866, probably...
  2. Friedrich der Große

    Dutch Empire and the Great War

    Is there a way to make the Dutch Empire stronger / larger but let WW1 still occure as OTL. I was for example thinking about a remaining Dutch Ceylon, but are there more possibilities? Your thoughts?
  3. Friedrich der Große

    Power of The Netherlands with a bigger empire?

    As you all probably noticed, I am really really interested in Dutch history and I am full of ideas for alternate histories about this. Besides, I’m also going to study history on the university. Currently I am working on a United Kingdom of the Netherlands timeline, but I have a new question...
  4. Friedrich der Große

    New Netherland remains Dutch

    So what if New Netherland remained Dutch after the Second Anglo-Dutch War. Let’s say Johan de Witt press harder conditions with the English and so the Dutch regains New Netherland. How would this colony develop, what effect would it have on the Dutch Republic/Empire and what effect would it...
  5. Friedrich der Große

    Wij Willen Willem: A United Netherlands Timeline
    Threadmarks: Chapter I: TL until 1867

    Okay so we had some discussions on this forum about a surviving United Kingdom of the Netherlands, now I want to post the first part of the TL. This goes to 1867. Later I will post some maps and then continue the TL. 1815 -The Congress of Vienna redraws the borders in Europe, with his defeat at...
  6. Friedrich der Große

    Rule Neerlandia! Another Dutch TL
    Threadmarks: Chapter I: The Kandy War

    Gustaaf Willem baron van Imhoff (1705-1756), governor of Ceylon from 1736 to 1741. Chapter I: The Kandy War Since the Dutch Golden Age, the Dutch East India Company or Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie (VOC) had territories in Ceylon. It was an important colony for the Dutch trading empire...
  7. Friedrich der Große

    Alternate casus belli WW1

    So if we assume The Netherlands kept Belgium in 1830, will this butterfly the murder of Frans Ferdinand away? If the answer is yes, what are other causes of ITTL WW1 (which will off course be very different)?
  8. Friedrich der Große

    Dutch Ceylon into the modern days

    Okay, so meanwhile I asked MANY, MANY, MANY question about Dutch history. I am already bush with my TL called Oranje Boven which I will continue later, but I want to make a smaller TL like a kind of pause in this. A TL in a chronologic form in which I write which happens per year, possibly with...
  9. Friedrich der Große

    Treaty of London, 1814

    So in 1814, the Netherlands and Britain signed the Treaty of London about the return of former Dutch colonies to The Netherlands, colonies occupied by the British during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. I read an article about the signing of this treaty, in which was suggested that...
  10. Friedrich der Große

    More Uit De Blauwe South Africa

    So I found this timeline: And a continuation of it: So maybe I want to continue...
  11. Friedrich der Große

    Second Golden Age for The Netherlands

    What if not The Netherlands got the former Austrian Netherlands but another country, I would say Austria. Would The Netherlands in this scenario get back all there pre-1795 colonies, or would they get the same colonies as in OTL. And furthermore three questions: Would the Dutch still got some...
  12. Friedrich der Große

    Succesfull Ten Days Campaign in Belgium

    What if the Netherlands got foreign support from Prussia, Austria and Russia in 1831 and they crushed the Belgian Revolution, what would have happened? (The POD will be in 1831). Would there be a second revolution in 1848 and how would it effect things like German Unification, Franco-German War...
  13. Friedrich der Große

    The Netherlands in the Second Boer War

    During the 1870s, 80s and 90s, some Dutch and Boer nationalists were thinking of the Boer Republics as Dutch protectorates and so as a ‘12th Province’ of the Netherlands.’ Thomas François Burgers, president of Transvaal, also supportes this idea. So was it realistically and if yes, how would...
  14. Friedrich der Große

    Dutch Africa: An Alternative History

    So as we know, between 1612 and 1872, The Netherlands had a colony in West Africa, called the Dutch Gold Coast. In 1872, they sold this colony to Britain. But what if this never happened. What if the Gold Coast remained Dutch? Would The Netherlands participate in the Scramble for Africa and...
  15. Friedrich der Große

    South Africa if Germany won WW1

    What would happen to South Africa if Germany won World War I? Would it have less British influence and more German or even Dutch influence, and become a sort of new Boer Republic or would the history of South Africa be totally similar as in OTL? How would the relations between SA and The...
  16. Friedrich der Große

    Central Power Netherlands

    What if The Netherlands joined the Central Powers? Let’s assume a naval incident or something else, and as a result, The Netherlands join the Central Powers. Let’s say that in this TL Germany plays their ‘old strategy’ so focuses on Russia first, but Britain still join the war. Last but not...
  17. Friedrich der Große

    If Cape Colony remains Dutch, would WW1 still happen?

    If The Netherlands manage to keep the Cape Colony in a 1815-POD, will World War I still happen?
  18. Friedrich der Große

    The Netherlands if Germany won WW1

    What would happen to The Netherlands if Germany won WW1? Would they get more land and/or colonies (could also be on the long run), which role would they play in Europe and the world if this alternative WW1 occured? And how would Dutch politics ánd the Dutch colonial empire develop? Thoughts?
  19. Friedrich der Große

    Greater Dutch colonial empire

    So what if in 1814/1815, the Netherlands never got Belgium and Luxembourg, but instead Austria gets back the Austrian Netherlands. This would mean that the Netherlands would get back all their pre-Napoleonic colonies. So what would happen next with The Netherlands and their colonial empire...
  20. Friedrich der Große

    Will a Belgian Partition in 1830 butterfly 1848 and German Unification

    If the Dutch Ten Days Campaign in 1830 was more succesfull and Belgium would be partitioned between The Netherlands, France and Prussia, what would be the effects on especially the Revolutions of 1848 and the German Unification. So let us say that Belgium is partitioned in the following form...