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  1. Poland partitioned at Deluge

    In the Deluge Poland was invaded by Sweden and Russia. Sweden conquered Poland and Lithuania. Russia conquered Ukraine and Belarus. Yet the Polish carpathian held out. But Tsar Alexis felt he got short end of the stick and turned on Sweden. Poland used this to recovered their territories. So...
  2. Great Northern War with Karl XI in change?

    In the real world Karl XI died of cancer leaving his young son, Karl XII, in charge of the soon to be at war empire. Based on what we know about Karl XI and Karl XII's respective styles, if the war still begins in roughly the same way, how do you think Karl XI would handle the war? What would...
  3. Flavius Iulius Maiorianus

    How could we keep the Swedish Empire as a Great Power into at least the 20th century?

    Question is pretty much in the title. What PoDs would be needed to keep Sweden as a great power? I figure winning the Great Northern War would be a start, but their population problem needs solving. I was looking through this thread...
  4. GameBawesome

    WI: Charles XII didn't die but still losses the Great Northern War

    Charles XII was one of the most famous or infamous (Depending on your view) Swedish kings. Already at a young age when the Great Northern War, he already defeated the Denmark-Norway, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth under the King of Saxony, and finally turned his attention to Russia under...
  5. Kurd Gossemer

    Russia Gets Finland in the Great Northern War

    From what I've read about the Great Northern War, Sweden's defeat was as hard as it got without the capital being conquered and explains their massive losses and death of their empire but also that Peter I of Russia was quite the vacillating and shy thing when it came to attacking and such and...
  6. You are put in charge of the Swedish Empire, what do you do?

    Lately I have been researching a bit about the great northern war and have been asking myself, could things have been different. What changes could have been made to change fate. what if Gustav II was not killed at Lützen or Karl XII chased peter instead of going after the poles. Could the...
  7. Sarthak

    The Sapphire Throne: A Swedish Timeline
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    Introduction "Let there be no man who deems Sweden to be a weak nation." - King Charles X Gustav of Sweden "He is an independent monarch and a powerful one at that. His rule see's Sweden ascendant for eternity." - Pope Innocent XII on Charles XI of Sweden "There is no confusion. The Carolean...
  8. Sarthak

    Charles XII marries an Ottoman Princess c. 1711

    While at first glance, even i thought this was a nonsensical idea, reading through Nasci num Harém by Fatema Mernissi it seems that the Haseki Sultan Gulnus Sultan, the mother of Ahmed III and basically the real ruler of the OE during Ahmed III's reign, was very taken with Charles XII. When she...
  9. AltoRegnant

    AHCWI: This Swedish Empire

    The prospect of Scandinavians taking to the seas once more and building colonial empires is an old one. About as old, in fact, as the 1630s, if one considers New Sweden, established during the 30 Years War. So with a POD around 1638 when the colony was established, how do we secure their...
  10. Sarthak

    The Continuation of the Swedish Empire into the Modern Era (An Alt-History Story)

    After deposing Augustus and placing Stanislaus on the Polish throne, Charles veered north to retake Neva where Tsar Peter had created a Fortress which would later be known as St. Petersburg. Throughout 1704-1705, Charles tried increasingly to take the fort only to fail at taking the fort while...
  11. Sarthak

    Sweden Wins the Great Northern War!!! (An Alt. History Mini-Story)

    Chapter 1: 1700-1757 On 30th November, The Swedish army managed to inflict a crushing defeat to the Russians at Narva. Before the battle, Tsar Peter had decided against going back to Russia and stayed at Narva to observe the battle. Amidst the chaos of the situation at Narva, a stray bullet...
  12. Sarthak

    What if the Swedish Empire accepted Peter's first peace negotiation in which St. Petersburg is ceded to Russia but all other Swedish holdings remain?

    After the Battle of Narva, Charles XII had beaten the Russians so badly that Peter the Great made overtures of peace, which Charles declined. Ultimately, his continuing the war against Russia led to Sweden's long-term defeat and ended the Swedish Empire as a major power. One of those overtures...
  13. AltoRegnant

    DBAHC: Screw Sweden

    Sweden has been the great power of northern and eastern Europe for a long time, with most historians agreeing it surpassed it's competition some time around the 1520s. With colonies in the new world, Africa, and Asia, it and France have been the empires upon which the sun hasn't set for...
  14. Charles not wounded = Swedish victory at Poltava?

    I've heard it suggested that had Charles XII not been wounded, Sweden might have won the Battle of Poltava due to him being able to take operational command. How true is this?
  15. King in the North!
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    Chapter 1: The King in the North! July 8, 1709, Poltava, Russian Empire It was the early morning. The army of the Swedish General Carl Roos was smashing through the Russian forces and overwhelming the first 2 redoubts, forcing the Russians back to the 3rd. This was the battle that was expected...
  16. DBWI: Gustav III Erik born female

    When people ask who the most important monarch in Swedish history is, usually they'll likely say Gustav II Adolf, who's political impact and victories in the 30 years war turned Sweden into a nation to be feared in Europe, and while I do agree he was important for that country, I think his son...
  17. GameBawesome

    What if Charles XII of Sweden survived?- Later life

    What if Charles XII of Sweden was never killed, and was captured by the enemy, and was forced to make peace. What would his later life be? What would his Empire be like? Let's say if he stays a healthy life, and survives more wars, he survives to the around 1750s-1760s
  18. Sam Biswas

    Is there any way Sweden be able to keep its colony of New Sweden?

    Is there any way Sweden not only be able to keep, but possibly even expand its colony of New Sweden much longer in our timeline? At least all the way until the 19th or 20th Century. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Sweden What lead the downfall of the colony? http://www.mceas.org/Williams.pdf
  19. What If the Swedish Empire won the Great Northern War?

    I don't know much about it, so what do you think would happen?
  20. T-Mag 3004

    Sweden keeps Guadeloupe (& St. Barthelemy)

    This was one of the PODs in my failed multi-POD thread. so to quote myself from the thread: "1: Sweden keeps St. Barthelemy AND Guadeloupe [8]" "[8] Basically Sweden never sells or gives away St. Barthelemy and Guadeloupe remains with the Swedish to the present due to them not acquiring...