suez crisis

  1. सार्थक (Sārthākā)

    Aftermath of a successful Suez Crisis

    Let's say that despite American threats and the Egyptian resistance the French and British manage to successfully intervene in Suez. A few months of occupation in Suez later the Egyptian government falls into anarchy and the country falls into civil war. Israel occupies (de facto annexes) the...
  2. BiteNibbleChomp

    Patton in Korea/MacArthur in the White House
    Threadmarks: Part I, Chapter 1

    On December 23, 1950, a tragedy occurred in a land that had suffered a tragic six months. Korea, once colonised, now divided, was again a battlefield as the great powers fought for control of East Asia. Having consumed the lives of thousands of soldiers, and untold numbers of local civilians...
  3. सार्थक (Sārthākā)

    Anglo-French-Israel call America's bluff; Suez Crisis

    As we all know Britain and France retreated from Suez after America threatened economic attack on the Sterling. Well according to economists and historians this was BS on part of the Americans. Burning through the pound by America would have seen the entire American economy crash since the...
  4. haider najib

    ACH: Egypt wins the suez crisis militarily/ why do arab armies suck.

    The suez crisis was major political victory for the Egyptians but military wise they got destroyed, instead of a political victory of the french and british pulling out and sinai being occupied by isreal could egypt military defeated these actions. How could Egypt defeat the isreali invasion...
  5. Mr_Fanboy

    President Richard Nixon in 1953

    Let's say that within a few days or weeks of Eisenhower being inaugurated as POTUS in 1953, the man drops dead from a heart attack or freak accident, leaving Richard Nixon in charge for nearly a full term before the 1956 presidential election. How does he handle things, both in foreign policy...
  6. Gwachiko

    WI: US supports UK, France and Israel during Suez Crisis

    What would have happened had United states not opposed, but instead supported aformentioned powers during the Suez Crisis? I don't know how plausible this is, I am just interested what would have happened if the Soviet Union had been the only great power supporting Abdel Nasser's regime.
  7. Are there any good TLs on the Suez Crisis?

    I've been looking through the search function, but that doesn't really turn up anything. I'm specifically interested in TLs or at least PoDs that lead to the US backing the British and French over Nasser or at least not throwing them under the bus. If there aren't any such TLs, then what would...