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  1. WI: More Romulans in Star Trek

    What if producers of Star Trek decided to strenghten Romulan plot in the series and make them appear more often, depicting Romulan Star Empire regime and systems of government? Will it make Star Trek more popular than OTL? Could Romulans be one of major races in ST movies (in OTL we have...
  2. Historyman 14

    A different Star Trek

    (Credit is due for Joshua Ben Ari and Emperor Norton I.) What if Paramount/ Viacom pick not to do Voyager, or Enterprise when they did? In this, Voyager is not made in 1995, but is turn into a book series. (Taking a page from the Star Wars EU and trust the authors.) DS9 ends in 1999 like OTL...
  3. Star Trek: What if the Enterprise-D or another Galaxy Class ship had been flung to the Delta Qudrant

    I've wondered this since Voyagers inception. What if it had been a Galaxy Class starship that was in the Delta Quadrant? Wouldn't it be safe to assume because of the size, crew and power that it would fare way better than Voyager had?
  4. WI: Star Trek IX has a Dominion-centered plot?

    I'm a lifelong trekkie and was excited for Star Trek Insurrection before it came out (I was 15). At the time I was deeply engrossed in Deep Space 9 and the Dominion War, and was hoping to see a sort of crossover film that saw the Enterprise-E embark on some sort of mission against Dominion...
  5. Brainbin

    That Wacky Redhead
    Threadmarks: Prologue: September 20, 1986

    September 20, 1986 We open on a lavishly decorated but somehow cozy and intimate interview room, with two empty chairs in the middle. Assorted flower arrangements are everywhere. Everything is in soft focus - an appropriate stylistic choice, for more reasons than one. Enter Baba Wawa -...
  6. WI: Voyager had episodes which ripped off portions of the Odessy?

    What if: Star Trek: Voyager had episodes that were based on portions of the Oddessy. What would the reaction be? and what would the long term effects of this be?