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  1. treefreak32

    WI: Bethesda develops Knights of the Old Republic, Bioware gets the rights to Star Trek instead

    Not sure whether this is better-suited for Fandom AH or not, but given that it's about media production and not in-universe, I think it's probably better here. Todd Howard has said that, at some point, Bethesda published a number of Star Trek games, though they did not develop them personally...
  2. Professor Finklestink 2.0

    WI: Star Treks original pilot was picked up

    What if the Cage isn't rejected by NBC executives in 1965? How would the Cage being picked up would affect Star Trek, even science fiction as a whole?
  3. WI - Gene Roddenberry turns Star Trek into a Scientology-like philosophical/political movement

    Gene Roddenberry is known for having a very specific view of mankind's future in star trek and being rather controlling and egoistical about protecting that vision. What if during the 1970's he had tried to use the star trek fandom to create a philosophical/political movement to advance these...
  4. DBWI: Star Trek: The Next Generation Is Renewed for a Second Season

    Younger folks might not know this, but there used to be a popular science fiction franchise called Star Trek. It began with a TV series that aired from 1966-1969 on NBC. It was about the mostly human crew of a spaceship going on adventures in space two hundred years into the future. Although it...
  5. treefreak32

    Pop Culture DBWI: American Star Trek, British Doctor Who

    Everybody knows that Doctor Who has defined Science Fiction on TV. For most Americans, when they think of Sci-fi, they think of Doctor Who. In recent years, Britain's own tentpole Sci-Fi series, Star Trek, has blown up in popularity internationally. The productions and fandoms of these two...
  6. WI: The Enterprise completes its five year mission (Star Trek survives for 5 seasons)
    Threadmarks: Article 1: NBC Reevaluating Primetime Lineup

    One of the worst decisions ever made by a television network was NBC's cancellation of Star Trek (the Original Series) after its third season in 1969. After two years of middling ratings placed Star Trek in the Friday Night death time slot, at 10:00 PM, so fewer fans would be able to watch the...
  7. Onto the Next Phase - A Star Trek Production Timeline
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Introduction

    Onto the Next Phase A Star Trek Production Timeline February 1973 Filmation Offices Los Angeles Lou Schiemer sat down at his desk, ready to get to work. He just couldn’t help but grin. He had secured a great contract that was going to help continue his company’s growth. Filmation had done...
  8. Star Trek: Lower Decks

    There's a new Star Trek series coming out soon about a bunch of Starfleet misifits who aren't on the Bridge. And it looks amazing 😉 What do you all think?
  9. Shahanshah of Xsassa

    Fixing the Franchise - an Alternate Star Trek TL
    Threadmarks: The Original Series

    February 16, 1967 - Star Trek "Space Seed" is aired. In the episode, the Enterprise crew encounter a sleeper ship holding selectively bred people from 20th and 21st century. Their leader, Khan Noonien Singh - one of the political leaders of 20th Earth supporting the cause of eugenics attempts...
  10. WI: "Star Trek" was shown in the East Bloc during the Cold War?

    Although in OTL, the East Bloc countries (especially Poland, Hungary, and the USSR) had a large degree of sci-fi fandom, they never aired the "Star Trek" Original or Next Generation series on TV, until after Communism fell in the 90s, nor they showed the Star Trek movies in theatres. In...
  11. Mr_ Bondoc

    Epic Geek Battle: A Pop Culture TL

    IDEA: Imagine the fates of the series of Star Trek and Doctor Who are switched. One will continuously run non-stop for 4 decades, to be revived again in a film 7 years later, and complete revival in the 21st century, serving as the backbone for a network. The other series will run for 3...
  12. THeaven

    Fawcett comics survives

    In 1949 National Comics tried and failed to both have Fawcett cease publication of Captain Marvel comics and have Republic Pictures withhold release of the Captain Marvel serial via a cease and desistin June 1941.When the action went unheeded, Detective and Superman, Inc. filed suit against...
  13. "Where Are We Going This Time": The Golden Age of Science Fiction

    Greetings all! I'm excited to share with you all this, my first timeline. I've been reading other people's for quite some time now, and decided that it was finally my turn to put my thoughts out on a page. So first, let me answer some questions that you may have. "What is this actually going...
  14. THeaven

    Nichelle Nichols leaves Star Trek in 67

    I don't know how much truth about the Meeting between Nichelle Nichols and Martin Luthur King Jr. Really influence her to staying on Star Trek but the idea comes what if King or Nichols missed the NAACP meeting for some reason and she left the role of Lt. Uhura after the first season to go back...
  15. THeaven

    Star Trek prequel in 1991

    In 1989 Star Trek V the final Frontier bombs so bad at the box office that it becomes the final film with the original cast. Because of the success of Star Trek the next generation it is decided by Paramount not to give up on the franchise but to make a prequel set during Kirk's academy days to...
  16. Star Trek: Enterprise; An alternate history of 21st century's science-fiction.
    Threadmarks: Prelude to Enterprise, Part I

    "- Houston, we have a problem. - What? - Have you ever watched Star Trek?" The first episode of Star Trek: Enterprise was aired on September 26, 2001 - fifteen days after unsuccessful attempt to destroy World Trade Center towers in the New York City, NY. Fifth live-action TV series set in the...
  17. Teriyaki

    Lieutenant Uhura Is Cast As a White Woman on Star Trek

    Point of Divergence ... Nichelle Nichols playing Lieutenant Uhura was a turning point in the history of science fiction. Prior to her there had been no men or women of color on any sci fi show. On Star Trek, she shared the first interracial kiss with William Shatner as Captain Kirk on TV. She...
  18. unclepatrick

    A Dream that became Reality: A Star Trek in 1968 snapshot

    "NBC was considering paying for a second Pilot. We were having to recast most of the roles. And then Desilu shut everything down. They were concern with how much they would have to spend. They were already developing one show that was expensive, Mission Impossible. They did not think that they...
  19. "These are the voyages" - Star Trek: Enterprise TLIAD

    Can someone remove this thread?
  20. Master Xion

    WI: Disney buys Star Trek

    What if instead of buying Star Wars in 2012, Disney bought the Star Trek Franchise instead? How would they handle the Abrams-verse movies, Discovery, and STO?