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  1. Sarthak

    The Ladies Game: A Cricket (Sport) Timeline
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Change in the Air

    A Few Sentences before beginning……… Very few women walked the streets and sat on the balconies of their home in late 2018 without the excited murmurs of ‘World Cup’ being passed from their lips. The centennial anniversary of the Women’s Cricket World Cup (WCWC) was set to be a great...
  2. An Alternate History of FIFA, the World Cup, and International Football.
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    The year is 2018. The World Cup has been underway for the past few weeks, and it's been a very exciting tournament for all involved. Hosts Sweden are entering their home field, the Friends Arena, to face off against first-time finalists Wallonia. During the first few minutes of the match...
  3. The Free World Cup: What if the World Cup began in 1906?
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    Imagine a world where Australia and the United States are formidable powers in international football. Imagine a world where the United Kingdom isn’t the only country with multiple teams in FIFA. Imagine a world where football is the dominant sport in India, Canada and the Caribbean. Imagine a...
  4. alternate sports what if: American football banned in 1903

    hey there sports fans! so many timelines involving the USA being more interested in sports like soccer and rugby have almost the same POD: American football being banned by teddy Roosevelt in 1903. while it's all fun and dandy, not to mention very cliche...this time, let's ask ourselves the...
  5. Calcaterra

    WI: Sports Hooliganism In The US?

    Most people have at least some knowledge about the large problem of "hooliganism", the practice of much crime, looting, and fighting in association football worldwide, with well-publicized incidents dating back nearly a century. What surprises me most is that, with some notable exceptions...
  6. Calcaterra

    WI: Peyton Manning, Playoff QB?

    What if Peyton Manning was better in the playoffs, and never gained the “choker” label like IOTL?
  7. Incanian


    In the Olympics in Nazi Germany, Black Athlete Jesse Owens competed in the 1936 Olympics. He competed in the Men's track and field. Winning 4 gold medals for America. Hitler watched the event, but never shook his hand. However (I believe) he didn't shake hands with any of the other athletes at...
  8. StephenColbert27

    WI: Scottie Pippen leads Bulls to Title w/o Jordan?

    Scottie Pippen has long been known (mostly deservedly, as great a player as he was) as the Robin to Michael Jordan's Batman. However, when Jordan retired after the Bulls' first threepeat, Pippen took over and had an MVP-caliber season, leading the team to a 50-win season and losing on a...
  9. Bulldoggus

    Fear, Relegation, and Beans: An Alternate History of Baseball From 1875 on

    William Hulbert was fed up. Fed up with the weak and dysfunctional league he had to lead his team in. He was reading the telegram from Keokuk, doing everything he could to keep from shaking with rage. How the fuck could a team fold like that, after only thirteen goddamn games, no less? He...
  10. Petike

    Motorsport WI: Group S isn't stillborn

    When Group B was cancelled in the mid 1980s due to FIA's growing concerns over the safety record of these rally cars, the eventual replacement/stopgap solution proposed was the introduction of Group S. However, in OTL, while there was some development going into Group S (e.g. 4 car prototypes...