spainish empire

  1. What if Spain enforced its claim to the title of Roman Emperor

    Spain genetically, papally, and legally have a claim to the title of Roman Emperor. So what if they enforced this claim throughout its history? (Title legally given in 1499 and it entered the family genetically ~1530s)
  2. Defeatisnotanoption

    A Dreadful Little War

    Empire. The word brings images of both grandeur, and horror to the mind of modern reads. For thousands of years, Empires rose throughout the world, from Rome's aqueducts to China's Great Wall, in the ancient world they stood above their neighbors in almost all fronts. By the time of the 18th...
  3. Andrew Boyd: Duke of Dank

    DBWI: Spain neither keeps its American Empire nor supports the Confederacy

    As we all know, the American Civil War was a major turning point for the Union's relationships with the main powers in Western Europe. Most notably, the restoration of relationships with the UK and the deterioration of relationships with Spain. In no small part because Spain was attempting to...
  4. Fernsong

    Spanish Louisiana - How could it happen?

    (Sorry of this was posted recently, only threads I could find where from a while ago.) I've been thinking about writing a timeline about a Spanish Louisiana that eventually becomes its own independent nation during the Latin American Wars of Independence, however I've been thinking about how...
  5. GameBawesome

    Carlist Spain and a Colonial Empire

    What if, with a POD of 1830s, the Carlists beat the Liberals, and the Isabella family flees into exile in Britain, while the Carlist king, Carlos de Borbón, now Carlos V, becomes King. Now that the Carlists control Spain, what of her once mighty, colonial empire, now reduced to only Cuba...