1. KingOnTheEdge

    AHCWI: Spain A Major Power In Africa

    Spain's empire focused heavily on the new world, at the expense of their potential in Asia and Africa. while they still conquered the Philippines, their territory in Africa was truly pathetic. the northern third of morocco; western Sahara, and Equitorial Guinea made up the sum of the Spanish...
  2. Gukpard

    Could the Spanish civil war bring back the monarchy immediately?

    The nationalists in Spain were a mix of right wing elements from fascists to conservatives, republicans and monarchists. Eventually who took power was Franco who ruled as a dictator until his death in 1975, and he was some kind of compromise since he was not as fascist as the falangists and...
  3. kasumigenx

    1560s – A Spanish timeline
    Threadmarks: Conquest of the Philippines

    “On 1560s there was some break in the relationship between Lakandula and the ruler of Macabebe since according to some oral history the relationship of the muslims in the north and the south was good but it would disintegrate completely to the advantage of the pagans in the north.” Anonymous...
  4. MittleGittle

    Make it Possible for Britain to Inherit Spain in the War of Spanish Succession

    Just as the title says, how would you get Britain to Inherit the crown of Spain at the end of the Spanish war of Succession? You may change whatever you can.
  5. WI: Sebastian of Portugal marries Margaret of France
    Threadmarks: Chapter One - The Betrothal

    Since he was very young, the subject of the marriage of King Sebastian I of Portugal was one of much discussion at the court of the Paço da Ribeira. Shortly after his birth, which happened two weeks after the death of his father, Fernando Abarca Maldonado, a doctor who had come with Joanna of...
  6. Spanish overseas territories without the Spanish-American war?

    What territories could Spain keep to this day if it didn't get in a war with the US in 1898?
  7. WI Carlos, Duke of Madrid, were married to Maria Theresa of Austria-Este?

    I don't have any reason to believe that this was close to happening. But they were both Catholic, of very noble blood, both born in the late 1840s. What entertains me is the opportunity to unite the claims of the Jacobite and Carlist pretenders.
  8. MittleGittle

    The Inheritance of Spain

    A simple challenge. Take the inheritance of Spain after the death of Isabella I, you may keep any of her children alive, and kill anyone, just take the ascension in as many ways as possible.
  9. Drex

    WI: Spanish Algeria instead of French Algeria?

    IOTL the French conquered Algeria through a series of wars and campaigns starting in 1830 and continuing through the rest of the century. The result was that Algeria, due to it's proximity to mainland France and climatic similarities to the south, ended up receiving a substantial French...
  10. kasumigenx

    Catherine Farnese and Philip III

    @isabella Is this match even possible, she is 7 and unmarried and available when her first wife, Elizabeth of France died.
  11. Spain-HRE personal union is short living

    Charles V, King of Spain and Holy Roman Emperor, dies in classic horse ridding accident in summer 1527 (the fact that it happened not long after Sacco di Roma would propably interpreted as God's wrath), Spanish throne and Low countries are inherited by his infant son Philip, Charles' wife...
  12. GameBawesome

    WI: The "Las Casas' Plan"

    Bartolomé de Las Casas, a Dominican priest, who was a major proponent against conquests against Native Americans. He argued the natives of the New Worldwere, like all Europeans, God's people. He proposed an idea for an alternate way for the Spanish Colonization of the Americas: Abolition of...
  13. KingOnTheEdge

    AHCWI: Spanish India

    Despite kickstarting the age of exploration with their Aztec gold and controlling the 4th largest empire in history at its height (then the largest by a huge margin), Spain didn't have much of an Asian empire. The Philippines were good for what they were, plantations and a stop on the way to...
  14. There and back again: The English journeys of Catherine of Aragon.
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    Hello everyone, so I decided to start a second TL(I'll still update my first one, but I wanted to mix things up with a more narrative one). Anyways, I've decided to explore the possibility of Catherine of Aragon not marrying Henry VIII, going back to Spain for several years, and then returning...
  15. KingOnTheEdge

    DBWI: Spain Doesn't Get The Kongo?

    the late 1800s were incredibly rough for Spain, especially due to the Civil War in 1833, which saw King Carlos V rise to power and attempt to bring back absolute monarchy. While this failed, he did still have incredible power over the affairs of the country. To legitimize his rule and help...
  16. kasumigenx

    Spanish Borneo
    Threadmarks: Lakandula, Spanish conquest of Luzon, Linfeng and Castilian War

    Spanish Borneo Lakandula “When the Spaniards led by Legaspi arrived in Manila, Lakandula would accept them and Rajah Soliman III would have issues with Lakandula in 1570 which caused a clash a month after which resulted in his death in battle in the same year and the Spanish would not bother...
  17. kasumigenx

    WI: Spanish Borneo

    What if the Spanish failed to get Northern Luzon and instead the Spanish annex Borneo and its sultanates,
  18. GameBawesome

    Effects of Spain keeping Mexico?

    Hypothetically, What if the Mexican War for independence, never happened? Let’s say, New Spain doesn’t revolt, and remains loyal to Spain, despite the troubling times in Spain itself, and the revolutions in South America? How would Spain keeping Mexico effect the American Expansion? Could New...
  19. Sources and Help needed for a TL idea

    So, I've been thinking and I realized that this site hasn't had a good TL on what if Leopold became King of Spain in 1871 since The Legacy of the Glorious by the lovely Marquil, so I was planning on writing a TL about that myself. Here are some ideas I have and I am willing to hear if they're...
  20. kasumigenx

    Spanish Deuterium
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    “Madrid Protocol “The Madrid Protocol of 1885 is an agreement between Great Britain, Germany and Spain to recognise the sovereignty of Spain over the Sulu Archipelago and North Borneo as well as the limit of Spanish influence in the region as well as of the fate of Luzon. The British...