1. bcasi

    Proper Motion: A Wandering Constellation
    Threadmarks: Testimonial: Valerie Alvarado, MSFC

    “Those were a tough couple of months. I say months - it felt more like a couple years. And just a lot of long nights. You can ask my husband, he’s getting ready for bed and I’m still at my desk, writing emails… “We were nervous, all of us were. It was like a big anvil cloud hanging over...
  2. Pipcard

    How ambitious can alternate space histories get?

    Some alternate space timelines try to be "realistic" and fit within expected economic and political limitations, being slightly more (or less) advanced in capabilities than OTL. Others push the boundaries of realism or outright break them altogether (as if an ASB intervened) to create...
  3. SingularityG3

    Glorious Dawn: The Two Paths of Spaceflight
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1 - Seeking Remote Globes

    Chapter 1 - Seeking Remote Globes “It is a plain road from the Earth to the stars, though mortal feet cannot tread it.” September 6, 1958 - South Atlantic Ocean The USS Norton Sound, having left the Californian port of Hueneme last month, now remains stationary amidst the frigid waves...
  4. RaptorNM

    Semper Fidelis ad Astra: An alternate History of the Space Race
    Threadmarks: Chapter 0: It's a long way to the top.

    First things first, this story has no relation or any connection to "Rewriting History" in any way and is totally new. This story is purely fictional, and will not always be 100% technically accurate, but I will try my best to give a reason for everything. Hey everyone, glad to be back here to...
  5. Antiperson

    KINETIC: The Battle Above
    Threadmarks: Chapter 0 - Foreword

    [ KINETIC: The Battle Above ] Chapter 0 - Foreword Hello everybody! I’d love to share with you this world I’ve put a lot of care and love into. I’ve thought of releasing something of this caliber for a while now so here is my first ever timeline to the forums! I’m very excited to hear what you...
  6. Red Space - A Soviet Alternate Space History
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1 - Soyuz-1

    (quick word of warning, i have literally never posted to this forum before so if i've done anything wrong, please let me know, thanks!) (also, big thanks to RaptorNM for getting me into this, i'll be running this thread alongside his) The year is 1965. After a successful streak of dominance...
  7. michael92108

    One Foot After Another Chapter 1: Leaps And Bounds
    Threadmarks: One Foot After Another

    Scott Harms woke up in a cold sweat. He wasn’t scared, or nervous. At least he didn’t think he was, it’s not like he’d admit it. Maybe it was because during the previous night, he dreamt about some sort of a speech. He couldn’t really see anything in the dream, not anything memorable, but he...
  8. Shortline614

    Apollo without the Moon

    When Project Apollo was first considered by NASA in 1960, it was going to be the follow-up to Project Mercury. The program was a lot less grandiose than what we eventually got. Apollo would start with missions similar to those flown during Gemini such as long-duration spaceflight, spacewalks...
  9. SingularityG3

    Glorious Dawn : An Alternate Space Age
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1 - Piercing The Veil

    Welcome, everyone, to Glorious Dawn! This is an Alternate Spaceflight Timeline which should hopefully be factoring in the political landscape of the respective times, To keep everything as accurate as possible. If you see any historical inaccuracies don't be afraid to let me know, I'll try to...
  10. A Sound of Thunder: The Rise of the Soviet Superbooster
    Threadmarks: Prelude: Birth of a Giant

    Prelude: Birth of a Giant "I believe that this Nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to Earth." - President John F. Kennedy, 25th May, 1961, United States Congress, Washington DC...
  11. Its_Just_Luci

    Children of Apollo: From the Earth, to the Heavens
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: An Accident, a Tragedy, a Triumph.

    "For all our failings, despite our limitations and fallibilities, we humans are capable of greatness. What new wonders undreamt of in our time, will we have wrought in another generation, and another? How far will our nomadic species have wandered, by the end of the next century, and the next...
  12. Path to the Stars - An alternate spaceflight TL
    Threadmarks: Post 1

    Path to the Stars Part 1 Ever since both the Soviet Union and the US had set the goal to launch a satellite in the 1957-1958 International Geophysical Year, the countries had been putting money and effort into that goal. The USA left the goal to the Navy and the Army, Whilst the Soviet Union...
  13. Earthy05

    The Bleeding Edge: An Alternate History of NASA

    The Bleeding Edge Chapter 1: Let's Get This Thing Started Pasadena, California, 2019 *Click* “Ok can you say your name and occupation then let’s get this thing started” “My name is Judy Leslieson, former NASA astronaut and geologist professor” “Thank you Ms. Leslieson, let us get underway. Why...
  14. prolemasses

    It's Just My Job: A different path for Apollo in the 1960s
    Threadmarks: Teaser

    It’s Just My Job April 28, 1962 NASA Administrator Hugh Dryden lazily looked over papers on his desk as he watched the TV and waited. An empty podium was on display. The speech that the President was about to give would define American spaceflight for the coming decade, and was the culmination...
  15. ThatCallisto

    Small Steps, Giant Leaps: An Alternate History of the Space Age
    Threadmarks: Teaser

    Before we kick things off, a quick teaser... So, I had an idea last year for a timeline centered around the Apollo Program - basically, what reasonable changes could've happened so that more landings occurred. Nothing too complicated. What started out as a small timeline, however, quickly...
  16. Marsby2024orbust

    Sidera Longius Iter: A Long Road to the Stars
    Threadmarks: Basic Introduction and Media

    Some of you may remember that "European Confederation" graphic i posted in the map thread, well it happens to be a part of this timeline. This timeline is more or less, a weird combination of Alt-History and Future History, as it has PoD in the 1960s, but the actual canon goes far beyond the...
  17. JEF_300

    Find a POD: Orion doesn't survive the cancellation of the Constellation program

    So I've been playing around with a conceptual 2010s spaceflight timeline, and the big change is that Orion is cancelled with Constellation, and NASA starts a "Commercial Exploration Program" for commercial lunar crew capsules (SPOILER: They pick Dragon and Starliner). This leads to less money...
  18. JEF_300

    Ares I Retained

    I've been lurking around the forum for a couple years now, and read a lot of space timelines here. I bit the bullet and made an account today because I've been privately mulling over this timeline idea for a while, and think I need some help. The basic idea here is that instead of cancelling...
  19. WI: The Interkosmos astronauts have been women?

    Courtesy to the Soviet Union in the Cold War, Cosmonauts from various "brotherly countries" have got to visit Space and become early human pioneers in exploration of the Final Frontier. For example in OTL, the first non-American, and non-Soviet person in space ended up being a Czech person...
  20. BillKerman1234

    Realistic British Interplanetary Society Moonship?

    Exactly what it says on the tin. Can a BIS Moonship conduct a manned Lunar landing before July 20th, 1969? Personally I think it’s possible, but then I am a member of BIS, so I may be a bit biased. For those of you who don’t know exactly what I’m talking about, here are some articles about the...