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  1. KuboCaskett

    WI/PC: Second Korean War after Successful Blue House Raid?

    Reading up on the Blue House Raid attempt got me thinking that if successful (resulting in the death of Park Chung-Hee that is), aside from South Korea possibly retaliating by doing the same towards Kim Il-Sung, how will it lead to a resumption of hostilities in the Korean peninsula? And if so...
  2. Marklin

    North and South Korea reunify under Seoul at the end of the Cold War

    Let's say that, at the end of the cold war (to be more specific, sometime between the fall of the Berlin Wall and the fall of the USSR, maybe Kim il Sung's death at latest), North and South Korea manage to reunify under the Southern government. What would make this possible? What kind of effects...
  3. WI: The Greatness Expansionism of Republic of (South) Korea Gyeonggi

    This is the alternate history map to show the slightly large, imperative South Korea (Republic of Korea) if the city of Gaeseong remained under the South Korean administration near the DMZ border. The US, UN, and ROK military forces launched the massive counterattacks north of Imjin River around...
  4. Political Ramifications of a decisive US Korean War Victory

    Let’s say the Chinese offensive in the Korean War is a complete disaster and the US/UN coalition annihilates them and holds serve in Korea. How does the US domestic political landscape change? Truman would be a sure fire victory in 1952 as I don’t think Eisenhower would run in this scenario...
  5. What If: Pop Culture in a Unified Korea

    What if the US won the Korean War? Or if the Korean War never even happened? How would things change (other than no North Korea)? How would a united Korea change pop culture as we know it?
  6. Why did the Philippines not industrialise the same way South Korea did?

    I am given to understand that a large part of why South Korea is so successful today is because of U.S investments in the country and was quite poor compared to the North for a long time surrounded by Communist leaning nations(except Japan, but the atrocities committed by the Japanese in Korea...
  7. AHC/WI: South Korea as a Game Developer Heaven

    I know I maybe wrong, but compared to Japan and US/Canada South Korea has never really had a big game developer a la Nintendo or Microsoft. With a POD of 1980, change this. TBH, I think Samsung could easily e a good candidate for it in the 1990s and 2000's.
  8. North Korea and South Korea: One country two systems

    What if the Korean war actually ended in TTL (in OTL it did not, just a very long ceasefire going on today) with the country being unified under the Communist North, but the south still has it's own system similar to how Hong Kong supposedly used to have it's own seperate system from China up...
  9. Democratic North Korea and Totalitarian South Korea

    Say Park Chung-Hee is never assassinated and Kim Il-Sung is overthrown in a Chinese backed coup by generals who don't want North Korea to turn into a monarchy. If North Korea successfully reforms into Democratic Socialism (successfully as China will allow anyway) while South Korea turns to...
  10. SunKing105

    WI: Park-Chung-Hee assassinated in the Blue House raid?

    One of the most intense incidents between the two Koreas since the end of the Korean War, the Blue House raid was a failed plan to assassinate South Korean president and de-facto dictator Park Chung-Hee. Unit 124 was entrusted with the mission, and left their garrison at Yonsan on January 16...
  11. Gillan1220

    Second Korean War in 1997

    I just recently watched the film Murder at 1600 on TV. Part of the side-plot involves a USAF E-3 plane being shotdow over North Korea and the airmen being held prisoner. The hawkish U.S. military generals want to wage war with North Korea unless they handover the prisoners peacefully. However...
  12. Goats-&-Bolts

    Jerusalem of the East turned Red – Or What If there was a “Christian Korean People’s Republic”? One of the North Korean Christians who fled south during the exodus was...
  13. La Rouge Beret

    AHC: Hot 1994 North Korean crisis

    In June 1994 the United States nearly went to war with North Korea to stop their nuclear weapons program, and the crisis was only averted due to the intercession of former President Carter. How could the war start and how would it unfold? Would a rump North Korea be likely post war?
  14. AHC: Western Europe as anti-immigration as East Asia.

    So obviously IOTL we only need to compare wealthy countries in South Korea, Japan and Taiwan to their parallels in western Europe to see the differences in attitudes towards immigration. For example Japan is 1.7% immigrant, as compared to the UK at 15% foreign born. London is also 36%...
  15. DBAHC: Keep Korea divided

    On 20 December 1991, just six days before the collapse of the USSR, North and South Korea re-unified under a democratic government, forming the united Korean state as we know it today. Your challenge is to find a PoD which will prevent the reunification of Korea. Go!
  16. WI Inverted Korea. South becomes Communist, North becomes Capitalist.

    Imagine, if you will, a scenario where the Soviets and Americans help liberate the Korea Peninsula, but the Soviets take notice of the South Chinese Sea... Knowing that the Soviets wanted to have access to a warm water port for their existence, they then decide to go and take the South for their...
  17. FalloutNova

    Kim Il-Sung and Syngman Rhee swap

    what if Kim Il-Sung was the leader of the Republic of Korea instead of Syngman Rhee as the Democratic Dictator and Syngman Rhee as the Communist Dictator of the People's Republic of Korea instead of Kim Il-Sung? What would happen to the Kim Dynasty?
  18. Implications of a later Korean War?

    In OTL, the US in the late 40s was rapidly disarming and moving to a nuclear-focused vision for her military. When the Korean war broke out in June of 1950, the US lacked enough ships to blockade the Korean coast and the army had to salvage tanks from WW2 battlefields and museums to equip their...
  19. bobbobbins3

    Use of tactical nuclear weapons in hypothetical Second Korean War?

    Something I’ve been thinking about for the past week is whether the United States would choose to use tactical/battlefield nuclear weapons in the event of a North Korean invasion of South Korea. This hypothetical war could occur at any time after the end of the first Korean War, and let’s assume...
  20. Korean detenté

    The idea of a lasting peacefull coexistence on the korean peninsula has been speculated over for some time now. With a POD post 2000, how to make a permanent Korean detenté actually work?