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  1. Entrerriano

    Good Winds: A British Invasion of Buenos Aires Timeline
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: The Fall of Buenos Aires

    The Spanish Empire was the largest Empire the world had ever seen. With territories in five continents, it was truly the Empire where the Sun never set. However, it was not destined to last forever. The change from the 18th to the 19th Centuries was a violent one. The French Revolution and the...
  2. THeaven

    Brazil joined the Axis power

    Here's a timeline I'm surprised historians on this site haven't brought up how would World War 2 have gone down if America's attempt to keep South America neutral or join the Allies backfired and Brazil joined the Axis Powers
  3. AHC: Catholic Theocracy in Latin America

    Just as the title says, what happens if there's a Catholic theocracy is being formed in Latin Americas, whether as a republic or monarchy? It can be formed from the Spanish or Portuguese colonies after independence from their former colonial master. How will this affect on the Americas with...
  4. Andrew Boyd: Duke of Dank

    AHC: A Prosperous Latin America

    Inspired by @TheMann and his ideas for making Mexico a more prosperous land. Let's see how Mexico and other Latin American countries could be made into at least rapidly developing nations.
  5. GauchoBadger

    WI: Chiquitos Affair (1825) escalates to war?

    For some more elaborate reading. The Chiquitos Affair of 1825 was a three-party diplomatic crisis, involving Simon Bolivar's republics of Gran Colombia and Bolivia, the United Provinces of La Plata, and the Empire of Brazil, that revolved around Brazil's invasion of the Chiquitos region of...
  6. WI: Successful Thornton expedition (Tuscany in Guyana)

    In 1608 Captain Robert Thornton was sent by Ferdinand I de' Medici Grand Duke of Tuscany to explore Northern Brazil, the Amazon and nowadays' French Guyana. The ambitious Grand Duke wanted Thornton to explore in particular Guyana in order to find supplies of rosewood, balsam and cotton that the...
  7. Plausibility of Venezuela falling into the German or British sphere

    During the early 20th century, Venezuela had a series of border disputes and debt issues with many European governments, notably Germany, the UK, Italy and the Netherlands. I want to ask if you guys think it's possible that one of this crises could lead to heavy European influence on the...
  8. GauchoBadger

    WI: Anglo-Brazilian War in 1863?

    IOTL, an example of gunboat diplomacy perpetrated by Britain, known in Brazilian sources as the "Christie Crisis", erupted against the Empire of Brazil in the early 1860's. The catalysts for the crisis revolved around the issue of extraterritorial justice: -The marooning of the HMS Prince of...
  9. The_Russian

    AHC: US state in South America

    With a POD of 1900 get the US to get a state in South America. The more south the better.
  10. Gran Colombia Survives

    WI Gran Colombia had survived; what are the odds of a South American confederation forming out of it?
  11. Bobbbcat2

    WI: Polynesians from Rapa Nui/Easter Island colonise the Galapagos and Juan Fernandez Islands?

    Rapa Nui from Easter Island succesfully settle the Galapágos Islands and the Juan Fernandez Islands, what happens? How does contact between the Native Americans of mainland South America and the Polynesians go? What happens when Europeans arrive? What are the Galapagos and Juan Fernandez...
  12. Stabil country in latin america

    So one of my prejudices is that when I hear Latin America the first things to come to my mind are political instability and chaos - constant changes of governments and coups, military juntas and criminal organizations more powerful that the state - followed by poverty and corruption. My...
  13. Bobbbcat2

    WI: Native Americans from Tierra Del Fuego island hop to Antarctica?

    I'm thinking a Fuegian group (maybe the Yaghan) settles the Falklands from Tierra Del Fuego, South Georgia from the Falklands, the South Sandwich Islands from South Georgia, the South Orkneys from the South Sandwiches, the South Shetlands from the South Orkneys and mainland Antarctica from the...
  14. Andrew Boyd: Duke of Dank

    WI: World War 2 had a South America theatre?

    Who would be the belligerents and on which side? Would Argentina be the Axis and Chile allied?
  15. AHQ: Maximum power and size of the following countries

    The question; what would be the maximum and feasible size and power of the following countries with a POD in 1860. What exactly would be the criterion fro each to achieve these powers. -Brazil -Argentina -Bolivia -Paraguay -Chile -Uruguay -Peru In essence, how many different...
  16. Lusitania

    A Lusophone World
    Threadmarks: Lusophone World

    A Lusophone[1] World The Portuguese influence in the world stage was greatly diminished in the 20th century. iOTL Portugal was one of Europe's least developed countries even so it continued to control a vast amount of territory spread over three continents as well as linked culturally and...
  17. Regimate

    AHC: Peru-Bolivia Survival

    With a POD from the start of the Union, try and make Peru-Bolivia Survive. Simple.
  18. GauchoBadger

    PC/WI: Surviving Muisca civilization

    The Muisca were a South American civilization, politically organized into a confederation of multiple kingdoms and chiefdoms, located in the vicinity of modern Bogotá, Colombia. They're oftenly renowned for their fondness of gold, mostly in (admittedly quite eye-catching) artwork. In fact, they...
  19. how long can the Argentinian dream last?

    by 1913 Argentina was the richest country in South America and among the richest in the world, well Beyond France or Italy and on par with Germany, maybe even more. The decline of international trade and the political instability brought by the wars slowed down the amazing growth and locked...
  20. ronaldo

    The United Empire

    The United Empire As dom pedro i of brazil could have unified portugal and brazil in a unified empire with the capital being rio de janeiro as his country made with the united kingdom of portugal and brazil so that this time would be the '' United Empire of Brazil and Portugal