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  1. Herohunter

    What If Spain invades Portugal early

    I am planning a Time line and would love to see some discussion on the scenario below. The premise is that the Spanish under the direction of prime Minister Manuel Godoy is able to start a war with Portugal a decade earlier then OTL. In 1797, a year after the Second Treaty of San Ildefonso with...
  2. Runeterra : When Things Goes South (ISOT IDEA)

    So a while ago i entered into an group of facebook (latam) about League of legends, to see if they really are that horrible as the internet says and some of them are (or at least on the group i entered) and while i was scrolling down on the group i found an strange meme: An isot (o...
  3. mspence

    British Patagonia

    WI Britain had been able to colonize the region?
  4. GameBawesome

    Challenge: More Portuguese-speaking nations in the Americas WITHOUT Balkanizing Brazil

    Brazil is unique in South America. Besides being one of largest nations, it is also the only one to speak Portuguese. This is due to the Treaty of Tordesillas, where Spain got most of the New World, and Portugal got Brazil, which eventually expanded over the next three centuries until it's...
  5. Tales Weaver

    DBAHC: WW2 doesn’t spill over to Latin America

    South America, alongside Europe and Pacific islands and China, has been well-Known battlefield of WW2. So here is a challenge: With PoD of 1933, prevent South American theater from opening in WW2.
  6. Any good Alternate History books or stories with a South American theatre in WW2?

    I know that there were worries about this back in the day since there were some Axis sympathizers in South America so I was wondering if there is a good story with WW2 including large battles in the Western Hemisphere? Also how realistic would it be for there to have been such a thing happen...
  7. AHC: Africa same GDP per capita as South America

    Is this possible with a 1900 POD or is this considered ASB? For reference, the average GDP per capita of South America is around 7,200 USD. While Africa is around 1,500 USD.
  8. ACH: Country that covers everything east of the Andes

    Is it possible for the colonization process to go in such a way that everything or most of South America east of the Andes Mountains is united as a single country?
  9. TheRepublicofBohemia

    South America Map!

    These Maps in PNG Format and blank are a bit easier to find on the Internet but you still might grind for hours not finding one in PNG.
  10. Fast_and_the_curious

    A British Brazil?

    What if Brazil was ALSO colonized by the English as well? 1. How would that be possible? What parts would've been settled? 2. Would the country have its own war of independence? 3. Can this"United States of Colombia" get this pic's territory? Would it be different? 4. Can they get Pacific...
  11. What if Pinochet Was Elected Into Presidency?

    To start with, the story of Chile’s recovery and transition from dictatorship to democracy would have been very different. Pinochet’s election to the presidency in 1980 could have been viewed as a liberalization and democratization that could have transformed Chile. Instead, a more-authoritarian...
  12. WI: Social Democratic Castro that's USSR aligned

    I've been thinking about this lately and I'm not sure about the plausibility but let's say Castro identifies as a social democrat and rules with social democratic policies but due to staunch due to his staunch anti us imperialism beliefs aligns with the soviets and like OTL meddles in other...
  13. AHC: Save the United Provinces of the Río de la Plata

    Your challenge is to have the United Provinces of the Río de la Plata survive until at least 1900.
  14. Argirópolis or Sarmiento's Silver city on an island and the Confederate States of Plata

    What if the eventual president of Argentina Domingo Sarmiento actually achieves to implement his odea of a confederación of states in the Río de la Plata basin with a capital in the Martín García Island? The...
  15. mspence

    British South America

    So WI Britain had colonized South America the way it did Africa; what might a British Brazil or Argentina, etc., have looked like after decolonization?
  16. Free Mapuches?

    In the same way that Ethiopia and Thailand found a way to maneuver and/or resist so they survived into present day without being colonized, do you see a chance for the Mapuche people in South America to have remained independent until today? They were never fully colonized by the Spanish; it was...
  17. Apus of the Ocean: A Timeline Concept

    Consider the following: If you read the article, there is plenty of evidence that Andean seafaring capabilities were much more developed than usually thought. In fact, the first contact between the Spanish and the Inca was with an ocean-going...
  18. Whipidedius

    WI: Brazil's "Intentona Comunista", the socialist revolt, succeed

    This topic has been brought here a few times, but let's see... The year is 1935, Getúlio Vargas has been undemocraticaly ruling Brazil for the last five years. Finally, in November 23 a revolt starts in Natal, northeastern region of Brazil. The revolutionaries take control of the city and...

    WI: Néstor Kirchner finishes third in the 2003 Argentine pres. election

    As the title says. What would have happened if Fmr. Pres. Carlos Menem and Fmr. Min. Ricardo López Murphy had occupied the first two places in the 2003 Argentine presidential election? IOTL, the margin between Gov. Néstor Kirchner and Fmr. Minister López Murphy was about 6 points, but was...
  20. AHC: Greek/Byzantine Colony in Brazil

    You're challenge is to keep the Byzantine Empire alive well into the Age of Discovery and have it colonize a part of Brazil. Where in Brazil would the Byzantine Empire colonize? What would it be called? How would culture develop there?