1. ronaldo

    Union slavery and confederate abolitionists

    Union slavery and confederate abolitionists The northern states (union) with slaves from independence and with the expiration to the south, the south becomes abolitionist. The civil war begins south abolitionist and northern slavery
  2. Happers

    Spartan Empire With Helots

    I know this has been discussed, the idea of a Spartan Empire. I'd like to ask though, as in all the forums I read the Helots (Slaves) had to go or at least be given more rights for the system to work. So, how could a Helot system work with a Spartan Empire? What would have to go and what would...
  3. What if Jefferson's Proviso passed?

    In 1784, a part of the territorial governance act was narrowly defeated. If passed, this would disallow slavery in any new states made out of the territories? How would this change US history if it did pass?
  4. Old Ways; A Confederated States of America TL

    Slow Unionist advance into Virginian Peninsula began on April 1862 when George B. McClellan in the strenght of 121,500 thousands of men besieged John G. Magruder's 30,000 soldiers in the Yorktown area. After long siege McClellan planned massive bombardment on 5 May but Confederate force slipped...
  5. How large could the USA have become if it was very expansionist?

    Assume that the slavery issue is solved early in US history and the USA decides to "expand democracy to as many as possible." How large could the USA have become?
  6. Could the USA have ended slavery in the 1780s?

    In Gary B. Nash's Book The Unknown American Revolution: The Unruly Birth of Democracy and the Struggle to Create America, he says that the USA had the chance to end slavery in the 1780s, because there was much more abolitionist sentiment, the south was too weak to secede, America had the...
  7. Nat Turner and John Brown

    These are probably the two most famous leaders of a slave rebellion in US history; Turner in 1831, Brown in 1859, both in Virginia. Both leader's rebellions lasted only a few days before being brutally crushed; Turner and his followers by white militias, Brown by US Marines and local militia...
  8. Indentured Servitude as a Compromise?

    What if some wiley, half backed 19th century southern democrat senator decided to introduce bill that converted the status of black chattel slaves to meerly Indentured Servants, dusting off the institution from 17th century colonial America? (Temporary enslavement with automatic freedom after a...
  9. Alcsentre Calanice

    No Civil War - when is slavery abolished?

    We had some threads about slavery in a surviving CSA. Many said that slavery would've survived in the south long after the end of the Civil War, because slavery was the whole raison d'être of the Confederacy. But what if, despite Lincoln's election, the south didn't seceded (maybe the southern...
  10. WI : William the Conqueror fully banned slavery in England

    One of the lesser known points about William is that he wrote laws regarding the slave trade, more specifically that the sale of people outside the lands under English Law or Protection What if this was expanded to no sale of anyone, or purchase - and the expected liberation of all slaves in...