1. PC: Viable Climates for White Slavery

    Either through mass indentured servitude or through a reverse slavery scenario, were there any places in the Americas (or anywhere in the world that can have plantation colonies for that matter) where white slavy can be practical without the majority dying of disease? I think northern Argentina...
  2. Duke Andrew of Dank

    DBWI: Civil War happens instead of Poor Man's Rebellion

    One might remember that during the 1840s, there was growing debate over the idea that America would under go a civil war caused by the debate over slavery. However, such fears didn't come to pass when the middle and lower class southern farmers began to rally in opposition to the unfair...
  3. The_Persian_Cat

    Slavery in the Thirteen Colonies, post-1776

    Hey everyone. So, if the British won the American Revolution, how likely would the abolition of slavery in the Thirteen Colonies be? I know that many black people in North America (both free and enslaved) fought for the British, and part of what motivated this was that Britain seemed more likely...
  4. सार्थक (Sārthākā)

    To be In Dixie: A Graphic Timeline on the CSA
    Threadmarks: OP + Map.

    To Be in Dixie Welcome to the World of 'To be in Dixie', a timeline that is meant to attack on the overly troped 'extremely successful CSA' or 'excessively idiotic and stupid CSA' cliches. This will try to show what would be an organic and proper development of a country, that has won its...
  5. If the American Civil War is averted, will some states ban slavery on their own?

    Assume the ACW is averted - maybe South Carolina gets cold feet, or something. Anyway, regardless of the reason, would any existing slave states abolish slavery before congress decides "time, gentlemen, please"? If so, which ones are most likely?
  6. Fremontian Fracas: An Earlier American Civil War

    Let's say Fremont wins in 1856, and the South secedes shortly thereafter due to fear of Fremont taking action against slavery. Earlier American Civil War. What changes in this earlier American Civil War? Does the end result stay the same? Any generals that are more or less prominent?
  7. Seeking a More Perfect Union: Tales from Jefferson's Anti-Slavery Crisis
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: The Origin

    Hello. I am going to post story lines and vignettes from my timeline Jefferson's Anti-Slavery Crisis. (You can find it in my signature). I had a blast writing the lore, and I am thinking of writing more stories. Here is the first. I. Crisis at the Continental Congress The delegates from...
  8. AltoRegnant

    What If The USA Took The Yucatan Peninsula In The Mexican American War?

    So there are a few videos on the topic (most notable being WhatIfAltHist, but from before he had a good mic), and the gist of it was that during 1847, there was a request from the white, slavery-based landowning elite of the Yucatan, then an independent state to join the USA. OTL, it was turned...
  9. Brazil enforces the 1831 prohibition of the slave trade?

    At the pressure of Great Britain, the Empire of Brazil outlawed the importation of slaves from Africa in 1831. After a few years, however, the slave trade returned with a vengeance and the law was blatantly disrespected, with as many as 800.000 slaves being brought to Brazil in the period...
  10. WI:Dom Pedro II die in Paraguayan War

    In 1865, going against the advices of his ministers, Dom Pedro II travel to the Brazilian city of Uruguaiana, that has been taken by the paraguayans but was in siege by Brazilian Army, where he ride his horse in distance of a paraguayan rifle shoot, but the soldiers doesn’t shoot. His...
  11. QuinnMallory

    Eventual abolition of slavery in victorious CSA - why?

    An oddly common thread in works involving Southern victory in the Civil War is the idea that they would of their own volition eventually abolish slavery and replace it with the "apprenticeships", "court costs", and similar post-Reconstruction arrangements to keep blacks productive but powerless...
  12. Long-Term Social Effects of an Earlier Abolition of American Slavery

    So working off of this idea (it may or may not be plausible): If the 1784 Land Ordinance, banning slavery in new US territories, passes it somewhat likely means that states like Kentucky, and Tennessee (along with Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri etc.) enter into the Union as free states. This...
  13. England Actually Enslaves the Irish

    Note: This is not meant to promulgate the Irish slaves canard. We already know that it is a myth used by specific groups and certain unsavory types created by an anti-Semite not to mention built on exaggerated and outright fabricated information . This is only to meant hypothesize what if...
  14. Southern Africa Becomes A Source Of Slaves In The Americas?

    Is it possible for the Southern African region to be a source of salves during the trans-Atlantic Slave trade? Assuming it still gets settled during the beginning of colonialism then is it possible that a colony based on exporting slaves would develop?
  15. Magnolias and Entropy: A Wikibox Timeline
    Threadmarks: Battle of South Mountain

    “With the fields of fire spread out over a space of nearly six miles over dense forest cover, the first day at South Mountain featured some of the most intense small unit fighting of the war. It was a fight of rifleman against rifleman, led by captains, colonels, and brigadiers.” -- Joseph...
  16. Caravels of Portugal

    What would Amarelo folklore look like?

    Around the world, folklore is defined as an expressive body of culture held by people composed of traditions and customs common to that culture. Folklore is often influenced and changed by culture, history and religion which affects its development and expansion. In fact, I decided to create a...
  17. Jefferson's Anti-Slavery Crisis Vignettes

    Jefferson’s Anti-Slavery Crisis Vignettes I was originally thinking of history as a wave, with the people being carried along it. However, that merits further investigation, as individuals often have large amounts of agency in history. Often times, historical movements are the results of a...
  18. Jefferson's Anti-Slavery Crisis: Alternate History of the U.S.
    Threadmarks: Chapter 0: Introduction, Who, What, Why

    I was always fascinated by the American Dream, and how it does not always translate to the American Reality. So I asked the question, "What if Georgia and Carolinas did not participate in the American Revolution (walked out of the Declaration of Independence convention) due to Thomas Jefferson's...
  19. Gukpard

    Could Portugal abolish slavery in Brazil in 1791?

    The biggest stain in Brazilian history, worst than any dictatorship or wars and the main cause of most of our social problems was slavery. Brazil was the last country in America and the last of the Western world (if you consider Brazil western) to abolish slavery, in 1888, and the slavers were...
  20. TunguskaStorm

    Alternate Liberias

    What were some other places besides the Pepper Coast that were considered to be the potential founding spot of Liberia to put emancipated slaves following the ACW? Not just Liberia, really any proposal to relocate former slaves by any country can be discussed here.