1. Caravels of Portugal

    What would Amarelo folklore look like?

    Around the world, folklore is defined as an expressive body of culture held by people composed of traditions and customs common to that culture. Folklore is often influenced and changed by culture, history and religion which affects its development and expansion. In fact, I decided to create a...
  2. Jefferson's Anti-Slavery Crisis Vignettes

    Jefferson’s Anti-Slavery Crisis Vignettes I was originally thinking of history as a wave, with the people being carried along it. However, that merits further investigation, as individuals often have large amounts of agency in history. Often times, historical movements are the results of a...
  3. Jefferson's Anti-Slavery Crisis: Alternate History of the U.S.
    Threadmarks: Chapter 0: Introduction, Who, What, Why

    I was always fascinated by the American Dream, and how it does not always translate to the American Reality. So I asked the question, "What if Georgia and Carolinas did not participate in the American Revolution (walked out of the Declaration of Independence convention) due to Thomas Jefferson's...
  4. Gukpard

    Could Portugal abolish slavery in Brazil in 1791?

    The biggest stain in Brazilian history, worst than any dictatorship or wars and the main cause of most of our social problems was slavery. Brazil was the last country in America and the last of the Western world (if you consider Brazil western) to abolish slavery, in 1888, and the slavers were...
  5. TunguskaStorm

    Alternate Liberias

    What were some other places besides the Pepper Coast that were considered to be the potential founding spot of Liberia to put emancipated slaves following the ACW? Not just Liberia, really any proposal to relocate former slaves by any country can be discussed here.
  6. GameBawesome

    WI: The US State of West Florida

    In the 1810s, there was once very short-lived republic, called the Republic of West Florida. It didn't last long. They tried to capture some towns from Spain, but failed, and eventually became part of the Mississippi territory. But what if, instead, the Republic of West Florida was more...
  7. What If Fremont Wins

    What if Fremont beats Buchanan in 1856? How does this affect American History? How does Fremont deal with the Dred Scott Decision, Bleeding Kansas, and the Panic of 1857? Does the American Civil War start almost immediately after Fremont wins?
  8. Amadeus

    WI: Stephen A. Douglas Lives

    In 1861, after the outbreak of the American Civil War, Senator Stephen A. Douglas died of typhoid fever at the age of 48. Before his death Douglas had advised President Lincoln on the war effort and traveled the Midwest attempting to mobilize popular support for the Union. What if Douglas had...
  9. AHC: Have the Slavery Debate Resolved Peacefully

    For my very first post, I have decided to explore whether it is possible for the slavery debate to have ever ended peacefully - or if the American Civil War was truly inevitable. Your challenge is, with a PoD no earlier than 1830, have the Slavery Debate peacefully resolved one way or the...
  10. AHC: More successful slave rebellions

    Over the ages, there have been many, many slave rebellions. The vast majority ended in failure. Your challenge is to have more slave revolts succeed, whether by having a slave uprising that failed IOTL be successful, or by introducing a new slave insurrection that succeeds.
  11. Amadeus

    AHC: Make Ulysses Grant a Great President

    Ulysses S. Grant is usually judged as a fantastic general but a mediocre President. He won the Civil War, but his administration was plagued by economic problems and scandals. In his day Grant was hailed as the equal of Washington and Lincoln, but after his death many historians portrayed him as...
  12. Amadeus

    WI: Lincoln Is Elected to the Senate in 1855

    In 1855 Abraham Lincoln ran for the U.S. Senate from Illinois. At a time when Senators were elected by the legislature Lincoln initially did well in early balloting. But when it became clear he didn't have enough votes to win Lincoln bowed out in favor of anti-slavery Democrat Lyman Trumbull...
  13. The "Underground Railroad" is an actual railroad underground

    Until recently, that's what I thought it was. What? Don't look at me, I'm not american! The image in my head was so cool! Anyway, the AH is to have an alternate 19th century where the Underground Railroad is actually a Railroad that is Underground and it ferries escaped slaves back to the...
  14. AltoRegnant

    DBWI: Britain Taxes Colonies Directly

    OTL, Britain's victory in the 7 year's war was incredibly expensive, and it was in massive debt. So where other colonial empires set new taxes for their colonies from europe, a top down thing, the british parliament wrote the governors of the North American Colonies and basically told them...
  15. Caravels of Portugal

    Developing an Asian-American slave language

    I'm creating and designing a slave creole used by the Amarelos, who are Asian slaves in America. In the ATL, the language is descended from a pidgin language used for communication between Amarelos and their Iberian masters. The language is a mixture of Iberian languages and languages from...
  16. Caravels of Portugal

    Possible sites for procuring Asian slaves in the 17th century?

    I'm brainstorming an alternate timeline about Asian slaves in America. As other users pointed out in threads about Asian slaves, there are difficulties obtaining slaves from Asia due to many factors like tech level, cultural reasons and other things. To make the long backstory short for the...
  17. Latest date to avoid the American Civil war?

    Basically the title, what do you think would be the latest date that with America could avoid its Civil war? And in the scenario, when do you think would America abolish slavery? Edit: Also what would be the latest date that the civil war could be avoided with slavery abolished before 1900?
  18. GauchoBadger

    US politics with a continuing Atlantic Slave Trade?

    What would United States politics, in both internal and external matters (but principally the question of the North-South Divide), look like if the Atlantic Slave Trade had never been suppressed by Britain, either through her not managing to wrest control over the Atlantic Ocean from France and...
  19. SealTheRealDeal

    Biblical Slavery in the CSA?

    So the scenario is this: -CSA wins its independence -spurred by the economic misfortune of being newly independent and war ravaged, the Third Great Awakening effects the region even stronger than OTL -it becomes popular opinion that the institution of slavery needs to be "reformed" to biblical...
  20. Caravels of Portugal

    WI: Trans-Pacific Slave Trade

    In the honor of having a holiday nearer, I decided to make a revival based on the first successful thread which was WI: Asian Slaves in 16th Century America. I didn't want to necro the thread because I feel it had already run its course. The hypothetical timeline when Christian missionaries and...