1. Was Trans Atlantic Slave Trade inevitable with European Colonization of Americas?

    Is there any plausible alternate history scenario where the European colonization of Americas could happen WITHOUT African slavery? What would have to happen in Europe's history to prevent it? Or is there something that could of happened in Africa's development that could of prevented it? Since...
  2. Oba Cahokia

    What is life like for American Indian, Freedman, Indian Freedman and Enslaved African Americans in a Confederate Oklahoma?

    What would life look like for these for groups what would be present day Oklahoma? Do American Indians get a seat in the national legislature? Do Freedman and Indian Freedman get left alone and stay in their own little corner of the state? Do enslaved people revolt in these areas? What happens...
  3. Oba Cahokia

    WI: The Founding Fathers created the Confederate Constitution without the Slavery part and the addition of a Supreme Court?

    How different would American History would be if the Founding Fathers somehow ended up with the creation of the Confederate Constitution but without the unable to ban slavery and a Supreme Court?
  4. Oba Cahokia

    Industrial Slavery in the CSA

    Industrial slavery was thing in the South before, during and even after the war. How far could this take the South in terms of industry? How would this impact life of enslaved people. Would they become a minor or regional superpower?
  5. Oba Cahokia

    WI: the US followed through with it's threats againist Japan and Spain in the early 1850s?

    Map by u/KolonelJoe on Reddit. Can the United States actually win againist both nations in the 1850s and take these territories? What would be the impact of slavery? Would this begin American colonization of Japan?
  6. AHC: make at least one country pay reperations for slavery upon abolishing it

    some people make a nonesense claim about reperations for slavery being "too late"; but this overlooks the fact that the victims of serious injustice are rarely in the position to demand reperations sucesfully right afterwards. so your challenge; it can be ASB; but only do that if you cannot...
  7. WI: earlier abolition of slavery in Brazil.

    Greetings, fellow forum members! Today I learned there was a plan to abolish slavery in Brazil a lot earlier than how it happened in our timeline. The plan was made by José Bonifácio de Andrada e Silva, one of the main "architects" of the brazilian independence and who helped to create the...
  8. When his country calls.
    Threadmarks: Prologue: The Election of 1856.

    "No Democrat has a right to refuse his services when his country calls" David Allen Smalley, delegate from Vermont to the 1856 Democratic National Convention. The Candidates. On February 22nd 1856...
  9. Gabingston

    AHC: United States Abolishes Slavery Peacefully Before 1861

    With a POD in 1794 or later (that date in particular chosen because it was the year after the Cotton Gin was invented), have the United States abolish slavery peacefully before the start of OTL's American Civil War, which ultimately ended the practice. The United States much also hold all of...
  10. A more industrialized American South?

    With a POD after 1800, how can large industrial complexes like the Tredegar Iron Works become a more common sight in the south of the United States? IIRC there was a plan to establish a similar (if smaller) factory in Birmingham, Alabama, but AFAIK the project never went ahead. How would a South...
  11. Role of Slavery in a victorious Nazi Germany

    The Holocaust as well as Generalplan Ost are well known aspects of Nazi Germans that any half decent Nazi victory TL talk about. Less attention, however, is put on the slavery system that Nazi Germany had. Before death camps became the staple for extermination of “Undesirables” towards the end...
  12. Taunay

    AHQ: Earlier abolition of slavery in Brazil?

    Brazil was one of the last countries (if not the last) in the Americas to abolish slavery. However, is it possible for the institution to be abolished earlier in Brazil with a POD of 1770?
  13. Mr_ Bondoc


    Alice (2022) is an upcoming film, wherein an escaped female slave, ends up in 1973, gets exposed to blaxploitation films, Black Power ideology, and decides to return to the antebellum South to exact her revenge: Basically, imagine Antebellum with actual time travel, and minus the M. Night...
  14. TheHedgehog

    The American System: A Henry Clay TL
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    "I would rather be right than be President" -Henry Clay "Am I not a man and a brother?" -Anti-slavery slogan Henry Clay is one of the greatest what-ifs of American history. A man who had such a massive impact on the United States never rose to be its leader, despite his many attempts. But what...
  15. WI: Mali Slave-Plantation Colony

    Say the Mali Colonize South America and set up plantation colonies worked by slaves both taken from weaker tribes and imported from parts of Europe. Eventually they realize that escaped slaves are easier to find when they stand out from the population so they start exclusively using...
  16. Gabingston

    AHC: Non slavery-dependent American South

    For this alternate history challenge, create a history where a European-descended nation in OTL's American South wasn't dependent on slavery for its economy. There could still be small amounts of slavery within the country, but not to the extent of OTL's American South, where slave labor was the...
  17. The_Persian_Cat

    WI: Georgia remained abolitionist?

    Hello all, So, the colony of Georgia was founded by James Oglethorpe, a noted social reformer. In 1735, Georgia (under Oglethorpe's proprietorship) banned slavery -- both the slave trade and ownership of slaves -- becoming the only one of the Thirteen Colonies to do so. This was known as the...
  18. PC: Lithuanian Slavery

    If the Lithuanian people remained pagan instead of converting, how possible (if unlikely) was it for Lithuanians to be used for forced labor. In an alternate 16th century, could it be possible for Sweden and Poland to allow slave raids against pagan Lithuania and ship them around Europe, the...
  19. Osman Aga

    Southern States leave the Union before 1846

    I have some sort of interest about US history despite not being American, especially in the period of the Civil War. Most of it developed after watching some movies but any attention is good attention am I right guys? Anyway... I was thinking about it. The South had a lot of influence on the...
  20. PC: Viable Climates for White Slavery

    Either through mass indentured servitude or through a reverse slavery scenario, were there any places in the Americas (or anywhere in the world that can have plantation colonies for that matter) where white slavy can be practical without the majority dying of disease? I think northern Argentina...