1. Sixto Rodriguez is a more successful singer and songwriter

    I did start a thread about this before but got the spelling wrong. So again, suppose he started his musical career early, say as early as 1962, made more albums and was more successful. Could he have been the jewel in Motown's crown?
  2. Sexto Rodríguez is a more successful singer and songwriter

    @JuliantheUnknown, @Mr. Havana, & @ennobee - Can you imagine Rodríguez having a more successful career, making more albums over a longer period? Perhaps he would have started in 1962 (when he turned 20) or maybe earlier.
  3. What if Leonard Cohen had a head start?

    Leonard Cohen reached adulthood and chose to write poetry and novels at a time when it was unusual for singers to write their own songs. Not so long later, in 1962, the singer-songwriter was co-introduced by the Beatles and Bob Dylan. Now I know there were singer-songwriters before then, but...