russian revolution

  1. WI: Vladimir Lenin lives to at least 1945

    What if Vladimir Lenin hadn't died in his fifties and had survived to at least 75? How might him living longer have changed the course of history?
  2. Crunch Buttsteak

    DBWI: Kronstadt Revolution is crushed

    The February Revolution of 1921 (even if it happened in March but that’s besides the point) is considered a turning point for the USSR, with the Left SR’s taking power in the All-Union Congress afterwards. How would history have played out if the February Revolution had been crushed by the...
  3. thezerech

    July 1917 Kadet Coup against Kerenksy?

    More or less what it says on the tin, I'm curious about the plausibility of, in the aftermath of the Kerensky offensive and the July Days, a Kadet-backed coup (a la Kornilov affair, perhaps with Kornilov) during the tail end of July 1917. At the time of the July Days another revolt was happening...
  4. thezerech

    Polubotkivtsi / Ukrainian Independist coup during Kerensky offensive

    (Polubotkivtsi during the coup attempt according to Wikipedia) What I am trying to do is to find PODs which make Ukraine's independence during the inter-war more plausible. I was originally thinking of writing some writers' forum stuff taking place in a TL duirng its 30s with that as the...
  5. Bomster

    Was there ever a chance for Russia/Soviet Russia to be democratic?

    Specifically in the 1917-1923 period, was there any possibility of the Russian state, whether it is a republic or Soviet socialist, to not devolve into authoritarianism?
  6. Bomster

    No October Revolution?

    What if the Bolsheviks never revolted and took power in Russia? What if the provisional republic survived? Or alternatively what if a different kind of Socialist republic than the Bolshevik dictatorship is established?
  7. SunKing105

    WI: Kornilov affair succeeds?

    Lavr Kornilov was a Russian militay intelligence officer, explorer, and Cossack general, who served in WW1 and the Russian Civil War. Around September 10, Kornilov, appointed commander-in-chief for the Russian army, attempted to seize power. He was never successful in reaching Petrograd and...
  8. Mr_Fanboy

    Demographics of a world without the Great War megathread

    Ever so often, I will see threads posted asking how large the populations of certain countries such as Germany and Russia might have gotten without the First World War. However, what would the global demographic trends have looked like without that conflict? After all, this is all interrelated -...
  9. SunKing105

    WI: Michael accepts the throne?

    IOTL, the last Tsar, Nicholas II, was forced to abdicate due to the ongoing pressures of the riots and demonstrations in Petrograd. He skipped over Alexei because of his hemophilia, and passed the throne directly to his brother, Grand Duke Michael. Michael would not accept the throne either...
  10. SunKing105

    WI: Kerensky offensive succeeds?

    The Kerensky offensive was a last-ditch attempt by the Provisional Government to shore up support back at home, to unite the country for a brief time, to improve it's war situation, and to show the Entente that it was still committed to fighting the war. Despite initial gains, a loss of...
  11. SunKing105

    WI: July Days succeed?

    The July Days were a period of heightened unrest between July 16 and July 20(new days), that saw massive demonstrations by soldiers, sailors, and workers, many with Bolshevik sympathies, break out in Petrograd, although some SR's were involved. After marching to the Tauride palace, the mob went...
  12. Kaiser of Brazil

    AHC: Russian Republic signs a separate peace.

    After the February revolution, the Provisional government, including figures like Lvov, Milyukov, and Kerensky kept Russia loyal to its diplomatic commitment to the Entente, which would result in the eventual destruction of the Republic. Why did the ruling government ignored the mass desertions...
  13. mspence

    Russian Monarchy In Exile?

    WI the Romanovs had been able to escape the Revolution, where might they have gone in exile, and how much might they have been able to influence events in Russia afterwards (if at all?)
  14. Russian Revolution & Soviet Union without Trotsky or Stalin

    What would become of the Revolution and the USSR as a whole if somehow both Trotsky and Stalin were killed before Lenin died. This most likely would happen during the Russian Civil War. Would the Revolution even succeed without them? Who would even succeed Lenin if both Trotsky and Stalin were dead?
  15. Appo

    Is there a way that the February Revolution could result in an early Russian Civil War?

    In early 1917, the February Revolution led to the abdication of Tsar Nicholas II. However, I've recently been wondering if there is any way that this revolution could have became an early civil war in Russia on the scale of OTL's Russian Civil War.
  16. AltoRegnant

    AHC: Russian Restoration

    OTL, despite numerous claimants, the Russian Empire is a long dead institution. The Romanovs lost in chambers of the past and Russia a shadow of her glory during the cold war or even before ww1- not that Nicky II was a good Tsar. Your goal is a restoration of the Russian Empire after October...
  17. What happens to the Bolshevik revolution without Iron Felix?

    So, Felix Dzerzhinsky, famous as the founder of the KGB, was not initially planning on staying in Russia. After he was freed from prison in the aftermath of the February Revolution, he went to Moscow with the plan of organizing some fellow Poles and to go help the revolution then going on in...
  18. AltoRegnant

    DBWI: Tsarist Forces Dont Win The RCW?

    Otl, the white army was able to defeat the Russian communist forces with some difficulties, and the Tsar was restored his throne with stronger limits on his power- somewhere between the Kaiser and the British King. Tsar Nicholas II died only a few years later from the turbulence and stress of...
  19. AltoRegnant

    WI: Russian Fascism/Hypernationalism?

    Otl, the russian revolution gave a new, scary face to leftism in europe and America. An aggressive communist power that seeked to spread revolution to its old empire. But what if the bolsheviks lost the power struggle, not to Kerensky, but to a hypernationalist, slavic-supremicst (and Rus over...
  20. AHC: The Russian Revolution of February 1917 is crushed by alied soldiers who were told that the revolutionaries were aiding Germany.

    I had this idea since high school. Back when I was going through a Russian Empire phase.