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    Russian Revolution in an Early CP Victory?

    I’m working on a TL where the entire world becomes communist by the mid-20th Century. Similarly to Reds, its POD is William McKinley survives his assassination (here, the assassination still happens, but Dr. Roswell Park is able to save McKinley’s life) - preventing the Progressive Era reforms...
  2. Could the Bolsheviks remain democratic through the RCW?

    One of the debates that I've seen about the Bolsheviks is about how much of their degeneration into authoritarianism and brutality was a result of their pre-existing ideology, and how much of it was due to the brutalization of the RCW. I've seen some people argue that degeneration was inevitable...
  3. WI: The Russian Constituent Assembly isn't abolished?

    On November 25th 1917 Russia held what is generally considered to be it's first free election (though some districts held theirs around two months later) when 46m Russians cast their vote for the Russian Constituent Assembly. The results were as followed... 767 seats total. 384 needed for a...
  4. Could a Soviet victory in the west in 1919-20 lead to a more genuinely pluralistic USSR?

    The Soviet Union seems like it fell into an awkward position in its ethnographic balance, the ~50% range of the main ethnic group, since it was too Russian dominated to be viewed as really pluralistic and multi-national, and yet not so much so that like China, the main ethnic population...
  5. Russian Fascism in the 1920s

    I've noticed that most alt-his ideas about a "fascist" Russia tend to focus either on wholly reactionary movements like the Black Hundreds and White Army, or minor emigre movements that popped up later on and were inspired by mature fascist movements like in Italy and Germany such as...
  6. Military Coup Against Kerensky

    Is there anyway that before or after the Kerensky Offensive, he had been overthrown by the Russian Military to prevent a Russian Revolution?
  7. Plausibility check: Negotiations with Kronstadt Sailors?

    Exactly as it says on the tin. Was there any chance that the Bolsheviks could've negotiated with the Kronstadt Rebels? IDK a lot about Russian Rev. but I know that the crushing of the rebellion really ruined the Bolsheviks reputation globally. Could the Bolsheviks have peacefully ended this...
  8. What would happen if the Russian monarchy was never overthrown?

    What conditions would need to be met? How much would the outcomes of both World Wars be different? And what about the modern day?
  9. How to get Russians to agree to an earlier Brest-Litovsk Treaty in WWI?

    In OTL, Russia and the Central Powers agreed to an armistice on December 15, 1917, and began negotiations for a Russian exit from the war. Initially, the Central Powers merely demanded that Russia cede more or less the territories they'd already occupied by that point - Poland, Lithuania, and...
  10. What if Fanny Kaplan successfully killed Lenin?

    On August 30, 1918, Vladimir Lenin was walking out of an arms factory in Moscow. Unexpectedly, three shots rang out, two of which struck him. The culprit was a member of the Socialist Revolutionary Party named Fanny Kaplan, who viewed Lenin as a tyrant in the making and a traitor to the...
  11. Tsar Nicholas II at Versailles

    what if Tsar Nicholas II at Versailles? how would he influence that treaty? can black sea become russian lake? POD is that with support of various generals he retains power and puts down the february revolution without division in the military and launches the July offensive(Kerensky offensive)...
  12. Friedrich der Große

    White and Central Powers win?

    I’m currently working on a Central Powers Victory scenario in WW1, in which the Central Powers focused on Russia first, defeated Russia in 1916 and after that focusing and defeating France. But my question is: in this scenario, what would have happened to Russia? Would the Russian Revolution...
  13. mspence

    Possibility of a British-style Russian Union after the Revolution?

    Could Russia have formed a British style union after 1917?
  14. Marklin

    1905 Russian Revolution escalates to early Russian Civil War

    Exactly what it says above. How would the rest of the world react? How could it get to this point? And what would the likely outcome be?
  15. Nihcolas II weds Margaret of Prussia stopping WWI

    If Nihcolas II wed Margaret of Prussia by never noticing Alix will Wilhelm II prevent the war for his sister? Can the avoid war until Russia industrializes preventing Russian revolution ?
  16. Nicholas II daughters British Queen after failed revolution

    If Nicholas II stayed in power until after WW I ? Pls assume it Could his daughters Marry Edward VIII or Geroge VI and become British Queen ? Will George V and British royals ignore haemophilia and bad PR in UK of autocrat Nicholas? Even if children born Can this marriage stop Wallis Simpson...
  17. What if the Russian Revolution (1917-1923) had failed?

    On 1917, the Bolsheviks rose up against the Russian Empire and its government. They wanted Russia to end their involvement in World War I. The revolution ended with the Bolsheviks winning. A provisional government was created, which was then overthrown by the Bolsheviks because the new...
  18. WI: Vladimir Lenin lives to at least 1945

    What if Vladimir Lenin hadn't died in his fifties and had survived to at least 75? How might him living longer have changed the course of history?
  19. Crunch Buttsteak

    DBWI: Kronstadt Revolution is crushed

    The February Revolution of 1921 (even if it happened in March but that’s besides the point) is considered a turning point for the USSR, with the Left SR’s taking power in the All-Union Congress afterwards. How would history have played out if the February Revolution had been crushed by the...
  20. thezerech

    July 1917 Kadet Coup against Kerenksy?

    More or less what it says on the tin, I'm curious about the plausibility of, in the aftermath of the Kerensky offensive and the July Days, a Kadet-backed coup (a la Kornilov affair, perhaps with Kornilov) during the tail end of July 1917. At the time of the July Days another revolt was happening...