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  1. medieval Russian Republic in time of troubles after ivan the terrible

    Can boyars create a aristocratic republic during time of troubles instead of crowning Michael I ? will it become more liberal ? will it be stronger than the empire be more successful in expansion to europe ? or will it succumb to peaseant revolts abolishing serfdom ?
  2. Music and entertainment in Reverse Cold War world

    Lets say the Cold War was reversed, America is a Totalitarian Communist superpower, Russia is a democracy, beacon of Capitalism and leader of the free world, The western bloc was Communist puppet states controlled by the USSA and the Eastern bloc was free democratic allies of the Russian...
  3. Bomster

    Was there ever a chance for Russia/Soviet Russia to be democratic?

    Specifically in the 1917-1923 period, was there any possibility of the Russian state, whether it is a republic or Soviet socialist, to not devolve into authoritarianism?
  4. Bomster

    WI: Russian Provisional Government doesn’t continue the war?

    After the February Revolution, the Tsar abdicated and Russia became a provisional republic led by Alexander Kerensky. Despite the deep unpopularity of the war effort the Foreign Secretary Pavel Milyukov affirmed the new government’s commitment to continuing to support the Entente and an...
  5. Bomster

    No October Revolution?

    What if the Bolsheviks never revolted and took power in Russia? What if the provisional republic survived? Or alternatively what if a different kind of Socialist republic than the Bolshevik dictatorship is established?
  6. Political Stances of Soviet Politicians in a non-communist Russia

    If the Soviet Union never existed and Russia became a democratic republic, what would be the views of the notable OTL Soviet politicians in this alternate Russia. What would be the stances of Kruschev, Brezhnev, Andropov, Gorbachev, etc. if they weren't CPSU party members?
  7. AltoRegnant

    DBWI Franz Ferdinand Dies?

    Now, as we all know, in 1914, there was hilarious failure of an assassination attempt on then Archduke Franz Ferdinand. None of the would be assassins hit the man, and he was even able to see those injured by the bombs used against him in hospital. He went on to democratize the empire into the...
  8. AHC/WI How could the Russian Revolution end more like the Mexican one?

    I was wondering what and how should change for Russia to end its revolution with a regime more similar to the mexican one. Agrarian reform distributing land among peasants and their communities, whit the government reconnacing their communal practices. Still de facto (or even de jure) one party...
  9. Zulfurium

    A Day in July: An Early 20th Century Timeline
    Threadmarks: A Day in July - An Introduction

    A Day in July - An Introduction Bolshevik Leaders Joseph Stalin and Vladimir Lenin Dawn, 5th (18 N.S.) of July 1917 (1) Pravda Offices, Petrograd, Russian Empire (2) Seventeen-year old Kolya Stepanovich looked about at the massed military cadets who stood awaiting the final details of their...
  10. Bomster

    What if the October Revolution never happened?

    I assume that for the Bolsheviks to not rise to power the Russian Provisional Government decides to not continue the war against Germany, but how likely is this? What would be the affects of a social democratic Russian Republic in the twentieth century? Would Russia become a stronger nation...
  11. WW2 with no USSR

    So let’s say that the Russian Civil War is won by the whites, or is mostly averted/toned down. What is left in the end is a Russian republic with something like a provisional government. The state is weak and is in turmoil for decades following the war, facing communist insurrections here and...