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  1. CountofDooku

    Soviet Union and Russian Federation

    Having this idea for a couple of months now, could a Soviet Union that is only missing the Russian SSR turned Russian Federation continue to exist? OTL the last remaining member state was Kazahkstan, but what if more stayed part of the SU? I know that could be tricky as soon as Belaus and...
  2. panpiotr

    A New Beginning - Our 1992 Russian Federation
    Threadmarks: Chapter Zero: Election Time Part I (1985 - 12 June 1991)

    After years of stagnation, the "new thinking" of younger Communist apparatchik began to emerge. Following the death of terminally ill Konstantin Chernenko, the Politburo elected Mikhail Gorbachev to the position of General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) in March...
  3. World Mapping

    WI: China invades Taiwan on 2022/02/24?

    Idk if this qualifies as alternate history, but here we go. Asking out of curiosity, what would have happened had China invaded Taiwan on the 24th of February 2022, the same day Russia invaded Ukraine?
  4. AHC: Reverse Gorbachev and Yeltsin

    Gorbachev and Yeltsin were pretty similar in their political evolution: both rose from down to the top of the Communist Party, both led regional party organizations(Gorbachev Stavropol Region, Yeltsin Sverdlovsk Oblast), both were moderate communists and both managed to raise to the leadership...
  5. Sarthak

    Russia Resurgent: REDUX
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: The Fall of An Empire

    Chapter 1: The Fall of An Empire *** Chapter 8 of Last Empire of Europe: The Soviet Union by Alexei Trymoshenko “The reporters and officials of Moscow gathered at Vnukovo airport after the end of the August Coup in the early hours of August 22 to welcome the president on his return from his...
  6. Sarthak

    Russia Resurgent - A TL
    Threadmarks: A Different President.

    Russia Resurgent Chapter 1: 1996 Russian Elections Russia and the World held their breath as on 3rd July, the results of the 1996 elections came in. Many people today even wonder why Yeltsin even tried. Under him Russia had become the butt of all Western Country’s jokes and corruption, crime...
  7. Sarthak

    Grigory Yavlinsky Wins the Elections in 1996

    So what if this guy became President of Russia in 1996? What would happen to the Russian Federation? Chechneya? Yugoslavia? Karabakh-Nagarno Conflict? Butterflies?
  8. Sarthak

    Wank the Russian Federation

    So the Russian Federation became independent in 1991. I need you to plausibly wank the RF in the following categories after 1991:- 1. Diplomacy 2. Economics 3. Military 4. Territory 5. Population BTW also keep the western/russian rivalry alive while doing so.
  9. Collapse of Russia in 1991

    After collapse of Soviet Union, a lot of republics and autonomous oblasts declared their independence(full independence were declared in Chechnya and Tatarstan), but thanks to Federal Treaty, they remained in Russia. But could a parade of sovereignty happen in the Russian Federation? If Yeltsin...
  10. KuboCaskett

    Effects on geopolitics with no 9/11?

    While we know if one paid attention to various threads about a world with no 9/11 (with say Bin Laden being dead or the plot being discovered prior to the date) is that a lot of the middle east related issues along with domestic ones would get butterflied away yet I feel it would have far...
  11. AHC: Prevent the Soviet Union and Russian Federation from Obtaining Nuclear Weapons

    How could the Soviet Union and Russian Federation be prevented from obtaining nuclear weaponry, while the United States and United Kingdom still possessed them? How would the Cold War be different if the Soviet Union did not have nuclear weapons? (Obviously no Cuban Missile Crisis). If the...