1. Last Days of the USA: A Collaborative Timeline

    Last Days of the United States of America (Plausibility may be questionable. I know.) Theme song: I wanted to do something interesting. I wanted to see the stories of ordinary people in the last days of the United States of America and beyond; I wanted to know how the collapse affected...
  2. How powerful could a Russo-Polish empire be?

    Had Poland been Orthodox and had joined Russia in the 15th or 16th century? How big would a Polish-Russian Empire be? would they have conquered all of Ukraine and Slavic countries like Czechia or Slovakia? would they have expanded beyond the Ural Mountains and into Central Asia? with greater...
  3. Emperor Max

    WI Nicholas II and family escape?

    Thinking of using this as a plot for a future TL. Could Nicholas II fund anti-Soviet movements for the crown perhaps, who could his son and daughters marry? What effect would this have on European history?
  4. WI: The rest of BRICS has China-like economic growth?

    What if the other emerging powers in the 1990s and 2000s had experienced economic development similar to that of China in recent decades? How would the establishment react? How could they have affected some international events? Assuming the POD is just after the end of the Cold War, this would...
  5. WW1 if Russia was as industrialized as Germany per capita

    how will ww1 with the same alliances UK, France, Russia vs Germany, A-H, Ottomans happen if Russia was as industrialized as Germany per capita
  6. Russian modernization in 1950s without WW1

    How much modernized will Russian military industry, logistics and agriculture be in 1950's without WW1?
  7. WI Ottomans collapse in Great Turkish war of 17th century

    What if Ottomans collapsed in Great Turkish war of 17th century. Louis XIV doesn't intervene and start the nine years war and Holy league takes Constantinople and with the largest sources of troops i.e., Europe gone and local governors declare independence who will takes which province ? will...
  8. Henderson

    Born To Rule — A Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel-Romanov Timeline
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: The Coup

    Born To Rule — A Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel-Romanov Timeline Chapter I: The Coup December 7th, 1741, Winter Palace, Saint Petersburg Elizaveta gazed out on the palace square from her window. The morning sun had risen, and the snow that had filled the square was beginning to melt in the...
  9. A better reign for Ivan the Terrible?

    The last Grand Prince of Moscow and first Tsar of Russia, Ivan IV's reign started on a promising note, with the conquest of the khanates of Kazan and Astrakhan, before taking a turn for the worst with the outbreak of the Livonian War and ending with self-harming actions like the Massacre of...
  10. AltoRegnant

    What If Tsar Paul I Wasn't Killed By Nobility?

    OTL, three Russian Tsars saw the crisis of the french revolution. Catherine II, who was an "enlightened despot" before the revolution scared her into reversing course; her son Paul, who was naturally against the revolution and the expansion of France across the continent and wanted to restore...
  11. PC:Nicholas II industrializes Russia like Stalin

    Plausibility check : POD 1905 can Nicholas II after coming to realisation after defeat in Russo Japanese war become totalitarian rather than turn democratic like in OTL and build up Russia's war industry's like Stalin did ? He can get funds via debt, high taxes and give Free land beyond Urals to...
  12. Gigachad3k

    What's the maximum population Belarus could support?

    What's the maximum population that the territory of OTL Belarus could support?
  13. SealTheRealDeal

    What happens to Xinjiang, Mongolia, and Manchuria in event of the Qing failing to conquer China

    Let's say the Qing/Later Jin are defeated by one of the Chinese factions during the fall of the Ming Dynasty (Shun, Xi, Southern Ming), and we'll say it's a very costly defeat with multiple banner armies wiped out entirely. What is the likely outcome for the areas imediately north of China? Are...
  14. Goats-&-Bolts

    DBWI: Russia never turns Cold War submarines into merchant ships & oil tankers?

    Ranking among the biggest and most recognizable post-Cold War swords-to-ploughshares programs is Russia’s conversion of its Soviet-era Typhoon and Delta ballistic missile submarines into underwater cargo ships & hydrocarbon fuel carriers. Financed with the help of western partners like Norway...
  15. Gigachad3k

    Highest Baltic population possible

    how high do you think the Baltic (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) population could have been?
  16. Over 1 mil people european diasporas in the Russian Empire

    I am currently creating an idea for my alternate history timeline, basically it will be a very eurocentric world. In this world Russia is very successful, and be among the wealthiest, biggest and most influential nations. Russia would make a lot of settler colonialism, where russians will settle...
  17. WI: Contained war between Austria-Hungary and Russia in 1914

    Starting from around the turn of the century, Austria-Hungary begins to arm itself at the same pace as the other European Great Powers. Could the Dual Monarchy stand its ground on its own against Russia? The conflict would still be ignited by the Sarajevo assassination, the subsequent...
  18. The Russian Century - a TL
    Threadmarks: Prologue: Period of Decline, 1825-1881.

    Hello to you all on this second day of the new year. I present to you the beginning of my newest (hopefully) non-ASB TL. The Russian Century Prologue: Period of Decline, 1825-1881. At the dawn of the nineteenth century, Russia devastatingly defeated Napoleon and became known as the saviour...
  19. How does the Russian Empire Perform in an Anglo-Screw?

    First to screw the anglosphere. We'll say that to start with the Spanish armada, while failing to conquer England, does manage to successfully burn down London and major port cities before being driven out. After that butterflies curse the English with a line of incompetent kings unable to...
  20. Russo-German alliance?

    What would happen if a renewed russo-german alliance happens after the treaty of bjorko? let's say germany dumps austria hungary after it's annexation of bosnia in favor of russia, thus making the new pact of italy, germany, and russia, allied against france, japan and most likely the uk...