1. Friedrich der Große

    Succesfull Ten Days Campaign in Belgium

    What if the Netherlands got foreign support from Prussia, Austria and Russia in 1831 and they crushed the Belgian Revolution, what would have happened? (The POD will be in 1831). Would there be a second revolution in 1848 and how would it effect things like German Unification, Franco-German War...
  2. PC/WI - Russians enact the Duhamel Plan (Invasion of India during the Crimean War)

    The Duhamel Plan was the proposed Russian invasion of India during the Crimean War. It is… ambitious to say the least. The idea was to threaten the British-controlled India by invading through either Central Asia or Persia. The invasion force would consist of nearly 30,000 Russian soldiers...
  3. Russo-American alliance: Does it mean PRC aligning with Eastern European countries?

    Let's imagine that Ross Perot manages to become the American president in 1992. During one of his debates, he said that US must focus on aiding fromer Soviet republics and try to turn Russia into ally and ''citadel of democracy''. So, let's say that he ignores the wishes of the former Warsaw...
  4. brekkur

    What's the maximum population that outer Manchuria can support?

    This region that's shaded in yellow and red, is sparsely populated, and currently only has a population of ~4M people. What's the maximum population that it could realistically sustain?
  5. Friedrich der Große

    Central Power Netherlands

    What if The Netherlands joined the Central Powers? Let’s assume a naval incident or something else, and as a result, The Netherlands join the Central Powers. Let’s say that in this TL Germany plays their ‘old strategy’ so focuses on Russia first, but Britain still join the war. Last but not...
  6. World Mapping

    WI: China invades Taiwan on 2022/02/24?

    Idk if this qualifies as alternate history, but here we go. Asking out of curiosity, what would have happened had China invaded Taiwan on the 24th of February 2022, the same day Russia invaded Ukraine?
  7. Atterdag

    No Bernadotte for Sweden - effects on Napoleon’s invasion of Russia?

    I’ve been reading Dag Ahlander’s Sverige vid avgrunden 1808-1814 (Sweden at the abyss 1808-1814) detailing Sweden’s political and diplomatic situation during the critical years of the Napoleonic wars. A big surprise while reading it was the large roll Ahlander attributes to Charles XIV John...
  8. Gustav III's Russian War goes better for Sweden?

    While he was definitely a skilled politician, Gustav III's tenure as king of Sweden was mediocre at best thanks to his rampant spending and inability to stick to a consistent program. One of his schemes was a surprise attack against Russia, then bogged down in one of its many wars with the...
  9. Consequences of a 1994 Crimean independance on Ukraine and her nukes.

    DISCLAIMER: Please, remember the ''No current politics'' rule and don't discuss the ongoing armed conflict. I am talking about a scenario where the Supreme Soviet manages to oust Yeltsin during the 1993 constitutional crisis
  10. WI : The City of Odessa (Ukraine) Became Part of The Kingdom Of Romania AFTER the Great War ?

    I am speaking of course of a scenario where both the UPR and the Soviets do worse in the interwar period.
  11. C.Z.A.R

    31 to the Vistula - Germany goes East (WW1)
    Threadmarks: 31 to the Vistula - Intro

    31 to the Vistula What if Germany Deployed East in 1914? "...The decision that would change the world happened in late 1905. Alfred von Schlieffen, concluding his Kriegsspiel wargame, would reaffirm himself that a great eastern offensive was the way to quick victory. The Anglo-French threat...
  12. pls don't ban me

    more successful Second Tarnovo Uprising

    While checking the various revolts made by Bulgarians against the ottomans i stopped on the second Tarnovo Uprising. while composed by less man, it's main cause of failure is the premature start. The rebellion, led by Rostislav Stratimirovic failed because only 4000 people gathered and as i...
  13. GMCocktail-Adrenaline

    W.I. Hitler’s Daughter had created the Fourth Reich in Russia? (Translation and wiki-links provide by me) If Zinaida Popova was 82 years old when she died in 2015, it means that back in the 1990s she was only in her 50s. Between early 1990s to about mid-2000s there was fear of white-supremacist ‘Hail Hitler’-type Nazis...
  14. AHC/PC/WI: Christian Socialist Russia

    In the October Revolution and Russian Civil War of OTL, Russia became an atheist Marxist state, abandoning its traditional religion of Orthodoxy. What if a Christian Socialist movement takes over Russia instead? It could be a Christianized version of the Bolsheviks, or perhaps the SRs or some...
  15. AHC/PC: Russia collapses during the Time of Troubles

    Is it possible for Russia's state authority to totally collapse and have the country fracture into multiple countries/duchies/principalities etc. for a long period of time, let's say century or two at the least?
  16. DBWI: What if the Kronstadt Rebellion failed?

    OOC: Before some guy blunders in saying "what are you talking about the Soviets crushed the Kronstadt rebellion?" this is a double blind scenario, which is a scenario where we pretend to be from a different timeline speculating on what would happen if things went the way they did in our...
  17. phil03

    AHC: Republic of Siberia

    Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to find a way to create a viable Siberian politie whose inhabitants see themselves, in vast majority, as truly distinct from Russia and Russians by the present. There is a twist, however: to get the maximum points you must meet this challenge...
  18. GameBawesome

    Discussion: Was Partitioning the PLC a good idea in the long run?

    So, we're all familiar with the Partitions of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. If not, to overgeneralize it, the Partitions of Poland is when the powers of the Russian Empire, Kingdom of Prussia, and the Habsburg Monarchy divided the once mighty Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth on three...
  19. Steno

    How did most Russians react to Alexander I and the Congress of Vienna's creation of Congress Poland?

    Obviously, we can see with hindsight that the concept of the Congress Kingdom and a Russo-Polish personal union seems destined to fail—the ideological and political conflicts between the two nations were numerous. Alexander I and his successors also failed to take advantage of the goodwill they...
  20. PC: Alternate Russian Unifiers

    In 1478 the duchy of Moscow conquered Novgorod and established the tsardom of Russia in 1547. During the middle ages however, there were a lot of states to Novgorod's south. Including but not limited too: Kiev, Chernigov, Pereyaslavl, Volhynia, Halych, Polotsk, Smolensk, and Ryazan. Was there...