1. Napoleon loses Battle of Lutzen 1813

    On May 2nd 1813, Napoleon attacked the Russo-Prussian Army in Lutzen, Saxony. The result was the withdrawal of Coalition forces from Saxony and its capital Dresden. The main reason the Coalition lost was because their forces were spread out throught most of Eastern Germany while Napoleon had his...
  2. WI: Ruslan Khasbulatov becomes the first ethnic Chechen Muslim President of Russia in 1993...?

    OTL: Wikipedia states that Ruslan Khasbulatov was the 'Second most powerful man in Russia after Boris Yeltsin in 1993.' During the Constitutional crisis the Russian Parliament (Khasbulatov the Speaker, Alexander Rutskoy Vice-President) pitted themselves against Boris Yeltsin (the President). To...
  3. British Biscuit

    The Bear and Eagle on the Nineveh Plains -- an alt-Middle East Collaborative Timeline

    OK, it's my 1st time trying something like this. Some quick background -- I've recently read Iron Tigers, a middle part of a technothriller trilogy: The 1st book of the trilogy (never read it) was written in 1996 and had Saddam allying with Iran (WTF?) and using chemical weapons in an effort...
  4. KingOnTheEdge

    WI: France Decisively Wins European Theater of The 7YW

    The Seven Years War was a watershed moment in European history, cementing the rise of powers like Prussia and Britain while starting France down the death spiral that would go on until the Revolution. OTL, however, the territorial exchanges were all colonial, in part due to Russia and Sweden...
  5. KingOnTheEdge

    AHC: Reverse The Fates Of Korea and Japan

    OTL, Korea was the target of Japanese imperialism as the later industrialized and sought to spread out into the seas of Asia and the ripe pickings of China. Your goal is to have Korea be the one to modernize and become the dominant power of east asia (at least until/if china gets its shit...
  6. Aloha

    Stable/close Russo-Japanese alliance

    (Try to refrain from saying "ASB". Be imaginative) So I remember making a thread about the possibility of a Russo-Japanese alliance before, but I want to make another thread about it without myself sounding like as much of an idiot as I was last time. I've seen quite a few threads looking into...
  7. Battle of Friedland does not happen

    What if the Russians retreat over the Alle River in time once Napoleon’s main army arrives to save Lannes on the 14th of June 1807? Would Napoleon start crossing the river and could there be an outcome like at Aspern (where he was crossing the Danube)?
  8. Germany beats France and switches to Russia.

    In late September 1914, the French Government has capitulated and the British evacuate. Germany and Austria Hungary (no Ottomans in this scenario) then start an offensive into Russia. IOTL, Germany sent roughly 50% of their troops to the Eastern Front in the Spring of 1915 and soon started the...
  9. Russia sends all 7 armies to fight Austria-Hungary

    In August 1914, Russia mobilized 7 armies and sent them to the frontline. 2 of them went to East Prussia where the 1st army was destroyed. 1 army went to Poland. And the other 4 armies (1,000,000+ men) went on the offensive in East Galicia. In OTL, the Russians inflict 450,000 casualties and...
  10. Kutuzov gives battle at Poklonaya Gora (Hill)

    After the Battle of Borodino on the 8th of September, Russians started a retreat. On the 12th, a decision was made to abandon Moscow, however there was nearly a decision made to give battle a few kilometers from Moscow at a place Kutuzov chose called “Poklonaya Gora”. What if this would have...
  11. Austrian and British army vs Russian army

    If the Austrian and British armies (including the Dutch and other foreigners under British command) fought the Russians in Poland in early 1815 (before 100 days), who would win?
  12. Polish-Saxon Crisis leads to new European war The Austrians, French, English had a plan to bring at least 150,000 soldiers against Russia and Prussia if they were to continue their occupation of Saxony and the rest of Poland. To add to the 150,000, they planned to get help from the...
  13. Aloha

    What would Mussolini/Fascist Italy have thought of a Fascist Russia?

    Basically what the title says. This is speculation of course, but what would Mussolini most likely have thought of Fascist Russia, say if Fascist Russia didn't side with the Allies in a hypothetical World War 2? I'm mostly thinking of this being a scenario where Germany becomes communist or...
  14. For Want of a Word – Stolypin endures
    Threadmarks: Kiev 1911 - A stuttering Bogrov

    Kiev, august 1911 The assassin paused for a second [1]. He wanted to say something, to utter an immortal sentence that would echo in the centuries, or at least in the revolutionary circles to which he belonged. After a second that felt like eternity, he managed to utter in a shrieking voice...
  15. Bomster

    Was there ever a chance for Russia/Soviet Russia to be democratic?

    Specifically in the 1917-1923 period, was there any possibility of the Russian state, whether it is a republic or Soviet socialist, to not devolve into authoritarianism?
  16. Bomster

    No October Revolution?

    What if the Bolsheviks never revolted and took power in Russia? What if the provisional republic survived? Or alternatively what if a different kind of Socialist republic than the Bolshevik dictatorship is established?
  17. if the revolution were in Russia

    1741 Russian Empire spread to the Siberian region the new emperor decided to stop spreading to Asia, and so the Russian Empire entered a period of waste 20 years later, Queen Elizabeth of Russia took the throne Elizabeth, who raised taxes, organized generous parties and did not care about the...
  18. Hawkeye

    Soviet Russia after an early end to WW1?

    Could Lenin or other Communists rise to power in Russia if Germany surrendered late 1917 or early 1918 instead of November 11, 1918? Assuming Lenin still ends up in Russia somehow.
  19. What if Lenin & Trotsky Were Killed During the July Days?

    During July 1917, when the workers of Petrograd wished to overthrow the Provisional Government for its continuation of the war and lack of progress on agrarian reform, it was an extremely difficult situation for the Bolsheviks. They knew that they didn't have sufficient support throughout the...
  20. GameBawesome

    WI: No Russian Conquest of Central Asia

    With a POD from 16th Century to 19th Century, what if Russia (for whatever reason, such as financial troubles, military loses, or Western threats) never conquered and annex these Central Asia, including Kazakh Khanate Khanate of Khiva Khanate of Bukhara/Emirate of Bukhara Kokand Khanate Turkmen...