1. Austrian Little Poland, Russian Lviv after Congress of Vienna

    Alternative Congress of Vienna: What if Austria wanted to retain Carpathian frontier against Russian Empire, but with less byzantine-catholic population (that is with less Rusyns / Ukrainians) and more with roman-catholic Poles? What if tsar Alexander I Romanov was a little more Russian...
  2. WI: Better Russian Plans in East Prussia, 1914

    So IOTL 1914 the Russian Army's invasion of East Prussia was a mess. One of the biggest problems was that the Russians shifted their main point of effort from the Gumbinnen direction to the more austere Allenstein (Tannenberg) direction, meaning that when the German 8th Army rushed headfirst...
  3. AHC: have Austria piss Nicholas I off enough to lead him to intervene AGAINST the Habsburgs in 1848

    Premise: with the wisdom of hindsight, 1848 offered Russia, which had avoided revolution at home, a unique opportunity to eliminate it's main continential rival for hegemony in the Balkans (and, assuming that some sort of Pan-German alliance is in the long run ineveitable, deny said alliance...
  4. VirginiaStronk

    WI: Russian Republic surrenders to Imperial Germany

    So, I know that the concensus is that the Reds probably win, but if the Republic surrenders to Germany with the precursor to Brest-Litovsk. Could the Republican government. Could the centrists and Mensheviks maintain power, or is White Russia doomed to fail in the Revolution.