1. The Young Explorer

    Who would be nominated to the Supreme Court under Progressive presidents.

    I am currently working on Book II in the what-if everything went right series, focusing on Roosevelt winning in 1912. I have hit a snag however and would Like to ask. Who would Roosevelt and subsequent progressive governments in the 1920s and 1930s nominate to the supreme court? Below are the...
  2. The Teddy Bear Roars
    Threadmarks: 1912 Presidential Election

    This is my first Timeline, which aims to rely on an infobox style inspired by that of 'True Grit'. This is an idea I have been working on for a while, and that I hope to update in the coming days. Enjoy...
  3. Hawkeye

    US postwar politics if Roosevelt won in 1912

    How would the Democrat and Republican parties be different if president Taft decided to not seek reelection for whatever reason and ex-president Theodore Roosevelt went on to win the Republican nomination and the 1912 election? Particularly how it would affect the Republican party in 1920...
  4. DBWI: (US POLITICS) What if the Democrats became the Left-Wing Party and the Republicans the Right-Wing Party

    OOC Disclaimer: My Double-Blind scenarios have a history of confusing people, so I'll just put this here in case you don't know what's going on. This is a Double-Blind scenario (in this case a Double-Blind What If), a scenario from the perspective of a timeline where things went a different way...
  5. TheReformer

    The Lupercal - A 20th Century Timeline
    Threadmarks: OP

    PREFACE To say I've wanted to write this TL for a while would be an understatement; in fact I've essentially been slowly plugging away at it since the inconclusive end of my first and last TL; Paralysed in Darkness. Having spent more time focused on the shared world's community, getting back...
  6. Amadeus

    WI: TR Wins the 1912 Republican Nomination

    In 1912, former President Theodore Roosevelt came close to winning the Republican nomination for President but he lost to incumbent President William Howard Taft. What if Roosevelt had dethroned Taft and become the 1912 nominee? Who would be Roosevelt's running mate? According to biographer...

    Legacy of the Bull Moose; A Wikibox Timeline
    Threadmarks: Introduction to Legacy of the Bull Moose

    Welcome to 'Legacy of the Bull Moose' a timeline I hate rebooting but feel myself constantly going back to. Legacy of the Bull Moose is a timeline in which Theodore Roosevelt is elected in 1912 under the Progressive ticket. While rather improbable and I would say generally unlikely I chose a PoD...
  8. CanadianTory

    WI: Roosevelt elected in 1924

    No, not FDR, I’m talking about Teddy Roosevelt, Jr. (technically Theodore Roosevelt III). Maybe the title was a bit misleading 😜 The idea is that Teddy defeats Al Smith and is elected Governor in the 1924 gubernatorial election that IOTL saw every Republican member of the ticket win...except...
  9. PyroTheFox

    Crimson Banners Fly: The Rise of the American Left
    Threadmarks: Title: Crimson Banners Fly I & Table of Contents

    Author's Notes: "Crimson Banners Fly" is an alternate history timeline set at the turn of the century, at the precipice of momentous change for the United States. This will be a re-imagining of an older timeline of mine from around 2015/6 called "Paint it Red" (posted only on the Atlas Forum)...

    Legacy of the Bull Moose (A What If Scenario if Theodore Roosevelt won in 1912)
    Threadmarks: A New Dawn; The Tumultuous Times.

    October 16, 1909 A day that would leave in its wake 4 years of chaos at home in the U.S. and many years of chaos in Mexico. The first time a United States president would visit Mexico, with an end result flaring the tensions between the two nations drastically. A monumentous occassion, but that...
  11. Amadeus

    What Could the Allies Have Done to Stop the Holocaust?

    For decades, historians have debated just what the Allies could have done to stop the Holocaust. In your judgement, what actions could the Allies have taken in order to end (or at the least limit) the atrocities committed by the Nazis?
  12. Amadeus

    DBWI: TR Declines to Run in 1908

    In 1904, after Theodore Roosevelt's landslide election to a full term, journalists pressed the young President over whether or not he would run again in 1908. Roosevelt dodged their questions and continued to do so until 1908, when he announced his bid for a second full term. Roosevelt's critics...
  13. What If Theodore Roosevelt Won in 1912?
    Threadmarks: Theodore Roosevelt (Progressive): Term Two-1913-1916

    1912 Election The United States presidential election of 1912 was the 32nd quadrennial presidential election, held on Tuesday, November 5, 1912. Progressive Theodore Roosevelt unseated incumbent Republican President William Howard Taft and defeated Champ Clark, who ran as the Democratic Party...
  14. Amadeus

    DBWI: Orson Welles Doesn't Go Into Politics

    In 1946, at the suggestion of his friend the late President Franklin D. Roosevelt, actor Orson Welles ran for the U.S. Senate for Wisconsin - his home state. Despite Wisconsin's Republican lean and the fierce opposition of the business community, Welles mounted a campaign as a Democrat. But...
  15. KingOnTheEdge

    DBWI Hitler Allied Japan, Not China?

    OTL, Cheng Kai Shek, in order to devastate the communists and rebellions in China, became far more autocratic than he already was and singed the Triangle Alliance with Hitler and Mussolini. Japan, wary of this revitalizing china and the fact the Hirohito Purges had killed many valuable, if...
  16. APTerminator

    Long May He Serve

    Synopsis Suppose, if only for a minute, what if the longest serving president in America had served a little longer? Welcome to Long May He Serve, my timeline on that what if. We'll follow events starting off from April 12, when FDR actually died, and go on for as long as I can. So sit back in...
  17. Padric1938

    1912: The Progressive Century

    Roosevelt and his campaign managers huddle around the radio. After months of Campaigning around the country, it’s finally time for America to decide who they want for president. And after hours of casting votes the results are in....... Teddy Roosevelt beats Taft and Wilson, and becomes the...
  18. El_Presidente

    AHC/WI: FDR Dictatorship

    So, faced with more opposition to New Deal from industry and the Supreme Court (thr details are up to you) FDR decides that soft authoritarianism is what America needs, and through dubiously legal and democrstic methods pass legislation like the NIRA. What would happen?
  19. If not Taft, who?

    Suppose TR had appointed Taft to the Supreme Court at some point in his presidency. Who would TR have chosen to run in 1908 if Taft isn't available? Besides himself I should add.
  20. Rorke

    A Bull Moose in Office

    I am starting a TL about what if Roosevelt won in 1912 and brought the US into WWI early.