1. Filo

    Byzantium survives in XIV century

    I'm interested in your opinions here. I found that butterflying the crisis of XIV century is the best option to a surviving Byzantium. (as i have write to another thread i cannot citate, because I'm in phone). My problem is, i'm not sure what happen in Europa without the ottoman empire. In the...
  2. Oba Cahokia

    WI Persia reclaimed it's Western domains from Rome before Jesus' Birth?

    Original Map by u/--Faris-- on Reddit How would this Effect Religion in Rome and Persia? How different would the Gospels be ITTL? How does effect religion and cultures in Armenia and Ethiopia, the oldest states to adopt Christianity? How different would Christianity be?
  3. Oba Cahokia

    WI Rome split into a Mithraist West and a Christian East

    How different would Europe be with Mithraism popular in the West and Christianity in the East. How would would this affect cultures in Northern Europe, the Near East and in Africa? Would this affect Islam?
  4. Ulyanovsk

    WI: What if Pseudo-Marius Was More Successful?

    Pseudo-Marius, as the posthumous nickname indicates, was a man who claimed to be the grandson of the famous Roman Gaius Marius. He was active during the dictatorship of Julius Caesar and in the immediate aftermath, where he was executed by Antony. Pseudo-Marius attempted to position himself as...
  5. Porphyrogennetos: The Empire of the Romans
    Threadmarks: Basil II: 976 - 1025

    Porphrogennetos The Romans and the New World (left, Basileia Rhomaion in 976 AD) (left, Phrygia, where Tzimiskes were travelling through) On the eighth of January, 976. Emperor John I Tzimiskes, scion of a distinguished family and himself a distinguished emperor, woke up in the cold...
  6. Henderson

    The Justiniad --- A Heraclian Timeline
    Threadmarks: Prologue: Justinian II

    The Justiniad --- A Heraclian Timeline Prologue Justinian II stood outside of his tent, looking at the shoreline. The sun was setting, and the battle won, the fields of Sebastopolis stained red with the blood of Romans and Arabs alike. The sound of the waves relaxed him, the smell of the...
  7. Hellenic languages and nations diverge like Romance ones

    What can we do to have Hellenic languages, nations, and peoples diverge after the fall of the Eastern Roman Empire in much the same way as their Western counterparts? Despite the Eastern Empire lasting far longer than the West, Greek culture died out in Anatolia whilst Latin culture survived in...
  8. Averious

    Our Fractured Crown: An Eastern Roman Timeline
    Threadmarks: An Author's Starting Word

    "It is easier to find men whom are willing to volunteer themselves unto death, than those whom are willing to endure pain with patience," - Gaius Julius Caesar -- No, your eyes do not deceive you. Yes, I have returned, and yes this is an entirely new thread with the same name as the previous...
  9. Plausibility Check : Gothic Anatolia

    Could Germanic Tribes like the Goths or Gepids move into Anatolia and turn it to into a Germanic speaking region ( or a good part of it) during the third century crisis or during after Huns.
  10. The Sands of Purple: An Islamic Greece TL
    Threadmarks: Prologue: The Arab Conquest of Rum and its aftermath

    Prologue: The Arab Conquest Of Rum and its aftermath The Arab Conquest of the Ruman Empire or the Rhomaion as the Greeks called it was a landmark event in History in 96 AH* . Within less than century , The Arab Muslims had conquered both the Sassanid Persian and The Rhoman Empire . After...
  11. SunKing105

    WI: Pyrrhus wins?

    After doing some research, I found something that could potentially be interesting and seems to contradict the standard that Rome doesn't accept peace until they win. After the battle of Heraklea, from which we get the phase, "Pyrrhic victory", Pyrrhus sent Cineas to offer peace terms, which...
  12. British Biscuit

    DBWI: Antisemitism instead of Antilatinism?

    Many in the early Christian Church viewed the crucifixion of Jesus on orders of Pontius Pilate as a sin collectively shared by the whole of the Roman Empire and its people; the subsequent treatment of Christians in the 1st century AD by the Roman authorities did not help improve their image in...
  13. Ancient Messemvrian

    What if Han dynasty China successfully reached the Romans and made contact with them?

    What would be the consequence of that? Would both empires help eachother out, only keep a trading connection, or lose their crap after a century or two and go to war?
  14. SunKing105

    WI: Hadrian withdraws completely from Dacia?

    As part of his general defensive strategy, in stark contrast to Trajan's expansionist policy, Hadrian withdrew from Mesopotamia and Armenia, though that was likely due to other factors, and he considered a withdrawal from Dacia. The letters sent by Roman colonists in the region, alongside the...
  15. PC: Greco-Romans Assimilating Conquered Peoples

    Do the Greek rulers in the Hellenic Kingdoms (Selucid Empire, Ptolemaic Egypt particularly) have a shot at assimilating their subjects to Greek culture and some form of Greek language? Separately, but related - could the Romans conceivably assimilate the Germanic peoples (assuming a more...
  16. Question: Late Roman Prophet

    Could a roman prophet theoretically emerge in the late roman empire and unite one of the roman pagan cults or deities ? Maybe comparable to a Jesus figure or Mohammed but based in pagan roman believes/culture ? Or would that be ASB/impossible ?
  17. AHC: Byzantine Empire equivalent based in Hispania ?

    As the titel sais, is it possible to get a roman empire rump state or successor in Iberia ? I know all the Barbarian Kingdoms would be successor but i am more talking about a state that is atleast in some way a direct continuation with an atleast partly roman ruling class, so no HRE, Vandals or...
  18. DBWI: Romans refounded Carthage?

    When Carthage fell, its nearby rival Utica, a Roman ally, was made capital of the region and replaced Carthage as the leading center of Punic trade and leadership. It had the advantageous position of being situated on the outlet of the Bagrada River, Numidia's only river that flowed all year...
  19. AdamNeuser

    [DISCUSSION] The Umayyad Caliphate wins the siege of Constantinople (717-718)

    The Siege of Constantinople in 717 AD was the Umayyad Caliphate's major combined arms offensive against the Roman Empire. And one of the largest sea and land military operations across the entire medieval era. The decision to lay siege to the city came about mostly as a result of an extended...
  20. GauchoBadger

    PC/WI: Rome expands into Noricum and Germania before Gaul?

    Was it ever possible for Rome to have expanded into, say, southern Germania and what would IOTL become Austria and the Czech Republic, moving in from the Alpine passes, while mostly ignoring Gaul for the time being? Obviously, that’d require their flanks to be secure (earlier pacification of...