role reversal

  1. shearsforest

    Divergent Longitudes: an East-West swap scenario

    This scenario aims to create a world in which the geopolitics of Europe and Asia are swapped. By the present day, while Asia's dominance grows dimmer and dimmer, a new power emerges from Europe's core, a power to threaten the balance of nations. Welcome to Divergent Longitudes. We shall embark...
  2. AltoRegnant

    DBWI Hitler Allied Japan, Not China?

    OTL, Cheng Kai Shek, in order to devastate the communists and rebellions in China, became far more autocratic than he already was and singed the Triangle Alliance with Hitler and Mussolini. Japan, wary of this revitalizing china and the fact the Hirohito Purges had killed many valuable, if...
  3. Whiteshore

    DBWI: Reverse the fates of Germany and Britain

    Historically, the German Empire won the First Great War and weathered through the ravages of the Second Great War while Britain became a republic (the "Second Commonwealth") after the First Great War which fell to Oswald Mosley's Totalists in 1933 with Totalist Britain being defeated in the...
  4. Whiteshore

    AHC: Reverse the Economic Situations of China and India

    With a POD after 1945, create a scenario where China and India reverse economic situations with an Indian "economic miracle" starting in the 1970s with India as the world's second largest economy and the "superpower of tomorrow" while China is relatively poor but catching up to India with rapid...
  5. Whiteshore

    DBWI: Conservative Republicans, Liberal Democrats

    As we all know, the Republican Party is the main liberal party in the United States of America while the Democratic Party is the main conservative party in the US, but what if the roles of the two parties were reversed with the Democrats being the liberal party while the Republicans are the...