1. Existing Planets, Stars and Solar System Maps, Basemaps and Mapmaking Resources

    I noticed that there wasn't a thread for maps based off of just existing objects. The Alternate Planets, Suns, Stars, and Solar Systems Thread is mostly OC content and the Map Threads are congested and hard to navigate. This thread will act as the main place to post alongside the latter and will...
  2. Count of Crisco

    <1900 free online resource collection thread

    This thread is meant as a place to post sources that you use often, or just enjoy reading that you think would come in handy for others. The only stipulation is that it needs to be free and easily accessible. Any subject or period after 1900 (I am going to post a similar thread for the >1900...
  3. Yanranay

    African Resources Thread
    Threadmarks: Index

    If you have ever done any research into African history I'm sure you have quickly come to realize how frustratingly hard it is to find good maps, if any at all. Maps are often hidden in academic articles, ancient blogs or buried in archives and it is a very time consuming process to find them...
  4. XTrapnel

    Visual style guides for producing ATL media?

    As far as I can tell, at present, everyone who wants to produce a mockup of a BBC/New York Times front page, a graphic from The Economist and so on to add immersion to an ATL has got to more or less work out how to approximate the house styles of each of these publications (in terms of fonts...
  5. Višeslav

    Alternate Ideologies
    Threadmarks: Alternate Ideologies

    This is a thread for Alternate Ideologies (preferably those that appeared in the mid 1800s-early 1900s, so modern/industrial ones). The ideology could be an alternative/analogue to an existing ideology, an ideology that could have arisen at the time, an OTL ideology that could have gained more...
  6. Vitalis

    The most optimal borders for Europe

    Excluding the ethnicities from the discussion, what would the ideal borders for various European countries be? What interests me is having most of Europe as developed as it's possible. What would the optimal borders be? What about natural resources? How much of the land would they need to make...
  7. PachPachis

    A Guide, Resource, and Repository of Could-have-been Ideologies for your Alternate History

    A side project I’ve been thinking up, this will be a repository of brief descriptions of ideologies that did exist historically but never really got a big attempt at implementation, unlike the giants of our world like Communism or Democracy. I will also include my personal advice as to how to...