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  1. Could China become a democracy in the 1910s? Shortly after the Xinhai Revolution, mainland China had what was probably the most democratic election in its history, with multiple parties taking part in it, even if only a very small percentage of the population was...
  2. Sarthak

    Swap the fates of Taiwan and Hainan

    With a PoD of 1946 make sure that the PRC still wins the Chinese Civil War, but they successfully manage to take Taiwan but the ROC remains doggedly in Hainan. What would the effects of such a swap be in the geopolitics of the region?
  3. AHC: Have ancient China become a republic

    There are many posts here and in general comparing China and Rome while both being powerful, long lasting empires that heavily influence the regions they're in. but while Rome was originally a republic China has always been dynastic/monarchal, which makes me wonder could the inverse of what...
  4. World Mapping

    WI: China invades Taiwan on 2022/02/24?

    Idk if this qualifies as alternate history, but here we go. Asking out of curiosity, what would have happened had China invaded Taiwan on the 24th of February 2022, the same day Russia invaded Ukraine?
  5. The_Persian_Cat

    AHC/WI: Successful Yuan Shikai?

    Hello all, Yuan Shikai was a Chinese Revolutionary general who became president of the Republic of China in 1912. His tenure is widely regarded as little more than a corrupt dictatorship, and in 1915, he went so far as to abolish the Republic and proclaim a new "Chinese Empire," styling himself...
  6. European US Japan Intervention in Chinese warlord era

    what if US, Japan and Europeans Intervened in Chinese warlord era to keep China divided like they did to Boxer rebellion ? will it succeed? can they carve out satellite states out China
  7. 沒有國民黨就沒有中國, Without the Kuomintang there would be no China, A Republic of China Story
    Threadmarks: 諸言-Intoduction

    諸言-Intoduction China has been a great civilization since antiquity. But with greatness comes envy. For thousands of years, China’s enemies sought to plunder and conquer. Since these enemies usually came from the North, a Great Wall was built to keep them out. But no one had expected that...
  8. The_Persian_Cat

    PRC "Taiwan" in Mongolia?

    Hey all, So as we all know, the Kuomintang was forced to evacuate mainland China for Taiwan in 1949. The Chinese Civil War may be de facto over, but the Kuomintang government in Taiwan is still known as the "Republic of China," still claims to be the rightful government over all of China, and...
  9. Gillan1220

    Why did the United States have a love-hate relationship with the KMT and how could it have been repaired to prevent the rise of the PRC?

    What is says on the tin. What caused this rift between Truman and Chiang? How could the U.S. and the KMT reset relations so that the ROC would not lose control of the mainland?
  10. Duke Andrew of Dank

    DBWI: Italy-China Fascist Alliance Doesn't Happen in WWII, What Then?

    As we all know, Mussolini's Italy and Chiang Kai-sek's China forged a major alliance in their efforts to protect their respective interests in Western Asia, as well as to ostensibly prevent Communist take-overs of allies and neighboring countries. The Anglo-Japanese Alliance was re-forged for...
  11. Bomster

    WI: A different Chinese Republic

    Let’s say that Yuan Shikai dies or something before 1911. Without him, how does the Xinhai Revolution unfold without Yuan? Would the revolutionaries still be successful? Would the fledgling Chinese Republic avoid the warlord period? Or would it fall apart?
  12. Bomster

    WI: Yuan Shikai is executed in 1908?

    So this was something I had made a WI thread about nearly three years ago, and I wanted to re-examine it. IOTL, the Emperor, upon his death, ordered the execution of the general Yuan Shikai, who was an ally of the Empress Dowager. However, Yuan Shikai managed to escape death. He would later...
  13. What might a 20th century Chinese dynasty look like?

    I've read that for much of the Republic of China's history, starting sometime during the Warlord Era, there were many who wanted to bring about a new dynasty. Of course, there were two attempts at making China a monarchy again, but neither lasted very long. Let's say that someone succeeds at...
  14. Whiteshore

    Military of a victorious KMT China?

    In a scenario where the KMT crushed the Chinese Communists in TTL's Chinese Civil War (assume there is a truncated PRC-in-Manchuria as a "reverse Taiwan" of sorts), how would the military of the Republic of China develop? What would military doctrine of the RoC military be? How would the...
  15. Who would effectively be able to lead the republic of China?

    As a continuation of this thread, where Sun Yat-Sen was blasted as incompetent for presidency of the Republic of China, who would effectively be able to take his place, if we do not count Sun Yat-Sen or Yuan Shikai?
  16. Was Sun Yat-Sen a competent leader?

    I cannot seem to find any information on how Sun Yat-Sen fared as provisional president or how he would fare as president. All in all, does he have the qualities for the Presidency of the Republic of China or nah?
  17. Sages, à la Chełm - The Life and Times of the People's Nation of China

    Sages, à la Chełm The Life and Times of the People's Nation of China Place names will be transliterated as ITTL. Person names will be transliterated as IOTL. Consuls of the PNC: 1912: Yuan Shikai, Sun Yat-sen Chapter 1: A (People’s) Nation is Born --- On January 1, 1912, the People’s...
  18. varyar

    Development of Catholicism in a mainland ROC?

    How much could the Catholic faith have grown if the Nationalists won the Chinese Civil War? Obviously nothing within a light year of a plurality, but is 8-10% possible without Communist persecution?
  19. GauchoBadger

    WI: Vietnam gets annexed by China after the French go away?

    So, with a PoD anywhere between 1900 and 1950, how could Vietnam unite with China, perhaps with a degree of autonomy in the package? How strong were sinophile elements within Vietnam in this time frame, IOTL? I hear there were plans to transfer control of Indochina from France to KMT China...
  20. Could a Chinese Superpower coexist with a Russian Superpower?

    So, I actually have three questions here. So, say that due to a number of PODs of indeterminate time, Imperial Russia is able to become a superpower that dominates much of South Eastern Europe and the Middle East, in addition to what it already had in Central Asia and East Asia. At the same...