1. PakistaniGuyUK

    If Ukraine had been a Muslim nation would the conflict have largely been ignored in the West?

    I feel this is an important question given how the fallout of the War has negatively impacted us ordinary folk here in the West; folk who more often than not have no great political investment or interest in what happens in the East. I'm not really raising a question here about racial or...
  2. World Mapping

    WI: China invades Taiwan on 2022/02/24?

    Idk if this qualifies as alternate history, but here we go. Asking out of curiosity, what would have happened had China invaded Taiwan on the 24th of February 2022, the same day Russia invaded Ukraine?
  3. PakistaniGuyUK

    WI: Ruslan Khasbulatov becomes the first ethnic Chechen Muslim President of Russia in 1993...?

    OTL: Wikipedia states that Ruslan Khasbulatov was the 'Second most powerful man in Russia after Boris Yeltsin in 1993.' During the Constitutional crisis the Russian Parliament (Khasbulatov the Speaker, Alexander Rutskoy Vice-President) pitted themselves against Boris Yeltsin (the President). To...
  4. SpudNutimus

    Second World Problems: A Soviet Timeline

    Hi, this is my first ever alternatehistory.com timeline, I hope you like it. The idea behind this was to create as many new states in the former Soviet Union as possible, semi-realistically, without changing the general course of history very much. There are various points of divergence, the...
  5. Bytor

    Putin and the Kursk

    So I'm catching up on current events after being on vacation for 2 weeks and I find that it was the 19th anniversary of the Kursk submarine disaster. At this point Vladimir Putin had only been president for a year and had not consolidated his power. (His wealth came through corrupt political...
  6. Soviet Union collapses in 1981

    I heard how in the 70's, the Soviet Union had trouble with its economy but was saved right during the oil crisis of 1973 where it got the opportunity to export oil and survive for at least 16 more years. Let's say the oil crisis doesn't happen and the Soviet Union goes into deeper trouble and...
  7. DBWI: Medvedev wins 2008 russian elections.

    After the Presidency of Vladimir Putin, in the 2008 Presidential elections United Russia's candidate and unofficial successor Dmitri Medvedev lost in a very close election against Union of Right Candidate: Boris Nemstov. This led to an uncomfortable cohabitation (as Putin became Prime Minister)...